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Storbritanniens nya porrfilter blockerar 20% av alla webbsajter på nätet - "Imponerar på Kina?"

I gammal god Viktoriansk anda har Storbritanniens elit inrättat porrfilter på den Engelska delen av webben åt den ignoranta pöbeln. Det avslöjas nu att filtren i vissa lägen blockerar 20 procent av alla webbsajter på nätet. Kinas diktatur dreglar sannolikt över den diaboliska Engelska censuren och avser säkert att kopiera..?

Overzealous UK porn filters block 20% of all websites

RT 2014-07-04
Nearly 20 percent of websites are being blocked by UK government-backed filters, prompting concerns over web censorship, according to a new service created by the Open Rights Group (ORG).

The filters were introduced by internet service providers following measures championed by Prime Minister David Cameron last year to stop children accessing online pornography.

As many opponents of the move warned, a vast number of completely innocuous websites have been caught in the same net. The percentage of sites hosting legal pornographic material online is thought to be close to 4 percent.

According to ORG, a Porsche broker, a political blogger and a mum hoping to read an article about post pregnancy care are among those that have been affected by internet filters, complaining they found a lack of information about how to get sites unblocked.

The new ORG service, “Blocked”, checked the 100,000 most-visited websites and found 19 percent had been blocked by the largest ISPs (BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk) and various mobile networks.
Infowars 2014-07-05
UK police have opened an investigation into claims of a Westminster pedophile ring, saying they have a list of about 40 alleged child abusers, including over 10 current and former British politicians.
Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, whose claims prompted Operation Fernbridge, disclosed in his the latest report that up to 40 members of parliament and peers knew about or took part in the child abuse network.
Operation Fernbridge is a Scotland Yard investigation into allegations of a pedophile network with links to Downing Street.

Lawmakers – including former ministers and household names – from all three main political parties are included on the list.

- Some of the alleged child abusers remain active in the UK parliament, while several others, including Cyril Smith and Peter Morrison, have already died.

“I believe there are sufficient grounds to carry out a formal investigation into allegations of up to 20 MPs and Lords over the last three to four decades, some still alive and some dead. The list is there,” McKelvie said.

At least one witness has told police that he was abused by a Tory MP when he was under 10 years old in the 1980s.

Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered Mark Sedwill, the permanent secretary for the UK’s Home Office, to conduct an internal investigation into what happened to the dossier.

Other cases of child sexual abuse have been reported in the country.

Several high-profile figures have been arrested in connection with the multiple investigations into the abuse scandal surrounding Jimmy Savile, a disgraced former TV host with the state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He died in 2011, but, following his death, hundreds of allegations of sex abuse and rape of minors became public.


Camerons Porrfilter-rådgivare arresterad för egna bilder på sexuella övergrepp mot barn

UPPDATERAD. 2014-03-06.  Patrick Rock har tjänstgjort som speciell rådgivare åt Storbritanniens premiärminister David Cameron. Patrick Rock har även spelat en avgörande roll i utformningen av Storbritanniens internetcensur och landets nya skandalösa s.k. porrfilter...(+Video)http://undermattans.blogspot.se/2014/03/camerons-porrfilter-radgivare.html 

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Storbritanniens nya porrfilter blockerar 20% av alla webbsajter på nätet - "Imponerar på Kina?"

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  1. --The UK’s Internet Filters Block Almost 1 in 5 Websites--

    July 4, 2014

    Source: Vice

    Almost one in five websites are blocked by the UK’s internet service providers’ filters, according to the Open Rights Group. Using an in-house developed tool, the digital rights organisation have tested the top 100,000 sites on the web and found that many of the 20 percent blocked by filters—which are intended to protect kids from inappropriate content—included innocuous, inoffensive or educational content.

    For example, a website used to sell and service Porsches is blocked by O2, while TalkTalk denies access to a feminist rights blog. Other blocked sites include the political blog Guido Fawkes, whose editor Paul Staines said: “We would really appreciate it if TalkTalk would remove us from their block list. The only people who block us are them and the Chinese government.”

    Open Rights Group have launched the tool they used to test sites, which means anyone can check if a website has been filtered and keep track of a running total of blocked sites. At the time of publication, the number of blocked sites had risen since the initial launch to over 22,500.

    As for the point of all this, Jim Killock, executive director of Open Rights Group, said: “Through the Blocked project we wanted to find out about the impact of web filters. Already, our reports are showing that almost one in five websites tested are blocked, and that the problem of overblocking seems much bigger than we thought. Different ISPs are blocking different sites and the result is that many people, from businesses to bloggers, are being affected because people can’t access their websites.”






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