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Sanningssökaren: Vita Husets hemliga möten med al-Qaida och 9/11 Gladio "false flag"

The Truthseeker: 9/11 & Operation Gladio (E23).  - Allt eftersom fler och fler inser att 9/11 var en amerikansk "false flag" så växer misstroendet mot USA och mot den kriminella globala eliten som förstör världen...

The Truthseeker: 9/11 & Operation Gladio (E23)

Publicerad den 8 sep 2013
'Bigger than Watergate': US 'regular' meetings with Al-Qaeda's leader; documented White House 'false flag terrorism' moving people 'like sheep'; the father of Twin Towers victim tell us why he backs this month's 9/11 campaign on Times Square and around the world; & the protests calendar for September.

Seek truth from facts with Bob McIlvane, whose son Bobby was killed in the lobby of the North Tower; NATO's Secret Armies author Dr. Daniele Ganser; Elizabeth Woodworth of Consensus911; Journal of 9/11 Studies co-editor Dr. Graeme MacQueen; Dr. Kevin Barrett author of Questioning the War of Terror, civil engineer Jon Cole of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; and Rachel Maddow of The Rachel Maddow Show.

Read the full transcript here: http://on.rt.com/au85zk

MORE EPISODES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...
Sanningssökaren: Vita Husets "9/11false flag - terror 9/11


Bonus:  - Ny video från 2013-09-06 med Corbett som avslöjar den kriminella elitens hantlangare bakom 9/11

Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

Publicerad den 6 sep 2013
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7944
As we approach the 12th anniversary of 9/11, it is time for 9/11 truth to mature as a movement before it stagnates into insignificance. Either the movement will live up to its potential by naming names and identifying suspects in the crime, or it will become another JFK assassination investigation, doomed to spend half a century fighting pointless territorial battles while the real perpetrators walk free. Join us for this 9/11 anniversary edition of The Corbett Report as we ask the question and demand an answer: Who was really behind the attacks?

9/11 Truth and the Way Forward: Starting a Real Criminal Investigation

Publicerad den 10 sep 2013
CONTINUE WATCHING: http://ur1.ca/fgsz3
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7970

Preserve the crime scene. Follow the money trail. Establish the motive. Look for those with the means to pull off the crime. Any criminal investigator will tell you that these are the most basic principles of any investigation. But none of them were followed on 9/11. Of course, there was no serious criminal investigation. No attempt to preserve the evidence or establish the means, motive or opportunity. No inclination to follow the money. The 9/11 commission itself concluded that the funding of the attacks were of "little practical significance." From the very first moments after the attack, the fix was in.

Find out more about the research and researchers attempting to identify and investigate the real suspects of the crime of 9/11, and how the exposure of these individuals and corporations could help us to reach 9/11 justice in this edition of The Eyeopener from BoilingFrogsPost.com

9/11: The 19 Suspects the Government Wants to Hide
- Think Tank 

Publicerad den 10 sep 2013
Abby Martin speaks with Kevin Ryan, co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies and author of 'Another 19', a book that explores 19 alternative suspects that he alleges had the real means and motive to pull of the 9/11 attacks.



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  • RT tells us that the US government did 9 11.
  • RT tells us that al Qaeda works for the US government.
  • RT tells us that the terrorism in Europe and America has been done by the US government.
  • Putin is putting the boot in.
  • The rich 'feudal lords' in the USA and Europe have impoverished the peasants, and the peasants are wakening up.

10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

1. Official lies no longer effective

2. No confidence in politics

3. No confidence in media

4. Bankers rejected

5. Mutiny among soldiers

6. Militarized police state......

Nadeem Baloosh putting on an act.

The above UK-US backed terrorist doubles as a rebel fighter AND fake sarin gas attack victim

Nadeem Baloosh speaks a mixture of truth and lies.

The Syrian rebels work with Israel.

Shady PR operatives, pro-Israel ties, inside the Syrian opposition ... - Mondoweiss

The Syrian rebels plan to wipe out the Christians.

Syrian rebels attack historic Christian village

The American people are wakening up.

Saudi Arabia has sent death-row inmates from several nations to fight against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences -POSTED BY RETANK 


Anonymous points out:

"Assad is fighting rebels who are al qaeda. 

My government is backing... al qaeda. 

I'm meant to fight with... al qaeda? 

And against Assad who doesn't seem to have done anything apart from protecting his people from a civilian-murdering al qaeda?"

Cameron’s Closet - Christopher Spivey

The West Dethroned: Washington is “The Axis of Evil”
US Journalists and War Crime Guilt

Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything

The Grim, Relentless March to War with Syria

The Conflict in Syria and Global Resistance: Why Humanity will Prevail

Diabolical Chemical Weapons Intelligence Operation? Killing Syrian Civilians and Blaming it on the Enemy

Syria: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria

Sanningssökaren: Vita Husets hemliga möten med al-Qaida och 9/11 Gladio "false flag"

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  1. Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23


    Israeli Cruise Missiles Fired At Syria Destroyed by US Navy

    Video Could End Obama’s WW3 Plans Before He Starts It (Disturbing Video & Images)
    "Syrian Rebels" Execute 7 Army Officers – The Brutality Of Syrian Rebels

    Report: Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria
    Secret memo says more than 1,200 prisoners fought Assad regime to avoid beheading.

    Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Syrian Parliament Letter To The US House Of Representatives

    "BLOMSTRANDE DEMOKRATI" - banksters vill införa globalt så småningom nu i Asien men det kommer till usa o europa - med rebeller fra fångdödsleger som få betalt för sin sadism och lite tid att leva loppan förre helvetes gap ta allihopp!!!!!!!!!


    Depleted Uranium - An American War Crime That Has No End

    "The U.S. Continues To Use Depleted Uranium White Phosphorous W

    600 Royal Marines from 30 and 42 Commando units deploy to Jordan



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