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Ukraina och Maidan 2.0 - Nya oroligheter i Kievs "nya demokrati"

Ukraina och Maidan 2.0 - Nya oroligheter har brutit ut i Kiev. Många av de Neo-nazister som varit mest aktiva att hjälpa EU & USA att störta den tidigare folkvalda regeringen, står nu i centrum för nya oroligheter på Kievs "Independence Square." (Video)

Maidan Mayhem: Massive fight erupts on Kiev's Independence Square

Publicerad den 30 apr 2014
A massive fight broke out on Kiev's landmark Independence Square (Maidan) on Tuesday night, with shots and explosives being heard, according to Ukrainian media. There are reports of injuries. 

Far-right rally turns into massive brawl on Kiev’s Maidan, shots heard

RT 2014-04-30
A massive fight broke out on Kiev’s landmark Independence Square (Maidan) on Tuesday night, with shots and explosives being heard, according to Ukrainian media. There are reports of injuries.

Eye witnesses described over 100 people, reportedly members of the far-right Social-National Assembly, marching with burning torches towards Maidan – the epicenter of the massive uprising that removed former President Yanukovich from power. The marchers came to commemorate those killed during anti-government protests in December-February.
 - Unga Sverigedemokrater har ett folkligt fackeltåg i Sverige...
Ukraina och Maidan 2.0 - Nya oroligheter i Kievs "nya demokrati"

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  1. --IMF Demands Ukraine Risk World War 3 in Return For Bailout Money--

    Globalists desperate to loan shark another country into debt slavery

    May 1, 2014

    The IMF has told Kiev that if it doesn’t defend eastern areas of Ukraine against pro-Russian forces, or in other words risk going to war with Russia and starting World War 3, that a planned $17 billion dollar bailout package will have to be “redesigned”.

    IMF head Christine Lagarde said that the global body would “check regularly” to see if Ukraine was keeping up with its commitments on which the loan deal is dependent. One of those commitments includes a vow to use military forces to repel Russian influence in the east of the country.

    The IMF has told Kiev that the money spigot could be cut off if Kiev “loses control over (the) East of the country”.

    “Which, roughly translated, appears to mean go to war with pro-Russian forces (and thus Russia itself if Putin sees his apparent countrymen in trouble) or you don’t get your money!,” notes Zero Hedge.[...]

  2. --It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to the brink of war--

    Seumas Milne
    May 1, 2014

    The threat of war in Ukraine is growing. As the unelected government in Kiev declares itself unable to control the rebellion in the country’s east, John Kerry brands Russia a rogue state.

    The US and the European Union step up sanctions against the Kremlin, accusing it of destabilising Ukraine. The White House is reported to be set on a new cold war policy with the aim of turning Russia into a “pariah state”.

    That might be more explicable if what is going on in eastern Ukraine now were not the mirror image of what took place in Kiev a couple of months ago. Then, it was armed protesters in Maidan Square seizing government buildings and demanding a change of government and constitution.

    US and European leaders championed the “masked militants” and denounced the elected government for its crackdown, just as they now back the unelected government’s use of force against rebels occupying police stations and town halls in cities such as Slavyansk and Donetsk.

    “America is with you,” Senator John McCain told demonstrators then, standing shoulder to shoulder with the leader of the far-right Svoboda party as the US ambassador haggled with the state department over who would make up the new Ukrainian government.

    Read more

  3. Ukraina håller på att bygga en fördämning med syfte att helt strypa vattentillförsel till Krim, uppger nyhetsbyrån Kriminform.


    Upp till 85 procent av Krimhalvöns behov av sötvatten brukade tidigare täckas via Nordkrimkanalen som från Dnjeprs flodfåra.

    Efter Krims återförening med Ryssland stängde Kiev slussarna för att minska vattenleveranserna till miniminivån.

    Krim tänker inom de kommande månaderna borra 36 nya vattenbrunnar för att trygga befolkningens behov av dricksvatten.



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