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USA:s "galne McCain" - Fotokompis med rebell som skar ut hjärtat på soldat - och åt upp det...

Abu Sakkar, McCains demokratikämpe, "fotokompis" och allierade syriske kannibal-rebelledare, skar under maj 2013 ut hjärtat på sin motståndare och åt sedan upp delar av hjärtat... (Bloggen publicerade originalvideon av den sataniska riten 2013, vilken snabbt censurerades...)
VARNING +18. *Ersättningsvideo från Truth Loader & Jessie Spencer

USA:s senator John McCain tillsammans med Abu Sakkar 2013.
- Hjärtligt välkommen till Syrien, galne kompis McCain!
Den "moderate" syriske rebelledaren av Farouq Brigaden, herr Abu Sakkar, (till vänster på bild) har lyckats med den tvivelaktiga prestationen att skära ut hjärtat och inälvorna på en motståndare och sedan äta hjärtat till stående ovationer från sina "moderata" rebellkompisar...
Enligt organisationen, Human Right Watch, har identiteten på rebelledaren bekräftats och videon har "förargat" många på båda sidor i den syriska konflikten, som hittills krävt över 70 000 liv, (=maj 2013) enligt FN:s uppskattning.
I originalvideon så hör man herr Sakkar säga följande, samtidigt som han skär ut motståndarens lever:
"- I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog."
I bakgrunden hörs samtidigt ett antal hurrarop och Allahu akbar (Gud är stor...)

Videon avslutas med att herr Sakkar stoppar det utskurna hjärtat från sin motståndare i munnen och tar ett ordentligt bett.

Human Right Watch, har enligt talesmannen, Peter Bouckaert, tittat på den oredigerade originalvideon och bekräftat både händelse och identitet av förövaren.
Bild: Amerikas sändebud i Syrien, Senator John McCain tillsammans med några USA-sponsrade företrädare för de s.k. "moderata" rebellerna...
Kred: IAN56: https://twitter.com/Ian56789/status/558972021653377025
Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire  2015-01-22

Poor John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Washington’s original first couple. They only wanted to arm the ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria. Three years on, how come their master plan isn’t working, while ISIS has grown so strong?

Despite what media lauded as, “the largest demonstration in France’s history – bigger than liberation at the end of WWII!” (can you rightly compare the two), the Paris Attacks are fading fast into the rear view mirror. The media went to great lengths to reinforce the scary prospect of the ‘ISIS in Europe’, even though there is spurious, if any, real evidence to support that claim. Nonetheless, a lack of evidence has never stopped the media from conjuring up a frightening new trend.

- In the light of the recent Paris Attacks it’s more important than ever to take a sober look, and perhaps shine a light on the fact that there are no real ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria, no more than there are in Iraq. 

On Tuesday during his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama touted great strides in “halting the advance of ISIS” with US-led airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. Today, US Ambassador Stuart Jones announced that “Coalition Airstrikes” (US airstrikes) have killed 6,000 ISIS fighters.

How the US is able to conjure up such incredible Jack and the Beanstalk-style numbers (all but impossible to verify) is beyond anyone outside of Washington. You just have to take his word for it. Just like we just had to take US Ambassador to the Ukraine’s word for it – when Geoffrey Pyatt Tweeted a few random Digital Globe images claiming that the Russians invaded Ukraine, again.

After six or so ‘Russian Invasion’ false starts, we’re still waiting for evidence beyond Twitter.

The lies and creative accounting have been palpable since the beginning of the US airstrikes in Syria. Early strikes weren’t actually against ISIS, but rather against a number of impressive empty buildings, and buildings which were curiously evacuated days before the US conducted the raids. How interesting.

This brings us to the issue of who ISIS really is, and how did ISIS build up to the level they are at today. It’s a particularly embarrassing thing to admit, because when you allow this fact out of the bag, then skeptics start asking more questions, and if there’s one thing that politicians hate more than anything, it’s facts and questions. [...]
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USA:s "galne McCain" - Fotokompis med rebell som skar ut hjärtat på soldat - och åt upp det...
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. -Barrett Brown statement: 'This is not the rule of law, it is the rule of law enforcement' -

    The judge sentenced Barrett Brown to 63 months, primarily in support of the government's current war against journalists and the free press, in order to try and deter others from reporting government misconduct and the endemic corruption by government cronies.

    I’ve tried to protect my contributors, Your Honor, and I’ve also tried to protect the public’s right to link to source materials without being subject to misuse of the statutes. Last year, when the government offered me a plea bargain whereby I would plead to just one of the eleven fraud charges related to the linking, and told me it was final, I turned it down. To have accepted that plea, with a two-year sentence, would have been convenient.



  2. "Cop Shot by Cop From Another Force Who “Feared For His Safety” http://xrepublic.tv/node/12042


    Oppositional Defiant Disorder - "ODD" - to include adults who exemplify “paranoid ideation” about the government and frequently express these delusional ideations on the internet".

    Political Schizophrenia


    "This is the new Soviet style political schizophrenia. We will see confinements among the alternative media and the veterans for things like ADHD, grieving, normal anxiety, bad eating habits, etc. All of these behaviors and more have been categorized as pathologies under the Obama administration and a supportive American Psychiatric Association. Oppositional Defiant Disorder Is the Newest Weapon Against Political Dissent"

  3. Solklart att USA, EU, Sverige och Kiev orsakade massakern i Mariupol, igen!


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