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Polisen i USA är landets andra armé - Militärens begagnade vapen hamnar hos polisen

Den amerikanska polisen är på väg att bli USA:s andra armé - Militärens begagnade vapen och stridsutrustning hamnar numera hos den militariserade USA-polisen. T o m sheriffer i småstäder har börjat få egna stridsvagnar och stridsledningscentraler...
- Inheriting both the weapons and the mindset of the US military, police are becoming militarized and ‘hyper aggressive’ in their approach to maintaining security on the streets of America.

- New study calls on police not to treat people as ‘wartime enemies’.

War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing

Länk: ACLU report

Militarization turning local police into battle forces

Publicerades den 10 jun 2014
Hulking mine resistant vehicles and military grade weapons are finding their way into the hands of local police forces. 

Part of what critics call the "militarization" of police in America, repurposing military hardware for use by local law enforcement is often cited as necessary for a variety of reasons.

In May, Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County, Ind. Sheriff's Department made headlines when he told a local TV station this type of hardware is needed because of the threat posed by returning military veterans with the knowledge to create Improvised Explosive Devices.

To find out if these types of statements are legitimate, RT's Lindsay France discusses the topic with John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute.

The Pentagon has an awful lot of leftovers, but luckily for law enforcement agencies across the United States they aren’t going to waste.

Millions of dollars’ worth of military gear is distributed to local police forces on an annual basis, and these regular exchanges are occurring from coast to coast in towns and cities that are hardly considered epicenters of violent crime, let alone on par with the foreign warzones where these hand-me-downs — machine guns, armored cars and other made-for-battle items — were originally intended to be used.

Over the weekend, the New York Times took a look at some staggering statistics concerning a Congress-created military-transfer program in which items in the Department of Defense’s massive inventory are routinely supplied to small-town police departments for free.

The program is far from new — it dates back to the early 90s, the Times acknowledged — and has been investigated by RT in the past more than once. New data from the Pentagon that has been provided to the paper offers an updated look, however, revealing the actual extent to which heavy-duty war supplies are shipped today to small police departments where one might not normally expect a camouflaged mine detector or silenced machine gun to be needed.

Since 2006, a total of 432 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicles, or MPRAPs, have been handed out by the feds to state and local law enforcement agencies in most of the 50 states. Usually costing close to a million dollar apiece, those vehicles were intended for battle in the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq.

With those operations largely over, though, a surplus of like-new, barely used MRAPs have been handed out by the hundreds to police departments desiring an armored multi-ton vehicle equipped to withstand a serious shelling.[...]

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 Polisstaten i USA:
 Polisen i USA är landets andra armé - Militärens begagnade vapen hamnar hos polisen

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  1. A Matter of Principle: The True Aims of the Terror War

    Posted: 09 Jun 2014

    The moral insanity of the Terror War continues to spawn more violence, more extremism, more repression, more injustice, and the total subversion of the "Western values," all of which it is ostensibly designed to defend.



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