torsdag 15 maj 2014

Juntan i Kiev attackerade oppositionen med FN-helikoptrar

Kiev-juntans militärer använde nyligen FN-helikoptrar i strider mot oppositionen...

Ukraine used UN-marked helicopters in fights in the East 

Publicerad den 14 maj 2014
The UN has voiced concerns over the apparent use of UN-marked helicopters by Kiev troops in their military operation against Donetsk regional militia. A video of a white-painted Mil Mi-24 strike helicopter with UN logo has emerged. 

 Juntan i Kiev attackerade oppositionen med FN-helikoptrar

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  1. -UN Ukraine report shows double standards in attempt to whitewash Kiev's actions - Russia-

    Published time: May 16, 2014

    Moscow has accused a UN report on violence in Ukraine’s Odessa of being purposefully blind to hard facts and simply “carrying out a political order to whitewash” the actions of the coup-appointed government in Kiev.

    The Russian foreign ministry believes that the report presented by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is marked by a systematic and routine ignorance of any Kiev involvement in sparking the Odessa carnage, while placing all the blame unequivocally with the pro-Russian self-defense forces. The ministry statement remarks that not a single word was said about neo-Nazi elements who engaged in setting buildings on fire with people inside, shooting dead anyone who opposed them and finishing off the wounded in plain sight.

    This especially concerns the events that took place in the House of the Trade Unions on May 2.

    The foreign ministry believes that such “double standards” are a clear indicator of the international organization’s mission to pander to a select side in the conflict, without any regard for hard evidence.

    The United Nations spoke on Friday of the “alarming deterioration” of the human rights situation in eastern Ukraine. The report by the organization’s head for human rights, Navi Pillay, focuses on the findings of the Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU) in the period since April 2 through to May 6. It speaks of the various rights violations encountered and offers recommendations to the current Ukrainian government, noting also its willingness to cooperate with the monitors. The report tries to underline how Kiev is taking concrete steps to implement the Geneva agreement of April.

    Among other things, it also focuses on the problems the Tatar minority currently faces in Crimea - although there’s no mention of Kiev blocking the region’s freshwater supply – which “violates a whole range of human rights”. [...]



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