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Amerikanskt spionplan flydde till Sverige - invaderade luftrummet i 2 timmar efter behag

USA har bekräftat medias tidigare rapporter om att ett amerikanskt spionplan kränkt det svenska luftrummet i somras. Media gjorde inga större rubriker om att det amerikanska spionplanet i själva verket flydde in på svenskt territorium, jagad av ryska jaktplan efter att ha spionerat på Ryssland...
Under närmare 2 timmar ska det amerikanska spionplanet ha kränkt det svenska luftrummet efter behag, trots att spionplanet officiellt nekades tillträde.

Källan inom den amerikanska militären som avslöjade nyheten för CNN, sade att svenskarna kan förvänta sig liknande kränkningar från USA i framtiden.

CNN avslöjade inte om Sveriges officiella inställning är att låta vissa länders militärplan flyga över svenskt territorium enligt samma neutralitetspolitik som så framgångsrikt användes under 30 och 40-talet.

Confirmed: US spy plane fleeing Russian jet invaded Swedish airspace

RT 2014-08-05
US officials have confirmed Swedish media reports of a mid-July incident in which an American spy plane invaded Sweden’s airspace as it was evading a Russian fighter jet. The maverick plane was spying on Russia when it was intercepted.
The incident, which happened on July 18, went public last Wednesday after a classified document from Sweden’s Defense Ministry was leaked to the press.

The plane, a Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint, entered Sweden’s airspace after permission to do so was denied by traffic control, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper said. It passed from the east over the island of
Gotland and flew more than 200km over 90 minutes before leaving.

The aerial incursion was caused by a Russian fighter jet, which scrambled from a base in the exclave Kaliningrad Region and approached the American reconnaissance plane.

Neither party involved in the incident confirmed or denied it, but a source in the US military told CNN on weekend that it indeed happen.

The source said the plane was conducting an electronic eavesdropping mission on the Russian military when the latter locked on to the aircraft with a radar station and sent at least one jet to intercept it.

- The quickest path of escape was through Swedish airspace, which was what the spy plane pilot did despite the Swedes’ objection.

The source said similar incidents may happen in future, a fact which the US officials made known to Sweden. The CNN report didn’t elaborate on how it was perceived by Sweden, a country that is not even a member of NATO and maintains a non-alliance stance.

Amerikanskt spionplan flydde till Sverige -  invaderade luftrummet i 2 timmar efter behag
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