fredag 4 juli 2014

Reklam: Drömmer du om att kunna döda folk utan att riskera åka i fängelse? - JOIN THE ARMY!

Deek Jackson presenterar sin egen speciella rekryteringsvideo till armén. "Drömmer du om att döda kunna folk utan att åka i fängelse? -  JOIN THE ARMY!" (Bilden på unga engelska soldater har inget med videon att göra)


Publicerades den 28 maj 2014
- Drömmer du om att döda folk utan att riskera åka i fängelse? -  JOIN THE ARMY!

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  1. -American journalist Charles Horman was murdered with the help of the US government, a Chilean court finds-

    July 3, 2014

    Source: PRI
    If you remember the Oscar-winning film "Missing," you know something about the life and death of reporter Charles Horman. He disappeared in Chile, days after Gen. Augusto Pinochet seized power in a 1973 coup. His body was found weeks later.
    Now, a Chilean court has ruled that American military intelligence services played a role in the deaths of Horman and another American, Frank Teruggi. Horman had been investigating links between the CIA and Chile's military; Teruggi was a student in Santiago.
    Horman's wife, Joyce, spoke to The World about the court's decision. She remembers the excitement the young couple felt in 1971 as they began the long drive to Chile in a camper van. Salvador Allende, the first elected socialist president in Latin America, had recently been elected.
    "We found it a very exciting time in Santiago," Horman says. "The populace was thrilled with Allende's election and taking the helm of their own economy, and there was just a level of excitement in the country."[...]



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