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Inspelad USA-myndighetsagent: - Muslimer som inte blir informatörer blir lätt överkörda av bilar

En representant för USA-myndigheterna avslöjar på ett hemligt inspelat telefonsamtal att muslimer som inte frivilligt blir tjallare och informatörer åt USA istället kan bli överkörda av amerikanska bilar...


USA:s Gestapo-inspirerade myndighetsagenter delar nuförtiden ut "goda trygghetsråd" till muslimer som inte vill bli informatörer och tjallare åt USA-myndigheterna.

- Ni kan lätt bli överkörda av bilar - om ni inte gör som vi säger...
- Väldigt omtänksamt av USA-myndigheterna att tänka på muslimernas trafiksäkerhet, men varför inte prova att dela ut reflexer istället?

- Skall bli mycket intressant att se vilken grupp i USA-samhället som blir nästa, att få samma goda trygghetsråd från myndigheternas ombud. Ett hett tips för dessa grupper är ändå att hålla sig långt borta från järnvägsvagnar, oavsett reflexerna...

- Det lilla fåtal personer i Sverige som varit uppmärksamma de senaste åren har säkert redan listat ut vart det här är på väg...

- Men, har man inte gjort något fel så har man ju som vanligt inget att oroa sig för..?

Om man nu inte tillhör vissa utvalda grupper förstås. Då har man sannolikt snart lika mycket att oroa sig för som den fattiga delen av judendomen i Tyskland hade under 30-talet...

FBI Threatens Man's Life for Refusing to Become Informant

Publicerad den 7 maj 2014
Abby Martin goes over the case of Naji Mansour a Muslim American man whose life was turned upside down after being coerced by an FBI agent to become an informant for the agency.***

"- You Might Get Hit by a Car":
On Secret Tape, FBI Threatens American Muslim Refusing To Be Informant

Publicerad den 2 maj 2014 av: democracynow
New details have emerged about the FBI’s efforts to turn Muslim Americans living abroad into government informants. 

An exposé in Mother Jones magazine chronicles the story of an American named named Naji Mansour who was living in Kenya.

After he refused to become an informant, he saw his life, and his family’s life, turned upside down. He was detained, repeatedly interrogated and ultimately forced into exile in Sudan, unable to see his children for years. Mansour began recording his conversations with the FBI.

- During one call, an agent informs Mansour that he might get "hit by a car." 

Mansour’s story is the focus of a new piece in Mother Jones titled "This American Refused to Become an FBI Informant. Then the Government Made His Family’s Life Hell." We speak with Naji Mansour in Sudan and Nick Baumann, who investigated the story for Mother Jones.

FBI places Muslims on no-fly list for refusal to snitch

Publicerad den 23 apr 2014
The FBI is facing a lawsuit from four Muslim men who say the agency used the no-fly list to coerce them into becoming informants. 

Three of the plaintiffs claim they were added to the list, which prevents individuals from boarding aircraft, after refusing to become informants. The other man was already on the list when he received an offer to remove him.

This is just the latest controversy surrounding the no-fly list, which has a long history of intense criticisms by civil liberties groups. RT's Ameera David has more details on this developing story.

Inspelad USA-myndighetsagent: - Muslimer som inte blir informatörer blir lätt överkörda av bilar

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  1. --NYPD enlisting Muslim informants from minor violators--

    RT May 11, 2014

    New York police have been recruiting for informants in holding facilities for immigrants, most of them Muslims, aiming to “talk them” into spying on their own community in cafes, restaurants and mosques, documents obtained by The New York Times show.

    Less than a month has passed since the highly publicized announcement that the NYPD has disbanded its highly controversial Zone Assessment Unit, or as it is known to the city’s Muslim community, the Demographics Unit.

    However, the recruitment of immigrants to eavesdrop on conversations in Muslim neighborhoods shows no signs of easing, according to a New York Times article, which says 220 such recruitment attempts were made in the first quarter of this year alone by a unit known as the Citywide Debriefing Team.

    “Are you a Muslim?”

    “Which Mosque do you go to?”

    “How do you celebrate Muslim holidays?”

    “Have you been to Mecca?”

    “Are any of your friends radicals?”

    “Where do the Somalia immigrants tend to gather?”

    “Al Qaeda, do you know these people?”

    These are just some of the interview questions posed to members of the Muslim community waiting to be arraigned in a lockup facility after minor infractions. The Times article points to a few such episodes.

    An immigrant from Afghanistan was asked to act as a stool pigeon in Muslim cafes, restaurants and mosques following his arrest over an argument with a traffic police officer. A similar proposal was made to a student from Pakistan who was placed in a cell for driving without a valid license.

    *Religion-based profiling has become a normal occurrence at the NYPD, which continues to generate data on Muslims’ praying, eating and shopping habits.




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