söndag 4 maj 2014

- Varför kan egentligen teknikointresserade kvinnor ändå ha intresse av en 3D-printer?

:) ...Därför kan teknikointresserade kvinnor kanske ändå ha viss användning av en 3D-printer..? (video)

- Reproduce your genitals with 3D printing!

Publicerad den 1 maj 2014
3D printing can do many useful things for people's lives, including satisfying their sexual desires. At-home printing of sex toys is the newest emerging trend in the tech world. 

From more conventional toys to exact replicas of one's own (or another's) genitalia, 3D printing is promising to revolutionize the world of bedroom fun. There are, however, drawbacks to making sex toys at home.

Crevices in some materials used in 3D printing are prime spots for the growth of bacteria, so it may be more necessary than ever to have some moist antibacterial towlettes handy in the bedroom.
RT's Ameera David has all the details.

- Varför kan egentligen teknikointresserade kvinnor ändå ha intresse av en 3D-printer?

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