torsdag 19 juni 2014 blockeras av USA:s militär globalt - Alex Jones gör tydligen någonting rätt..?

USA ökar yttrandefriheten genom att blockera för USA:s militärer globalt. Censuren tyder på att Alex Jones på tydligen gör någonting rätt...

U.S. Military Blocks

Website censored for over 700,000 active duty servicemembers worldwide
Infowars 2014-06-19
The U.S. Military has blocked, with active duty personnel contacting us to confirm that the website is inaccessible to over 700,000 servicemembers worldwide having been labeled “violence/hate/racism.”

A servicemember forwarded the above print out which shows that the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), which serves “more than 707,000 Sailors, Marines and civilians in 620 locations in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Japan, making it the largest internal computer network in the world,” is censoring in order to “safeguard the security posture and/or to maintain the operational integrity of the NMCI.”

The message is entitled “Access Denied by NETWARCOM Policy,” with the block being approved by the “Naval Network Warfare Command Battle Watch Captain.” Click here for an enlargement showing the message.

To emphasize, the block is not being imposed by an external web filtering software program used by the Navy, but by the Navy’s own private intranet system. The NMCI is so vast that it is second only to the public Internet in size, comprising 4,100 servers that handle over 2.3 petabytes of data.
We also received the following email from a separate active duty member of the U.S. Military confirming the block.
“Hello, I visit infowars every day @ home and at work to keep up to date with latest news that I cannot find in the mainstream media. I am active duty military and my fellow comrades and I follow infowars and which usually ends up in discussion. Just recently my comrades and I have noticed the Infowars website has now been blocked on all our computers. I believe its another attempt for the govt to censor out the truth. I feel this story should be shared and at least infowars should be notified. As for my comrades and I we feel like its another attempt to take our freedoms which we fight for. Thank you for everything you do. Let the truth be told and never quit. If there is anything we can do please let us know.”
Yesterday we reported on how the Blue Coat corporate web filtering service, which is used by many large companies, had blocked by placing it in the same category under the banner of “violence/hate/racism.” The ban was lifted following complaints.

It goes without saying that is an independent news website and has nothing whatsoever to do with advocating violence, hate or racism, unless of course you define “hate” as being adversarial to government corruption and abuse.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that Infowars’ aggressive recent coverage of the VA scandal may have been a primary reason for the upper echelons of the U.S. Military imposing the ban.

- Infowars routinely receives emails from users who are unable to access the website because it has been blocked by filters used by government facilities, transport hubs, large corporations and other institutions.

"Proof We Run Al-Qaeda:
- Infowars Special Report


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  1. --Western media doing Kiev’s job in hiding its ‘fascist allegiances’--

    June 19, 2014

    The western media does not give a balanced view of the situation refusing to recognize fascist elements in Ukraine, virtually giving the government a free hand in using troops against its own people, investigative journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

    RT:President Poroshenko has again reiterated that he wants to end the violence, is he serious?

    Tony Gosling: Well, you just said an international outcry, but there’s been not a lot of coverage of this in the western media, which is really rather worrying. It was a little bit like about a month after the coup in Kiev, when we had Alekander Pantalinov, he was boss of Ukraine’s BBC basically, the state broadcaster, who was beaten up by members of the Svoboda Party, the Fascist Party.

    And what’s going on here, in the West is a failure to recognize what’s going on; this is the first fascist government we’ve had in Europe since the end of Franco.

    That’s what happening and that’s why people are very worried across the west, is that our media is really not explaining this.

    The problem is from a media point of view, is that’s there’s no real need for the people in Kiev to hide their fascist allegiances – their pictures of Stepan Bandera for example on the wall, who was this Nazi fascist leader in Ukraine in World War II – because the Western media are doing their job for them.




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