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"U.S. Air Force blir al-Qaidas flygvapen - när USA bombar Syrien"

Dennis Kucinich, f.d. kongressledamot i USA: - US air force blir al-Qaidas flygvapen - om USA bombar Syrien... (engelsk text)

'If US intervenes in Syria it will be fighting alongside terrorists'

Publicerad den 29 aug 2013
An Al-Qaeda-linked group has promised a 'volcano of revenge' over the chemical attack in Syria. Karen Kwiatkowski - who's a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel says if Washington launches military action against Syria it will be fighting on the same side as terrorists.

A 'targeted strike' on Syria
by the US would be nothing but an act of war, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich said, adding that an airstrike on President Assad’s anti-radical Islamist forces would mean the US Air Force was supporting Al-Qaeda.

Kucinich, a prominent anti-war politician who has consistently opposed America’s military involvement in Iraq and Libya, warned that President Barack Obama would be violating the US Constitution if he took military action against Syria without authorization from Congress.

An airstrike on Syria would also embolden multinational jihadists with links to Al-Qaeda, warned Kucinich, a four-time Congressman who was a longshot contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008. For the US, that would mean being dragged into yet another war in the Middle East, he said. [...]

It’s coming: US finalizing plans for military strike on Syria

RT 2013-08-29
Two unnamed White House officials told the Associated Press that the Obama administration is still deciding on what Syrian targets will be attacked and to what degree during a military strike that now seems inevitable.
While the strike itself will be conducted only after the White House presents the public with what it believes is “undeniable” proof of chemical weapon use carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, intelligence agencies and policy makers are struggling to decide what goals they hope to achieve by launching an attack.

One of the officials granted anonymity to speak to the AP said, "If there is action taken, it must be clearly defined what the objective is and why" and based on "clear facts.” Meanwhile, another official briefed on a potential strike told the Los Angeles Times that the White House may opt for an attack "just muscular enough not to get mocked," but one that wouldn’t be severe enough to warrant a response from Syrian allies Iran and Russia.

"They are looking at what is just enough to mean something, just enough to be more than symbolic," the Times quoted the source as saying.
President Obama said Wednesday evening he has not made a decision on whether to order a strike in Syria, although he said the US has concluded that the Syrian government carried out recent chemical weapons attacks near Damascus.

"We have not yet made a decision, but the international norm against the use of chemical weapons needs to be kept in place,”
Obama said in an interview with PBS.[...]
AGENT ORANGE - By U.S. and MONSANTO. Millions of gallons of the toxic defoliant was sprayed by American planes on Vietnam's jungles to destroy enemy cover and has been blamed for cancers and disfiguring deformities among babies.
Between 1962 and 1971 approximately 21 million gallons of defoliant were sprayed over about a quarter of what was then South Vietnam, denuding about two million acres of the forest.

- Hanoi says that three million people were exposed to Agent Orange and one million people still suffer serious health problems even today, including 150,000 who suffered birth defects.

Farage: UK govt keenest of all on Syria intervention, decision already made

Publicerad den 28 aug 2013
The British government is the most enthusiastic country in the entire international community to get involved in Syria, and the decision on intervention has already been made, believes leader of UK Independence Party Nigel Farage. READ MORE:


Military Missteps: Bomb-first diplomacy becomes habitual to US

Publicerad den 28 aug 2013
The US is insisting that this time around will be nothing like Iraq or Serbia, or Libya. Washington is confident that when it comes to Syria, the evidence is unquestionable. Just like it was when Saddam Hussein was accused of hiding weapons of mass destruction. Here's RT's Gayane Chichakyan, on America's record of military missteps.

Comfort for Chaos: 'Al-Qaeda metastasize in Mid-East due to US War on Terror'

Publicerad den 23 aug 2013
Al-Qaeda affiliated groups have been taking advantage of the ongoing civil war by gaining control over chunks of Northern Syria. RT's Gayane Chichakyan investigates how the uprising's breathing new life into the militant organization.

U.S. Air Force blir al-Qaidas flygvapen - när USA bombar Syrien...

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  1. -Rand Paul: Obama Should Read Constitution to Avoid Allying with Al-Qaeda-

    Paul says that only Congress can declare war on Syria.

    Kit Daniels
    August 29, 2013

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) stated today that the U.S. government should obey the Constitution to the letter and that only Congress, not the president, can declare war on Syria, which he does not believe is an immediate threat to U.S. national security.

    [...]when President Obama was a Senator in 2007, he said exactly that no president should unilaterally go to war without the authority of Congress[...]

  2. -Syrian rebels plan raids to exploit Western strikes – commander
    August 31, 2013-

    Source: Reuters

    Opposition fighters across Syria are preparing to launch attacks that exploit anticipated U.S.-led military strikes, but there are no plans to coordinate with Western forces, a Syrian rebel commander said on Saturday.

    The United States said on Friday it was planning a limited response to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for a “brutal and flagrant” chemical weapons attack it says killed more than 1,400 people in Damascus 10 days ago. Washington has five cruise-missile equipped destroyers in the region.

    The Syrian government denies using chemical arms.


  3. -Ron Paul: Al-Qaeda would benefit most from Syria chemical attack-

    August 30

    Former congressman Ron Paul says the United States should avoid escalating its involvement in the Syrian civil war any further because the US will be on the way to aiding Al-Qaeda if it continues to assist opposition fighters.

    “We are not really positive who set off the gas,” Paul, a long-time Republican lawmaker for Texas in the US House of Representatives, said during a Fox News interview filmed Wednesday about the reported use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    “The group that is most likely to benefit from that is Al-Qaeda. They ignite some gas, some people die and blame it on Assad,” he said. [...]



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