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USA: Svärande tonåringar får 1000-tals kronor i böter av polisen - "Orwell chockad" (video)

Colin Anderson, en amerikansk 19-åring fick nyligen 200 dollar i böter för att han svor i närhet av en lekplats. Colin nekade, men blev även fälld i amerikansk domstol för sin svordom. I Michigan är det nämligen olagligt att svära... (video)

Teen swears in public, gets fined $200 

Publicerades den 19 maj 2014
Swearing in public can win you a $200 fine from the Brighton Police Department in Michigan. 

Colin Anderson, a 19-year-old, swore near a playground while hanging out with friends, according to police. He was issued a $200 citation for disorderly conduct and then lost an appeal before a magistrate. RT's Lindsay France has more on the potty mouthed teen.


Demolition Man - Language Violation 

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Collection of bad language from the Demolition Man. Enjoy
USA: Svärande tonåringar får 1000-tals kronor i böter av polisen - "Orwell chockad" (video)

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  1. Cop Tickets Teen $200 For Swearing At Park, Court Rules It's A-OK

    2014-05-23 Chris | InformationLiberation

    From the Livingston Daily:

    Andersen, 19, was hanging out with friends on April 11 in a parking lot next to the downtown pavilion and Imagination Station play area when he became upset that a friend, who had been ticketed for skateboarding, was told by police to leave. He said he swore under his breath, saying “This is f------ bulls---.”

    He said no children were around or heard him swear.
    A Brighton police officer ticketed him for disorderly conduct. The officer wrote on the ticket that Andersen was discussing his dislike for his friend getting a ticket for skateboarding, using vulgar language in a city parking lot near the Imagination Station where kids are and using the “f bomb.”

    Andersen challenged the ticket in court and lost; he was fined $200.

    The mayor pro tem celebrated the ruling:

    “The Brighton Police Department does an excellent job protecting the citizens and visitors of our city,” [Brighton Mayor Pro Tem Shawn] Pipoly said. “As a councilman and mayor pro tem, I stand behind and fully support them.”

    Pipoly said his father wouldn’t have much sympathy if he had done something similar as a young man.

    “If I was the young man in this situation, my father would have told me to grow up and take it like a man,” Pipoly said. “And then he would have spanked me thoroughly.”

    Cursing, including cursing directly at police, has been repeatedly ruled to be free speech. Based off dozens of similar cases in the past, odds are this case will end with taxpayers being fleeced to pay out a hefty settlement and the police and city will face no responsibility for their own negligent actions.




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