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Video: "USA-polisens tokspel" - Ung man misshandlades brutalt för att han ställde fråga

USA-polisen misshandlade brutalt en ung man för att han ställde en fråga. Tydligen fel fråga? "It´s the little things..." (video)

Green Bay Police investigating officer's actions

Publicerad den 21 apr 2014
Cell phone video involving Green Bay Police is making the rounds on social media. Now a police lieutenant tells FOX 11 the department is investigating whether one of its officers acted inappropriately.

Man Attacked By Cop For Asking Question
2014-04-22. InformationLiberation Mikael Thalen
A Green Bay police officer is under investigation after violently attacking a man outside a downtown bar last weekend.

According to reports, police were arresting two men, one of whom allegedly had an alcoholic drink outside the bar, when a third man began questioning the arrest.

Officer Derek Wicklund, named as the offending officer in the cell phone video’s description on Facebook, responds to the questioning by shoving the man, prompting the man to begin using profanities towards the officer.

“The guy was trying to find out why his friend was being arrested,” the video’s author stated. “The cop pushed him and he responded by saying f*ck you.”

Wicklund can then be seen erupting in a fit of rage, throwing the man on top of his police car before slamming him to the ground. The man, now laying on his back in the street, is then punched in the face and body repeatedly.

- A separate officer watching the incident unfold is seen pushing the cameraman away as he allows Wicklund to continue the assault.

- Police charged the battered man with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest according to a friend on scene.

“I can see how my friend got charged with disorderly conduct, but I think that the resisting arrest part of it was a little bit… I don’t see where that happened and I think the force was excessive,” Joe Davidson told Fox 11.

After the video became viral on social media, Green Bay Police Lt. Andrew Opperman announced that the department's Professional Standards Division would begin investigating the officer’s actions.

"Due to the amount of written reports, videos of the event and witness interviews, this investigation will take some time," a department press release stated.

According to one witness, no one is holding their breath for the officer to be held accountable.
“It’s sad to think he will probably get away with it too,” the video’s author said.

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Video: "USA-polisens tokspel" - Ung man misshandlades brutalt för att han ställde fråga

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