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Rapport: - USA avrättar fångar med gift som anses "för barbariskt" att avliva djur med

En ny omfattande rapport avslöjar att det är "för barbariskt" att avliva djur med samma kemikalier som USA:s rättssystem använder för att avrätta dödsdömda fångar. Veterinärer i USA har därför förbjudit användning av de grymma kemikalierna till djur, eftersom de orsakar en långsam medveten vidrig dödskamp som man absolut inte vill utsätta t.ex. sjuka gamla hundar för...

Drug cocktail in US executions deemed ‘too cruel for animals’

RT 2014-05-07
Some chemicals used to execute death row inmates cause such acute pain that veterinarians in some parts of the US are banned from using them to euthanize animals, a scathing new report by a bipartisan panel of criminal justice experts said.

The 200-plus page report, “Irreversible Error,” by the Constitutional Project, says states should use only one drug, be it a government-approved anesthetic or barbiturate, to carry out lethal injections due to human rights concerns.

“The one-drug method is also preferred over the three drug method by veterinarians for euthanizing animals because the one-drug method is more humane and less prone to error,” the report reads, citing the following example:

“Due to the risk that pancuronium bromide could cause an animal to suffocate to death while paralyzed but fully awake, the use of the drug on animals for purposes of euthanasia is prohibited in Tennessee by the Nonlivestock Humane Death Act." [...] 

Läs rapporten (PDF):

Stunned witnesses watch botched Oklahoma execution

Publicerad den 30 apr 2014
The debate over capital punishment is resurfacing into the limelight once again after a botched execution Tuesday in Oklahoma. Clayton Lockett was undergoing the process of lethal injection when stunned reporters and other witnesses watched him being to regain consciousness and writhe in pain while trying to speak. The blinds of the execution chamber were then closed, shielding Lockett from view. He died nearly 45 minutes after the drugs were first administered.
RT's Lindsay France has more details on the horrific event. 
 Rapport: - USA avrättar fångar med gift som anses "för barbariskt" att avliva djur med

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  1. --Brave Cops Gun Down Pint-Sized Monkey--

    May 07 2014 InformationLiberation - Travis Holte

    No, this isn’t a scene from the film, Idiocracy. Police in Chillicothe, Missouri really did spend most of last Friday chasing down a tiny monkey. A school really was put on lockdown. The local TV news chopper really was on the scene to cover the unfolding “drama”.




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