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Sanningssökaren: Folkmordet i Östra Ukraina - "bara en dag på jobbet för USA, EU och media"

I Sanningssökaren episod 43 så diskuteras det pågående folkmordet i Östra Ukraina. Precis som folkmordet i Gaza, så undviker västmedia synkront att rapportera vad som händer i verkligheten.  Journalisten William Engdahl och ledande krigsbrottsåklagare Francis Boyle m.fl. intervjuas... (videon censureras på Youtube)

Videon blev hastigt borttagen från YouTube efter 20 000 visningar på kort tid 15 juli kl. 10. "- They also removed the article on their site:" http://rt.com/shows/the-truthseeker/172412-ukraine-degeneration-into-genocide/

***Kopia 1:

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***Kopia 3: - Verkar va en känslig video:) reds. anm.

Kopia 5

The Truthseeker:
'Genocide' in Eastern Ukraine

Publicerades den 13 jul 2014
'Degeneration into genocide' as President Poroshenko calls for the murder of 'hundreds' of rebels for each of his troops killed - more than Nazi Germany ordered as punitive reprisals in World War Two; eyewitnesses report Kiev death squads going 'house to house' executing all men under 35 on the spot, 'crucifying' babies and forcing their mothers to watch - unspeakable atrocities under a complete mainstream media blackout. On Sunday Ukraine's missiles killed and injured civilians in the Rostov region, the latest bombing on Russia.

Seek truth from facts with leading war crimes prosecutor Francis Boyle; US Navy veteran Mark Sleboda; investigative journalist William Engdahl; and George Eliason, who lives with his Ukrainian family in the crosshairs of Kiev's bombing near Lugansk.


Sanningssökaren: Folkmordet i Östra Ukraina - "bara en dag på jobbet för USA, EU och media"

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  1. And now: The criminalization of parenthood

    July 14, 2014

    Source: Washington Post
    A couple of themes we explore here at The Watch are the increasing criminalization of just about everything and the use of the criminal justice system to address problems that were once (and better) handled by families, friends, communities and other institutions. A few examples from recent headlines show those themes intersecting with parenthood.
    The first story comes from South Carolina, where a mother was jailed and charged with “unlawful conduct toward a child” for . . . leaving her 9-year-old daughter alone to play in a park. Lenore Skenazy of “Free Range Kids”comments:
    Here are the facts: Debra Harrell works at McDonald’s in North Augusta, South Carolina. For most of the summer, her daughter had stayed there with her, playing on a laptop that Harrell had scrounged up the money to purchase. (McDonald’s has free WiFi.) Sadly, the Harrell home was robbed and the laptop stolen, so the girl asked her mother if she could be dropped off at the park to play instead.
    Harrell said yes. She gave her daughter a cell phone. The girl went to the park—a place so popular that at any given time there are about 40 kids frolicking—two days in a row. There were swings, a “splash pad,” and shade. On her third day at the park, an adult asked the girl where her mother was. At work, the daughter replied.
    The shocked adult called the cops. Authorities declared the girl “abandoned” and proceeded to arrest the mother.
    We could also lump this one in with a third theme, the criminalization of poverty.[...]



  2. The Return of George Orwell and Big Brother's War: On Israel, Ukraine and Truth

    Posted: 12 Jul 2014 10:00 PM PDT

    The other night, I saw George Orwells’s 1984 performed on the London stage. Although crying out for a contemporary interpretation, Orwell’s warning about the future was presented as a period piece: remote, unthreatening, almost reassuring. It was as if Edward Snowden had revealed nothing, Big Brother was not now a digital eavesdropper and Orwell himself had never said, “To be corrupted by totalitarianism, one does not have to live in a totalitarian country.”



  3. Media lies are responsible for wars, mass killings, and genocide.

    They frame issues (propaganda) and justify killings.

    We can STOP this dangerous assault on the truth and save humanity. We must act quickly.
    Media’s power comes from its reach – from ratings, which translates into money. We, as individuals and collectively, feed this cycle.

    Reduce the reach, lower the ratings, deprive it income. Boycott.


  4. Barn torterat till döds på offentlig plats i Slovjansk av Ukrainska armén




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