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Dömd Elitpedofil med Sex-slavar på egen ö - hade 21 telenummer till besökaren Bill Clinton

Ex-president Bill Clinton hade 21 telefonnummer listade hos en av de ledande aktörerna i det gigantiska elitpedofil-nätverket, som har sitt centrum bland engelska aristokrater, politiker, domare och mediekändisar...(uppdaterad 14:e januari)

Billionaire facing sex slavery investigation received lavish special treatment in prison

Publicerades den 13 jan. 2015
Authorities may revoke billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 plea deal out of suspicion that the partying playboy may have lied to prosecutors about his involvement with underage girls whom many are now calling “sex slaves.” 

Adding to the growing scandal are new revelations that while serving his prison sentence, the ultra-wealthy businessman received special treatment, including 16 hour per day work releases and an entire wing in the Palm Beach Jail dedicated to him and his private security guard. Retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente tells RT that if these allegations are true, then the justice system clearly catered to Epstein’s wealth.

RT 2015-01-07
A new lawsuit has revealed more details about former President Bill Clinton’s friendship with a fundraiser who was later jailed for having sex with an underage girl – including the fact that Clinton’s name was listed in the man’s phone book 21 times.

In the civil lawsuit complaint, Virginia Roberts alleges that she was used as a sex slave by billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein. She claims Epstein made her have sex with his political and business contacts, including on three occasions with British royal, Prince Andrew.

- The lawsuit also reveals Clinton took multiple trips between 2002 to 2005 to the billionaire’s private island in the Caribbean, where underage girls were reportedly kept hidden away.

Clinton severed his connections with Epstein once allegations over his illegal behavior surfaced and he was arrested back in 2005. Court documents indicate numerous phone numbers leading back to Clinton and his adviser Doug Band, though there is nothing to suggest the former president is linked to Epstein’s crime or that he did anything wrong. [...]

What did Bill Clinton know?
- Former president named in Epstien sex slavery lawsuit

Publicerades den 6 jan. 2015
Former President Bill Clinton is named in a lawsuit against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted in 2008 for soliciting prostitution on his private island. 
Most well-known for hosting lavish parties with prostitutes he allegedly hired for his guests at his home—which Clinton reportedly visited multiple times--Epstein may have also kept at least one sex slave, according to the lawsuit. 

RT’s Ben Swann hosts a panel examining these new allegations and the plight of sexual workers worldwide.


Lifting the Stone: - Andrew And The Global Web

Pedophiles in Parliament
- #NewWorldNextWeek


John Mann MP: - Tiotusentals barn i England utsattes för statens & elitens pedofilnätverk

Parlamentsledamoten John Mann säger i en intervju att omfattningen av den engelska elitens pedofilnätverk, barnförnedring, barnmisshandel och eventuella barnamord kan omfatta tiotusentals individer och bli för stor för staten i Storbritannien att kunna hantera...
Dömd Elitpedofil med Sex-slavar på egen ö - hade 21 telenummer till besökaren Bill Clinton
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  1. Detta nätverk ska gå under namnet The Ninth Circle. Finns skrämmande info om deras förehvnden webben. Mvh S

  2. --Prince Andrew sex allegations further highlight corrupt culture of British establishment--

    January 14, 2015

    The allegations that Prince Andrew had sex with an underage woman have yet again sparked public outrage over the behavior of the British elite and raised questions on whether the rich and powerful can do whatever they want and get away with it.

    According to widely reported allegations, between 1999 and 2002, Prince Andrew had sexual relations with a then teenage girl at the behest of his friend at the time Jeffrey Epstein.

    Epstein is a convicted sex offender who ran his own sex slave operation for many years in order to befriend, and also to blackmail, potential clients ranging from the political world to Hollywood.




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