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Allt om IRAK på 10 minuter (video)

- Vad händer egentligen i Irak och vem bär ansvaret...?


The Fall of Iraq - What You Aren't Being Told 

Publicerades den 17 jun 2014 av: StormCloudsGathering
Iraq is descending into chaos, but not for the reasons you're being fed by the politicians and the mainstream media.

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"- There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until the U.S. created a vacuum of power by removing Saddam"


The Iraq Perspective the Corporate Media Doesn't Want You to Hear

Publicerades den 18 jun 2014
Abby Martin speaks with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, an Iraqi-American peace activist who gives her perspective on the announcement of the US deploying 275 troops to Iraq as the country continues to spiral into civil war.***


Kuwaiti baby incubator lies

Videon uppladdad den 28 jul 2011
To gain more popular support (in the US and elsewhere) for the 1991 war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the Bush Sr. administration staged a fake testimony by the daughter of Kuwaot's ambassador pretending to be a nurse who witnessed the death of many Kuwaiti children as the result of the barbaric theft of their incubators by Iraqi soldiers... 

- Everyone takes part in this lie including President Bush (the father) himself.


Washington’s Iraq “Victory”

2014-06-14 Paul Craig Roberts
The citizens of the United States still do not know why their government destroyed Iraq. “National Security” will prevent them from ever knowing. “National Security” is the cloak behind which hides the crimes of the US government.

George Herbert Walker Bush, a former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency who became President courtesy of being picked as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President, was the last restrained US President. When Bush the First attacked Iraq it was a limited operation, the goal of which was to evict Saddam Hussein from his annexation of Kuwait.

Kuwait was once a part of Iraq, but a Western colonial power created new political boundaries, as the Soviet Communist Party did in Ukraine. Kuwait emerged from Iraq as a small, independent oil kingdom.

According to reports, Kuwait was drilling at an angle across the Iraq/Kuwait border into Iraqi oil fields. On July 25, 1990, Saddam Hussein, with Iraqi troops massed on the border with Kuwait, asked President George H. W. Bush’s ambassador, April Glaspie, if the Bush administration had an opinion on the situation.

Here is Ambassador Glaspie’s reply:

“We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary [of State James] Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960’s that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America.”

According to this transcript, Saddam Hussein is further assured by high US government officials that Washington does not stand in his way in reunifying Iraq and putting a halt to a gangster family’s theft of Iraqi oil:

“At a Washington press conference called the next day, State Department spokesperson Margaret Tutweiler was asked by journalists:

‘Has the United States sent any type of diplomatic message to the Iraqis about putting 30,000 troops on the border with Kuwait? Has there been any type of protest communicated from the United States government?’
“to which she responded: ‘I’m entirely unaware of any such protest.’

“On July 31st, two days before the Iraqi invasion [of Kuwait], John Kelly, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern affairs, testified to Congress that the ‘United States has no commitment to defend Kuwait and the U.S. has no intention of defending Kuwait if it is attacked by Iraq’.”
(See here among other sources: )

Was this an intentional a set-up of Saddam Hussein, or did the Iraqi takeover of Kuwait produce frantic calls from the Bush family’s Middle Eastern business associates?

Whatever explains the dramatic, sudden, total change of position of the US government, the result produced military action that fell short of war on Iraq itself.

From 1990 until 2003 Iraq was acceptable to the US government.
Suddenly, in 2003 Iraq was no longer acceptable. We don’t know why. We were told a passel of lies:

Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that were a threat to America. The spectre of a “mushroom cloud over an American city” was raised by the National Security Advisor. The Secretary of State was sent to the UN with a collection of lies with which to build acceptance of US naked aggression against Iraq. The icing on the cake was the claim that Saddam Hussein’s secular government “had al Qaeda connections,” al Qaeda bearing the blame for 9/11.

As neither Congress nor the US media have any interest to know the reason for Washington’s about face on Iraq, the “Iraq Threat” will remain a mystery for Americans.

But the consequences of Washington’s destruction of the secular government of Saddam Hussein, a government that managed to hold Iraq together without the American-induced violence that has made the country a permanent war zone, has been ongoing years of violence on a level equal to, or in excess of, the violence associated with the US occupation of Iraq.

- Washington is devoid of humanitarian concerns.

- Hegemony is Washington’s only concern.

- As in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq.

- Washington brings only death, and death is ongoing in Iraq.

On June 12, 500,000 residents of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, benefactors of Washington’s “freedom and democracy” liberation, fled the city as the American trained army collapsed and fled under al Qaeda attack.

 The Washington-installed government, fearing Baghdad is next, has asked Washington for air strikes against the al Qaeda troops. Tikrit and Kirkuk have also fallen. Iran has sent two battalions of Revolutionary Guards to protect the Washington-installed government in Baghdad.

(After this article was published, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani dismissed the widespread news reports–Wall Street Journal, World Tribune, The Guardian, Telegraph, CNBC, Daily Mail, Times of Israel, etc.–that Iran has sent troops to help the Iraqi government. Once again the Western media has created a false reality with false reports.)

Does anyone remember the propaganda that Washington had to overthrow Saddam Hussein in order to bring “freedom and democracy and women’s rights to Iraqis”? We had to defeat al Qaeda, which at the time was not present in Iraq, “over there before they came over here.”

- Do you remember the neoconservative promises of a “cakewalk war” lasting only a few weeks, of the war only costing $70 billion to be paid out of Iraqi oil revenues, of George W. Bush’s economic advisor being fired for saying that the war would cost $200 billion? 

The true cost of the war was calculated by economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University budget expert Linda Bilmes who showed that the Iraqi war cost US taxpayers $3 trillion dollars, an expenditure that threatens the US social safety net.

Do you remember Washington’s promises that Iraq would be put on its feet by America as a democracy in which everyone would be safe and women would have rights?

What is the situation today?

Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, has just been overrun by al Qaeda forces. These are the forces that Washington has claimed a number of times to have completely defeated.

These “defeated” forces now control Iraq’s second largest city and a number of provinces. The person Washington left in charge of Iraq is on his knees begging Washington for military help and air support against the Jihadist forces that the incompetent Bush regime unleashed in the Muslim world.

- What Washington has done in Iraq and Libya, and is trying to do in Syria, is to destroy governments that kept Jihadists under control.

- Washington faces the prospect of a Jihadist government encompassing Iraq and Syria.

- The Neoconservative conquest of the Middle East is becoming an al Qaeda conquest.

Washington has opened Pandora’s Box. This is Washington’s accomplishment in the Middle East.
Even as Iraq falls to al Qaeda , Washington is supplying the al Qaeda forces attacking Syria with heavy weapons.

 It is demonized Iran that has sent troops to defend the Washington-installed regime in Baghdad! Is it possible for a country to look more foolish than Washington looks?

One conclusion that we can reach is that the arrogance and hubris that defines the US government has rendered Washington incapable of making a rational, logical decision. Megalomania rules in Washington.

This article is published jointly with the Strategic Culture Foundation
Allt om IRAK på 10 minuter (video)

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  1. -America pursuing regime change in Iraq again-

    June 20, 2014

    The capture of Mosul and Tikrit, and the attack on Iraq by foreign fighters is not a result of the failure of US policy. These attacks are actually the implementation and persistence of US policy in the Middle East.

    There are a lot of misleading messages being sent by Washington about the situation in Iraq. This is being done directly by the Obama Administration through misleading statements by US officials and via the dissemination of misleading reports by the US federal government’s trusty global chain of mainstream corporate media networks.


    In fact, the vast majority of Muslims refuse to even recognize the ISIL as being Muslim, let alone as being Sunnis. In fact, Iraqis have vehemently protested this labeling of the ISIL as a “Sunni organization” and accused those doing this as trying to ferment hate between Muslims and Iraqis.

    There should be no mistake about it; the US is using the ISIL to destabilize Iraq with the goal of controlling the Iraqi federal government in Baghdad and to weaken Iran and Syria. Where the US and its allies have failed in Syria, they now are turning their attentions back to Iraq.

  2. --US senators: Let’s bomb Iraq (again…)!--

    June 18, 2014

    The frenzied advance of ISIS militants in Iraq has prompted some US senators to call for a new bombing campaign against the jihadists and for the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to step down.

    American senators Dianne Feinstein and John McCain are calling for the US to step in again, this time to bomb the groups of ISIS terrorists who have captured a series of Iraqi cities in rapid succession and to kill everyone they regard as a security risk.

    According to a new report by the Center for American Progress (CAP), the US should “prepare for limited counterterrorism operations against ISIS, including possible air strikes.”

    Offensive by Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS in Iraq

    “I think most important is that we take direct action now against ISIS, marching down to Baghdad, and prevent them from getting into Baghdad,” said Feinstein (D-CAL), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    Arizona Senator John McCain also supports the idea of air strikes. After US President Barack Obama announced the deployment of 275 troops to Iraq to provide security for the US Embassy in Baghdad against Sunni insurgents, McCain said that his concern is “whether we’re going to do anything besides send a few extra marines, which won’t do anything," he said.

    Both Feinstein and McCain also defend the necessity of regime change in Baghdad, accusing the acting government of PM Nouri al-Maliki of an inability to curb the Islamist insurgency in the country.




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