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Avtalet klart: BRIKS-ländernas nya världsbank ska minska USA:s dominans i världen

Ledarna för länderna inom BRIKS har skrivit under ett avtal om en ny världsbank - för att minska dollarns betydelse och urholka den västliga dominansen i världen...

BRIKS utvecklingsbank: - Ett steg närmare en ny världsordning?
Rysslands Röst 2014-07-14
BRIKS-staterna håller på att skapa en egen utvecklingsbank, något som många sakkunniga betraktar som ett steg mot en ny världsordning efter år av finanskriser.
Statscheferna för Brasilien, Ryssland, Indien, Kina och Sydafrika (med andra ord, alla medlemmar i BRIKS-gruppen) kommer att ingå avtalet om utvecklingsbanken på ett toppmöte i brasilianska Fortaleza. 

Dessutom kommer det att ingås ett ramavtal om skapande av en sammanslagning villkorliga valutareserver för ömsesidigt bistånd av medlemsstaterna i händelse av kris. 

BRIKS valutapool kommer härmed att bli en motsvarighet och i bästa fall även ett alternativ till Internationella valutafonden. 

Med andra ord kan de nyskapade strukturerna betraktas som en symbol för u-ländernas stigande påverkan på den globala finansarkitekturen. [...]

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BRICS establish $100bn Development Bank to cut out Western dominance 

Publicerades den 15 jul 2014
The emerging economies signed a long-anticipated document to create a $100 billion BRICS Development Bank. The institution will counter the influence of Western lending firms as well as the dollar.


 "- The New Development Bank doesn’t need to be fair, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t even need to have that much cash to succeed.

- All it needs to do is be better than the IMF and World Bank, and that isn’t going to be a particularly challenging task. "
Avtalet klart: BRIKS-ländernas nya världsbank ska minska USA:s dominans i världen

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  1. Fascist Atrocities Mount as US-backed Regime Assaults Eastern Ukraine

    By Alex Lantier Global Research, July 17, 2014

    As the Western-backed regime in Kiev assaults pro-Russian militias in the major cities of eastern Ukraine, mass graves are coming to light in Slavyansk, the former opposition stronghold recently captured by Kiev. The government offensive is unfolding with the support of Washington and the European Union (EU), which yesterday imposed more sanctions to compel Moscow to abandon any support for opposition militias in Ukraine.
    Andriy Lysenko, the spokesman for the Kiev regime’s Defense and Security Council, said yesterday that “hundreds of bodies of rebel fighters” had been found in shallow graves. Lysenko claimed some of the graves “have been mined by the terrorists”—apparently implying that some of the dead were killed during the siege of Slavyansk and buried by fellow opposition fighters before Kiev’s forces captured the town. Lysenko refused to give further details.[...]

  2. US Dollar Suffers Serious Setback

    2014-07-17 VT - By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

    One More Nail in the Coffin

    Today Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa struck another blow against the US petrodollar in Fortaleza Brazil. Leaders of the five emerging nations officially agreed to form their own development bank to rival the World Bank and IMF. The bank will be centered in Shanghai, its first president will be Indian and it will begin with an initial capitalization of 100 billion dollars.
    The five countries referred to as BRICS have long complained about the not-so-subtle economic warfare the US and Europe wage against developing nations via the World Bank and IMF.
    The World Bank/IMF Protection Scheme
    As John Perkins eloquently describes in Confessions of an Economic Hitman, these US-dominated agencies operate a mafia-like protection scheme on the global south. Economic hitmen like Perkins pressure leaders of developing nations to accept development loans for massive infrastructure projects (dams, bridges, super highways, etc.) they neither want nor need. If they accept, their economies are paralyzed by crushing debt repayments. If they refuse, they risk assassination or being overthrown through US military intervention or a CIA coup. In nearly every case, the loans go to specific US corporations who build the dams, bridges and super highways.
    In addition to crushing debt repayments, the IMF also impose their notorious “structural adjustment” programs on debtor nations. As a condition to renewing their loans, these countries are forced to open their economies further to US and European investors and enact a variety of austerity measure. These typically include privatization of state-owned utilities (by selling them to US and European corporations) and reduction of public spending by laying off state workers and cutting pensions and food and energy subsidies.[...]

  3. --Obama’s Influence Abroad is Evaporating--

    By Shamus Cooke Global Research, July 17, 2014

    There was once a time, not too long ago, when the U.S. government’s ability to steer the policies of other nations was near absolute. A U.S. president needed only to make a public statement denouncing another nation’s economic or military policy, and the effects would be instant.
    The countries that refused U.S. instructions were labeled pariahs, or enemies, and lumped together under the crosshairs of U.S. foreign policy, liable to attract economic sanctions or military invasion; the leaders of these “bad” governments were inevitably likened to Hitler.
    These “axis of evil” type nations were once exceptions, but now appear like trendsetters. The world’s “policeman” is seeing its instructions increasingly ignored, while other nations defiantly spit in the cop’s face.
    But like any officer with a long track record of brutality, the U.S. government will not quietly accept its fate as a second rate power, while the re-shuffling of the new international order will exacerbate global tensions as rising nations compete for influence over poorer countries once loyal to the U.S.
    The most palpable sign of U.S. weakness is its policy toward Russia. Obama’s State Department promised “painful” sanctions for Russia’s policy on Ukraine, but the U.S. hasn’t even managed to inflict a bruise. To really “hurt” Russia economically, the U.S. needs its European allies to obey, and they are turning their backs to Obama’s anti-Russia plans.[...]

  4. 1) BRIKS är Bilderbergstyrt

    2) BRIKS banken är en mellanplattform i att sänka dollarn.

    3) STor-Israel kräver inte Iran

    4) Ny reservvaluta blir kolkrediter.

    5) Stor-krig i MENA regionen. Ryssland-Ukraina.

    6) Kina-indien biovapen senare skede?

    7) USA bryts upp med inbördeskrig och eller oroligheter slutar som weimar.



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