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Filmproducenten och projektledaren till "Gray State" - hittades död tillsammans med familjen

David Crowley, 29, projektledaren till den kommande kontroversiella independent-finansierade filmen "Gray State", har påträffats död tillsammans med sin fru och dotter. Filmprojektet handlar om en total kollaps av det amerikanska samhället varefter landet sjunker in i en totalitär Orwellsk polisstat...
Crowleys död är det senaste av en lång rad mycket märkliga och misstänkta mord/självmord/olyckor hos unga ledande aktivister, journalister och kritiker av det amerikanska samhället.

*UM-bloggen har tidigare skrivit om filmprojektet "Gray State" i artikeln:
Ett gratis smakprov på den Globala Polisstaten - "The Gray State"   

GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

Publicerades den 7 aug. 2012 Gray State
This is an independently produced concept trailer. We achieved our initial financial goals for the project - view the results at http://www.indiegogo.com/graystatemovie. For additional details on where the project is now, visit http://www.graystatemovie.com.


‘Gray State’ filmmaker and his family found dead in ‘apparent murder-suicide’***
Film depicted the coming of a financial collapse and a dystopian police state

January 19, 2015 Police State USA
APPLE VALLEY, MN — The project leader of the controversial film, “Gray State,” along with his wife and daughter, were found dead in their home in what authorities have labeled an “apparent murder-suicide.”

The bodies of David Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter were discovered lying in their home by a neighbor.

The Crowley family had not been seen since before Christmas, and neighbors assumed that they were on an extended vacation. Neighbor Collin Prochnow said he grew concerned when packages piled up on the couple’s doorstep and he heard a dog barking inside.

When he looked in the window on the morning of January 18th, 2015, the grim discovery was made. It was reported that the bodies appeared to have been inside for weeks before being discovered. Christmas lights were still illuminated and presents were left unopened under the Christmas tree.

Mr. Prochnow told KARE-11 News that he “Never heard any yelling, never heard any screaming, a husband and wife fight or anything like that.”

One neighbor told CBS News that the Crowleys were a “picture perfect family.”
A statement from the Apple Valley Police Department called it “an apparent murder-suicide.”

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office are assisting with the investigation, and told the Daily Mail that they are treating the death as “suspicious.”

David Crowley was an Iraq War veteran and was known for his work on an original film entitled, “Gray State.” The yet-to-be released film depicts the impending financial collapse of the United States, a declaration of martial law, and a brutal crackdown on civil liberties in the USA.

Crowley was the writer and director of the film.

- In collaborations with Police State USA on the project, Crowley described Gray State as a “film about the dystopian horror we face, should we as a nation fail to embrace liberty.”

In the wake of the deaths, Crowley’s colleagues wrote that “the future of Gray State is uncertain… please understand we are all in complete shock by this having lost a great friend.”

The Gray State: So Close You Can Touch It

Ett gratis smakprov på den Globala Polisstaten - "The Gray State"

En "prova på kampanj" från den globala polisstaten. Bloggen publicerar här några av polisstatens äventyr den senaste tiden. Vi publicerar även en trailer från "The Gray State" som är ett pågående filmprojekt i USA vilket startats för att visa hur både USA och flera andra västländer är på väg att bli militariserade polisstater...


Activist post 2015-01-20:
- My Pledge, if it turns out I happen to be important enough to kill...

*My Pledge, if it turns out I happen to be important enough to kill...
I, Brandon Smith, founder of Alt-Market.com, will NEVER bring deliberate harm to myself or other innocent people. I will NEVER commit suicide, nor will I ever hurt other people, including family, friends, or colleagues. 

 I will NEVER use a weapon against another human being unless in self defense. I also will NEVER disappear from public view of my own volition, nor will I ever abruptly quit my work within the liberty movement. I am dedicated to the cause of freedom, I am proud of the path my life has taken, I am of excellent health, and am sound of mind (though such a thing may be treated as “subjective” by many).

I will NEVER jump from a bridge, jump from a tall building, hang myself with my underwear in a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation (I'm not into that), drown myself in a lake, or drive my car into a tree after packing it with explosives. I have no drug addictions and NEVER take psychotropic medications.  And to be clear, I will NEVER fly in a prop airplane, so it is impossible for me to die in a prop-plane crash. I also will NEVER pull a firearm on a police officer or federal agent unless they arrive without a warrant and exhibit clear intent to harm me or those I care about.

If I am found dead, regardless of the supposed circumstances or motives given by the mainstream press or state officials, IT WAS MURDER, not suicide. If I go missing, it is because of foul play, not because I have quit the movement, or gone off to Alaska to commune with the damn trees. Character attacks will not deter me from my work, nor cause me to walk away from my activism.

If I or any other liberty movement activist end up dead or missing under strange circumstances in the near future, I highly recommend that others in the movement consider this a serious threat and go “operational” to secure themselves and their loved ones.

I have no fear of covert programs against the movement or myself. I will continue to pursue my work, and all possible dangers are ultimately irrelevant. It is my hope that other activists will adopt the same attitude and not be dismayed, no matter what we witness in the days to come.

All of this might sound a bit “over the edge” to some people. Frankly, I couldn't care less. These are the times we live in, whether one accepts it or not.

One lesson from the Crowley tragedy is the lesson of community. Crowley and his family had apparently been dead for around a month before anyone decided to check on them. Their neighbors barely knew them.

Where were their friends? Where were their relatives? Neighbors heard no gunshots? Why was there no community of people around them to question their disappearance? ALL liberty movement activists should be building community and organizing in groups which meet regularly, and they should be doing this NOW. This organization might be in the form of a neighborhood watch, a weekly prepper group, an Oath Keeper CPT group, etc. We cannot be isolated from each other any longer.

- This pledge is a precaution, not a shield against violence aimed at us. Preparation must continue, for only when organized and prepared will we find any kind of legitimate security.


Brandon Smith

Gray State: The Rise (documentary preview)

Publicerades den 8 aug. 2012 Gray State
A preview of the coming documentary from the Gray State project - Gray State: The Rise.


GREY STATE, The Rise By David Crowley - FULL UNCUT MOVIE.

Publicerades den 21 jan. 2015
Following the deaths of David and his family and in a shocking new twist to the recent news about the murder of David Crowly, writer/ director of the documentary known as Gray State: The Rise, a documentary that exposes the NWO Global Police State has just been released in it’s raw uncut version.

Please download this movie to your computer as soon as possible, because it might not be available for much longer due to censorship.

Filmproducenten och projektledaren till "Gray State" hittades död tillsammans med familjen
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  2. -Man Who Was Making Film About American Dictatorship Found Dead in Home Along with Wife and Child-

    Source: Cryptogon Via: Star Tribune:

    In the white rambler in the 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive in Apple Valley, a terrible sight awaited police: The bodies of a man, woman and child lying in the living room, the perpetrator and victims of an apparent murder-suicide.

    The bodies may have been there for up to four weeks before they were found Saturday afternoon; neighbors next door and across the street said they hadn’t seen the family since before Christmas.

    Authorities have not officially identified the people found in the home, but neighbors, real estate records and other data showed they were David T. Crowley, 29; his wife, Komel Crowley, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter, Rani. A black handgun lay nearby.

    David Crowley worked out of his home as a filmmaker and screenwriter. In a trailer on YouTube, he is credited as writer and director of a movie-in-progress called “Gray State.”

    The frenetic trailer shows scenes of a militarized police force, gun violence and some kind of citizen insurgency. The trailer solicits online donations to help finance the project.






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