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USA: Narkotikapoliser som flamberade baby med granat - mördade en oskyldig präst 2009

Bloggen skrev nyligen om en baby som fick en chockgranat slängd i sitt ansikte mitt i natten när han sov i sin vagga, hos en oskyldig barnfamilj. Nu kommer nya uppgifter att poliserna bakom den trygghetsinsatsen även mördade en oskyldig präst 2009...

Drug task force that burned a toddler this week also killed an innocent pastor in 2009

2014-05-30 Washington Post
This same task force has a history. In February, I posted about a settlement in the death of Jonathan Ayers, an innocent pastor that this same drug task force killed in a drug operation in 2009.

In September 2009, the young pastor Ayers was ministering to a young woman whom a Georgia drug task force was investigating on drug charges. (She had allegedly sold an undercover officer $50 worth of cocaine.)

When task force members saw Ayers alone in the car with the woman, they switched their focus to him. According to Ayers’s lawsuit, the woman was about to be evicted from the motel at which she was staying. Ayers gave her the $23 in his pocket to help cover her rent.

The task force followed Ayers to a convenience store, where he went in to get money from an ATM. When he returned and got into his car they pounced. They pulled up behind him in an unmarked black SUV.

Armed agents dressed in street clothes then rushed Ayers’s car. He put his car in reverse and attempted to escape. In the process, he nicked one agent.

VIDEO: Police kill Rev. Jonathan Ayers as he helped out impoverished woman. Kred: Police State USA
- Another then opened fire, killing him.

- Ayers told hospital staff was that he thought he was being robbed.

-His reported last words were, “Who shot me?”

Ayers had no drugs in his car or in his system, and there was no evidence he was using or distributing anything illegal. Still, local law enforcement officials tried to smear him.

They first said he was part of their drug investigation all along, then retracted. The woman the police were following initially said in an interview that Ayers was counseling her and helping her kick her drug habit.

Later, while facing criminal charges for a separate incident, she changed her story and claimed that Ayers had been paying her for sex.

In the end, Ayers was innocent, and a federal jury awarded his widow a $2 million settlement.



Innocent baby boy severely injured by habersham co 

Publicerades den 31 maj 2014
18 month old boy fights for his life while sustaining injuries from a flash grenade landing in his play pen during a police raid in which no drugs were seized nor were there any arrests made...
Source: Salon
[...]After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.

Flashbang grenades were created for soldiers to use during battle. When they explode, the noise is so loud and the flash is so bright that anyone close by is temporarily blinded and deafened. 

It’s been three weeks since the flashbang exploded next to my sleeping baby, and he’s still covered in burns.

- There’s still a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs.

- At least that’s what I’ve been told; I’m afraid to look.[...]



Baby Flashbanged By Cops Still Fighting For Life, Can't Breathe On His Own
2014-06-02 Chris | InformationLiberation
19-month-old Bounkham "Buo" Phonesavanh, who was critically injured by police when they threw a flashbang into his playpen during a no-knock drug raid is unable to breath on his own and he is currently in a medically induced coma. Surgery to help him hopefully breath on his own is scheduled for today, the family asked that supporters pray it goes successfully. 
The family's lawyer told the media any surveillance of the home where they were staying would have shown a second playpen outside the home right next to their door, children who regularly played outside on their drive way, and a vehicle with four car seats clearly visible.


USA: Polisen (SWAT) flamberade spädbarn i vaggan med granat vid raid - "babyn döende"

Ett av den amerikanska polisens många SWAT-team flamberade och sprängde sönder ansiktet på ett litet spädbarn i sin vagga med en ljusgranat vid en misslyckad raid mot en fullständigt oskyldiga barnfamilj...

USA: Narkotikapoliserna som flamberade baby med granat - mördade oskyldig präst 2009

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  1. --Toddler burned by SWAT grenade faces another surgery, as police defend raid--

    June 02, 2014

    The toddler severely burned and left unable to breathe on his own when a Georgia SWAT team threw a flashbang grenade in his crib during a Thursday drug raid is preparing for another surgery on Monday… all for a single meth sale of $50.

    Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, a 19-month-old, was asleep in his portable crib in the same room as his parents and three older sisters, when police opened the door to the converted garage and threw the stun grenade in. It landed in the crib with Bou Bou.

    The flashbang opened up a deep gash in Bou Bou’s chest and caused severe burns. Now his family says the toddler is fighting for his life in a medically induced coma, has lost the use of one lung and is unable to breathe on his own. He faces more surgeries, and it is uncertain if he will even live. On Friday, his chances of survival were listed at 50 percent.

    The multi-jurisdictional Georgia SWAT team was executing a no-knock warrant at 3 a.m. on the home where a confidential informant had purchased drugs earlier in the day. The CI said he bought methamphetamine from Wanis Thometheva there on Tuesday. Police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that investigators had discovered Thometheva had weapons (including an AK-47) during a previous arrest on drug charges.

    But a public official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Washington Post the raid was conducted over a single meth sale of $50. [...]




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