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USA:s imponerande Orwellska fredsarbete: CIA börjar öppet beväpna de militanta rebellerna

Under de senaste två veckorna rapporteras det att USA officiellt börjat beväpna de militanta rebellerna och islamisterna i det Syriska inbördeskriget med amerikanska vapen. USA har visserligen inofficiellt i hemlighet redan skickat vapen till islamisterna under 2-3 år men nu tycker tydligen den Orwellska fredspristagaren Obama att det är dags att göra vapenleveranserna officiella...

Ben Swann Truth in Media:
- What The Media Isn't Telling You About Syria

Publicerad den 2 sep 2013
http://benswann.com/ Ben Swann tells you about the real "rebels" in Syria, the al Qaeda backed al Nusra Front.


FN uppskattar att över 100 00 dött hittills i kriget i Syrien. USA verkar göra sitt bästa för att siffran ska bli ännu högre genom att skicka ytterligare vapen. Antagligen är detta en logisk och naturlig reaktion för besvikna psykopater inom den den internationella eliten för att de inte ostört fick lov att bomba Syrien tillbaka till stenåldern, vilket de redan gjort med Irak, Libyen, Afghanistan, etc...


CIA starts arming Syrian rebels overtly

RT 2013-09-13

In the past two weeks the US has reportedly begun delivering arms to militants fighting the Syrian government. Washington expects the CIA to monitor the delivery so that the aid does not end up in the hands of Al-Qaeda associates.

According to the Washington Post report, after months of promises to provide aid to Syrian rebels in an ‘official’ manner, Washington has finally sanctioned open delivery of arms and munitions to anti-Assad forces - despite fears that some of the weapons could end up in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists.
Already back in April the US Secretary of State John Kerry promised that official ‘nonlethal’ aid would start flowing “in a matter of weeks.”

In May the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations had passed a bill that would allow, if signed, the Obama administration to supply arms to Syrian opposition. However, in reality it took months before the Obama administration made up its mind.

The biggest hindrance for Washington to aid Syrian rebels has always been the ever growing presence of Al-Qaeda jihadists among rebel ranks.

In the end the decision was made at a time when President Barack Obama was considering missile strikes on sovereign Syrian state pursuing the aim of ousting President Bashar Assad.

So far there has been no official comment from the CIA.

The lethal aid is primarily being channeled to fighters subordinate to General Salim Idriss, the commander of the Supreme Military Council of the rebel forces who defected from the Syrian Army last year. This faction of dissociated armed opposition groups is considered to be smaller evil if compared to other jihadist militant units with proven links to internationally recognized terrorist organizations, such as Al-Nusra Front, which is associated with the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda.

The CIA controls and tracks the delivery of reportedly light weapons and other munitions via countries bordering Syria, such as Turkey and Jordan. The US State Department has its own separate program of delivering vehicles and other non-lethal gear, such as communication equipment, advanced combat medical kits and high-calorie food packets to the Syrian opposition forces using the same supply channels.

“The Supreme Military Council is receiving so little support that any support we receive is a relief,” Khaled Saleh, a spokesman for the Syrian Opposition Coalition, is reported as saying.

Two-and-a-half years of ongoing bloodshed in Syria has not given a decisive advantage to either side of the conflict. In this situation American aid could give the Syrian armed rebel forces an upper hand over the government troops on the battlefield. Also, the US officials admit, the weapons supply should cheer up the rebel troops that have been suffering massive losses lately.

“They see their leadership is having some impact,” told the Washington Post the State Department’s senior adviser on assistance to Syria Mark S. Ward, responsible for coordination of nonlethal aid delivery to the Syrian rebels from Turkey.

USA:s imponerande Orwellska fredsarbete: CIA börjar öppet beväpna de militanta rebellerna

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  1. -Pentagon proposes plan to equip and train ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels-

    RT September 19

    The Pentagon has put together a plan to equip and train “moderate” Syrian rebel forces. The move would mark the first instance of the American military having direct contact with the opposition.

    Information regarding the new plan was relayed by two Obama administration officials to CNN. The idea has allegedly been under consideration since the first evidence emerged of a massive chemical weapons attack outside Damascus on August 21. The US maintains the attack was carried out by Assad’s government.

    Though the two officials did not cite many specifics on the proposal, the effort would involve training that would take place in a country near Syria. However, weapons would not be directly supplied as the Pentagon has no authority to do so.

    "We have any number of options under development that could expand our support to the moderate opposition, but no decision has been taken at this point," Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey told reporters on Wednesday.

    The Pentagon’s plan would involve US troops training selected rebels on the use of small arms, along with command and control and other military tactics.[...]


  2. -Zionist Criminals Obama And Feinstein Support Guns For Al-Qaeda And Endless Wars For Israel But Want Americans Disarmed-

    September 18, 2013

    Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein not surprisingly is calling for more gun control measures following yesterday’s alleged mass shooting incident at Washington’s Navy Yard.

    Once again we see Feinstein attempting to exploit a highly publicized media driven event for political gain. Even though it is a bit early to determine exactly what may or may not have happened, gun control will not eliminate murders or rampage killings.

    The vast majority of these mass shootings have involved mentally unstable individuals usually under the influence of an anti-depressant drug. It looks like this recent incident is no exception based off of the information that has been revealed so far.

    These events usually take place in locations where guns are heavily restricted making them prime targets for the criminally insane. If Feinstein had any sort of credibility she would be investigating what these types of drugs are doing to the human mind and empowering people to have the means to defend themselves. She is of course doing nothing of the sort.[...]




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