fredag 2 maj 2014

George Galloway: - Dubbelmoralen bland ledande politiker i väst är idag på Orwellsk nivå

George Galloway avslöjar krigsbrottslingen Tony Blair. Galloway berättar även om den perversa dubbelmoral som idag blivit den politiska normen i väst. Dubbelmoral är även normen i mainstreams nyheter. Abby Martin intervjuar...

MP George Galloway: UK is Well Organized Hypocrisy & Foreigners Run Our Elections

Publicerad den 30 apr 2014
Abby Martin interviews UK Respect Party Member of Parliament, George Galloway, about Tony Blair's comments on Islamism, BBC censorship, and why he disagrees with the Scottish Independence movement.
George Galloway: - Dubbelmoralen bland ledande politiker i väst är idag på Orwellsk nivå

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  1. "Ukrainian Crisis Was Always About Containing Russia"

    Gov. Gary Johnson: US intervention in Ukraine is like Russian intervention in Puerto Rico -

    "Do you realize that John Kerry constantly lies but that when he actually told the Truth when commenting about Israel that it was then that he got in trouble".

    Kina startat Kinesisk motsvarighet till "RT":;_ylt=AwrBJR5_QGFTlk8AUU7QtDMD

    Estonian Air Base Turns Into Second NATO Baltic States Hub

    The West Prepares: These Are All NATO Aircraft Deployments In Response To The Ukraine Crisis

    The West Prepares: These Are All NATO Aircraft Deployments In Response To The Ukraine Crisis - It's all the Russians' fault? This does not exactly look like de-escalation to us...
    NATO-- counter-terrorism mission
    "“This mission constitutes a strong show of support to Ukraine and is a concrete demonstration of Canada’s commitment to the security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Nicholson said in a statement.

    Det är mörkande av info (samma kan komma på frågan om man hittar i Sverige massor av mördade Saamer, kan hända om utvecklinger går enligt NWO plan)

    Interview Karen Hudes & Edward Spencer ~ 04/02/14~ Homo Capensis & the Vatican ~ World Bank -

  2. World Bank Scandal & JFK killed over Gold Backed Dollars - Karen Hudes

    Kapitan på Lusitania:
    "And it did. Divers confirmed that the Lusitania had indeed been carrying war supplies from the then supposedly neutral US to Britain, which made the ship a legitimate target of war!"

  4. Fracking-linked earthquakes likely to worsen – seismologists



    The CIA and the Media

    "Few American agents are “spies” in the popularly accepted sense of the term. “Spying” — the acquisition of secrets from a foreign government—is almost always done by foreign nationals who have been recruited by the CIA and are under CIA control in their own countries. Thus the primary role of an American working undercover abroad is often to aid in the recruitment and “handling” of foreign nationals who are channels of secret information reaching American intelligence.


    "front" - 4 an organization or activity that exists to hide an illegal or secret one Synonyms or related words for this sense of front General words for organizations and institutions: structure, institution, bureau, guild, federation, authority, front, club, special interest, watch... more¤t_page=1#bookmark

    Gross was arrested in Cuba in 2009 while working in the Communist-run country to set up Internet access for the island's small Jewish community, access that bypassed local restrictions and monitoring. At the time, Gross was working as a subcontractor for the U.S. government's U.S. Agency for International Development, which promotes democracy on the island. Cuba considers USAID's programs illegal attempts by the U.S. to undermine its government, and Gross was tried and sentenced to 15 years in prison".

    "Journalists in the field generally took their assignments in the same manner as any other undercover operative.".
    MBTA has decided the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States no longer applies in their city, I will not visit until that situation changes".

    Report: More Than 92 Million Americans Remain Out Of Labor Force

  7. I USA vunnit ockupationskraft = sionist revolution, som inte affischeras öppet, då den revolution pågår än globalt, därmed i Sverige ledda av sionister naiva degraderade okunniga ungdomar som kallar sig nationalister och dess motsats (nazister/kommunister av olika slag). Dessa skall nyttjas enligt samma mall som kommunister i Ryssland efter revolution eller som nazister i nazi Tyskland - Global Sionist NWO på frammarsch....
    Global slakt och fruktansvärd slav totalitär system på gång - alla de som sjunger i unison nu är primitiva dummisar som skapar med egna händer tortyr apparat utan like....

  8. Mainstream:



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