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USA-polisen sköt ihjäl 30-årig man som försökte hjälpa lösspringande hund - "Ville inte visa ID"

USA-polisen råkade mörda 30-årige Robert Earl Lawrence efter att han försökt hjälpa en lösspringande hund och lämnat in hunden till myndigheternas förvaring, utan att visa ID...
Man Turning In Stray Dog to Animal Shelter, Killed by Police After Refusing to Show ID
2015-01-02 - The Free Thougth Project
Dothan, Alabama – 30-year-old Robert Earl Lawrence was shot and killed by police on Tuesday night, after he attempted to do a good deed by turning a stray dog in at a local animal shelter. 

Instead of accepting this good deed and taking the animal in without question, the workers at the shelter demanded that Lawrence show them his government issued ID.

Instead of giving them his ID, Lawrence showed them notarized and legal identification that was an affidavit instead of Motor Vehicle Administration ID card.

The employees of the shelter then made a careless decision that would end the man’s life. For some reason they decided to call the cops. It was not reported that Lawrence was at all belligerent or violent with the employees of the shelter, the police were called because he did not have a form of ID that they were familiar with.

- When police arrived on the scene, Lawrence was hassled by them for several minutes about his ID.
Police then informed him that he was being placed under arrest, but when Lawrence attempted to resist, he was shot by an unidentified police officer.

After repeatedly being told to calm down, Lawrence was advised he was being placed under arrest. A physical altercation ensued, to which Lawrence was shot in the abdomen (by an officer),” Police Sgt. Maurice Eggleston told AL News.

Lawrence was then taken to a local hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

As with most police shootings, the media has been quick to drag the victim’s name through the mud, and bring up past issues with law enforcement and even custody battles to justify the actions of the officer.

- The mainstream media has said that this man was a Sovereign Citizen, but his family has contacted the Free Thought Project saying that this information is not true, and they will be providing a full statement this week, explaining their side of the story.

The political beliefs that Lawrence held, or his past encounters with law enforcement are totally irrelevant to the circumstances surrounding his murder. What is important is that a man showed up to an animal shelter to do a good deed, but instead was killed after not showing government identification, and for having unpopular political beliefs.
Read more at: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/man-killed-police-showing-id-turning-stray-cat-animal-shelter/#zaTEKtKqGRQrxoo0.99
 USA-polisen sköt ihjäl 30-årig man som försökte hjälpa lösspringande hund - "Ville inte visa ID"
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