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Rapport: Massövervakning i demokratier leder till självcensur - "DDR-liknande stater"

Massövervakningen i demokratierna leder till självcensur bland befolkningen. Gamla DDR är ett utmärkt exempel på ett land som hade en välfungerande självcensur i många år...

We Love Surveillance

RT 2015-01-05
A study published by a top US literary organization on Monday, found that an increasing number of writers in democratic countries are censoring themselves due to fears about government surveillance.

The study entitled “Global chilling: The impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers” surveyed 772 writers in 50 countries and concluded that writers and journalists are self-censoring for fear of reprisal.

A similar report published in November 2013 found that writers were “worried about mass surveillance, and were engaged in multiple forms of self-censorship as a result.”

A full report from writers around the world will be issued in the spring of 2015. As writers are considered to be the “canaries in the coalmine” therefore they are likely to give an accurate picture of the impact of surveillance on privacy and freedom of expression.

Writers living in democratic countries were found to be nearly as concerned as those living in non-democratic states with long histories of mass surveillance.

It found that while 61 percent of writers living in the countries labeled as ‘Not Free’ by Freedom House avoided writing or speaking about a certain topic because of government surveillance this was now true of 34 percent of writers in ‘Free’ countries. [...]
Rapporten "Global chilling" PDF:

Rapport: Massövervakning i demokratier leder till självcensur - "DDR-liknande stater"
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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