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USA: Ny kokainkriminell snut, "Årets Polis" - Mutade domstol för att fria knarkhandlande vän

Ännu en kokainkriminell "Årets Polis" har avslöjats i USA. Polismannen, Lewis Hall,  försökte nyligen rigga en rättegång mot en kokainhandlande kompis genom att muta andra poliser med 5000 dollar för att kompisen skulle slippa fängelse...
“Officer Of The Year” Facing Prison For Attempting To Save A Cocaine Trafficker From Prison
thefreethoughtproject - By John Vibes on December 30, 2014
Huntsville, Alabama – Huntsville police officer Lewis Hall was recently indicted on charges of conspiracy, bribery, obstruction of justice, and making a false statement to investigators, after he was caught attempting to rig a trial so an accused cocaine trafficker could avoid jail time.

Ironically, Hall has been voted “officer of the year” for his police department in the past.

- According to investigators, Hall attempted to bribe a fellow police officer with $5,000, if that officer would lie in court and say that evidence he collected during a vehicle search was unwarranted. 

Instead of helping Hall get the cocaine trafficker off of the charge, the officer decided to cooperate with the police department and the FBI to build a case against Hall.

Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris said in a statement that he contacted the FBI as soon as he was told of the attempted bribery.

“The Huntsville Police Department contacted the FBI as soon as we learned of possible corruption and we assisted the FBI in its investigation. I want to assure the public that this indictment addresses the actions of one police officer, and the Huntsville department will diligently address any other issues that might come to our attention. We value the working relationship we enjoy with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office and appreciate their attention to this case,Morris said.

Hall is currently on paid suspension pending the investigation, and remains free, however, if he is convicted of all the charges against him, he is looking at a maximum combined sentence of 40 years in prison and nearly $1 million dollars in fines.

- The fact that this officer wanted to help the trafficker get out of his charge, raises some interesting questions about his own involvement in trafficking cocaine. 

If he was in fact involved in the operation, it would not be the first time recently that an “officer of the year” was busted trafficking cocaine. In fact, just earlier this year we reported that a NYPD cop and former officer of the year was caught purchasing 10 kilos of cocaine.

This is just one more example of how outlawing the sale of a product to a willing customer, i.e. the Drug War, fosters a system prone to corruption and abuse.

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Den bästa av de bästa? "Årets Polis" i New York arresterades - när han köpte 10 KILO KOKAIN

Den bästa av de bästa i blå uniform!  - USA-polisman Philip LeRoy som roar sig lite på bilden ovanför, valdes ut bland 100-tals aspirerade poliser som tävlade om att bli belönade med poliskårens eftertraktade hederstitel i New York... Bild: BLN

USA: Snut som nyligen dödat en 16-åring med 11 skott - blev "årets polis" i New York 2014

En amerikansk snut som nyligen dödat en svart 16-årig pojke med 11 skott tillsammans med sin partner, blev nyligen utsedd till "årets polis" i New York. Hedersutmärkelsen skedde samtidigt som utredningen om dödsskjutningen fortfarande pågick för fullt...
USA: Ny kokainkriminell snut, "Årets Polis" - Mutade domstol för att fria knarkhandlande vän
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