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USA-myndigheternas 2-fotade kreatur - nöjessköt ranchägare Bundys 4-fotade kreatur

I efterdyningarna till dramat om ranchägare Bundys kamp mot USA:s tyranni, så avslöjas det att de amerikanska myndigheternas " paramilitära trygghetsombud" sköt Bundys boskap från sina helikoptrar, för nöjes skull...
*Tidigare händelser om Ranchägaren Bundy i Nevada finns här:

Bundy ranch stand-off: Government helicopters shot cattle multiple times 'for fun'

RT 2014-04-24
As the ongoing saga between Nevada ranch owner Cliven Bundy and the federal government continues, the rancher’s son claims federal agents killed multiple cattle during their roundup, shooting some animals up to five times.

The stand-off began earlier this month, when the Bureau of Land Management attempted to enforce a court order and seize nearly 1,000 head of cattle raised by Bundy. The agency claimed the rancher owed taxpayers $1 million in grazing fees that he stopped paying back in 1993.

Bundy, however, disputed the allegation and said he owed the government nothing, and that his ancestors had been using that land since the late 1800s.

When the BLM showed up with hundreds of armed federal agents and began rounding up the cattle, almost 1,000 people came to Bundy’s aide – armed militia from multiple states and others who believed the government was overstepping its bounds.

In order to avoid escalation, the BLM released the hundreds of cattle it had collected back into Bundy’s custody, confirming it would continue its case in the courts.

Speaking with on Wednesday, Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, said some of the cattle had been killed, accused the BLM of using helicopters during its roundup, and said agents used “inhumane” methods to gather the animals.

“- Well we know that two bulls were shot. And the one that they threw up in the mountain, Nickelcrick, he had a shot from above.

- He was shot by helicopter, but then he had four other shots to him as well. It looks like a fun shoot,” said the younger Bundy adding, “One hit him in the head and it ripped his whole face up. It was almost like a fun shoot.” [...]

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Cowboys och aktivister slogs tillsammans mot USA:s tyranni - militär och FBI backade

- Vi kommer att skjuta alla som korsar linjen, skrek militären och FBI-agenterna. 100-tals amerikanska cowboys och aktivister svarade; - Skjut oss då, och se vad som händer, varefter de allesammans korsade myndigheternas patetiska linje utan att något hände mer än att myndigheternas gorillor backade ner. - Se en intressant video från InfoWars som var med på plats...

 USA-myndigheternas 2-fotade kreatur - nöjessköt ranchägare Bundys 4-fotade kreatur

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