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RT: Rebellerna planerar kemvapenattack mot Israel - ny "false flag" för angrepp mot Assad

Enligt RT:s källor planerar al-Qaida-länkade rebeller i Syrien att utföra en kemvapenattack mot Israel inifrån syriskt område. Enligt uppgifterna kommer rebellerna att skylla på den syriska regimen för att få Israel att angripa Syrien.
Det planerade "false flag -dådet" kommer sannolikt som en reaktion på att Syrien gått med på att överlämna sin arsenal av kemiska vapen under internationell kontroll mot att USA avstår från att angripa landet...

Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from govt controlled lands - RT sources

Publicerad den 9 sep 2013
A number of anonymous sources close to the Syrian conflict have told RT that rebel forces are planning to launch a 'provocation-attack' using chemical weapons - against Israel. Let's go live now to RT's Paula Slier in Tel Aviv - to hear more about this.


RT sources: Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories

RT 2013-09-09
A chemical attack may be launched on Israel by Syrian rebels from government-controlled territories as a "major provocation," multiple sources told RT.

The report comes as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov proposed that Syria puts its chemical weapons arsenal under international control for subsequent destruction in order to prevent a possible military strike against the war-torn country.

Moscow also urged Syrian authorities to join the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The offer has already been passed over to Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem, who met Lavrov in Moscow for talks on Monday. 

We don’t know if Syria will accept the offer, but if imposing international control over chemical weapons stored in the country can help to avoid military strikes, we are immediately going to start working with Damascus,” Lavrov said. 

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has welcomed Moscow's initiative, “based on the Syrian’s government care about the lives of our people and security of our country,” Muallem said later on Monday.  
Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice made a statement saying that Damascus' alleged "use of chemical weapons against its own people" posed a threat to US national security. “The use of chemical weapons also directly threatens our closest ally in the region, Israel,” she said, speaking at the New America Foundation in Washington.[...]

RT: Rebellerna planerar kemvapenattack mot Israel - ny "false flag" för angrepp mot Assad

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  1. -U.S. media suppressed 2009 UN report showing Israel using chemical weapons against Palestinians-

    September 10, 2013

    Source: Cleveland Challenger

    Few major mainstream American news outlets exposed the sordid details of a 2009 United Nations (UN) fact finding report that revealed how Israel’s military illegally aimed chemical missiles at a United Nations Relief & Work Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees in a 22-day invasion of the Gaza strip that began in 2008 called “Operation Cast Lead.”

    As the U.S. and world media watch to learn if claims that President Barack Obama will execute a military strike against Syria, without a vote of Congress or the support of the UN, the same media outlets are burying information that suggests preparation for war could be premature.

    Little media attention is being paid to claims from a UN commission that Syrian rebels, not government soldiers under President Bashar al-Assad’s control, were responsible for recent chemical weapons attacks that killed over 300 Syrians.

    “During our investigation for crimes against humanity and war crimes, we collect some witness testimony that has made to appear that some chemical weapons were used. In particular, nerve gas,” said Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria.

    ”What appears to our investigation is that this was used by the opposition, by the rebels. We have no indication at all that the Syria government have used chemical weapons.”

    What’s also questionable is why Obama has drawn a “line in the sand” over highly questionable allegations that Syrian soldiers used chemical weapons when the Israeli military was proven, and officials have admitted, to using chemical warfare to attack a United Nations relief compound. The facility provided shelter and medical attention to Palestinian refugees in 2009.[...]



    575 page 2009 UN report:




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