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Sanningssökaren: - Födelsekontroll, privat vatten och genetisk roulette med Monsanto

2013-06-14. VIDEO - The Truthseeker: Eugenics Now! - En sanslöst intressant video om företagens planer på att kontrollera världens vatten, om befolkningskontroll, och om Monsantos genetiska roulette...

The Truthseeker: Eugenics Now! (E17)

Publicerad den 14 juni 2013
Bill Gates on people that "have no benefit whatsoever". The troubling history of Bill Gates Sr "one of the grandfathers of eugenics still going strong today" in the US. 

ABC reports tens of thousands of women across the States from 1929 to 1974 forcibly sterilized. The Times notes Gates Jr has held a secret billionaire summit with Michael Bloomberg and George Soros to "curb overpopulation".

Why is Gates buying millions of dollars in shares of Monsanto and funding sterilization programs, Monsanto's response to our interview request, and what happens to scientists who cross the genetically modified cyclops.

Seek truth from facts with investigative reporter Anthony Gucciardi, How Goldman Sachs Created The Food Crisis author Frederick Kaufman, Genetic Roulette director Jeffrey Smith, and chairman of Nestle Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.

 Sanningssökaren: Födelsekontroll, privatiserat vatten och genetisk roulette med Monsanto

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  1. Monsanto har nu lyckats lyfta förbudet mot gmo i frankrike så det e väl bara en tidsfråga innan Tyskland, polen, Italien m.fl tvingas följa efter.skrämmande utveckling det här...

  2. Lägger ut en länk till en artikel angående din kommentar:

    --GMO green light? French court overturns ban on Monsanto corn--

    RT 2013-08-02

    [...]Germany along with France and Italy have all imposed national bans on GMOs, though Germany permitted Amflora, a potato modified with higher levels of starch, for industrial purposes. Other EU countries with bans and cultivation on GMOs include Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary. In May, Hungary went so far as to burn 1,200 acres of GMO corn after its government became aware of the banned crop.[...]

    2013-08-02 -- One of France’s top courts has thrown out a ban on genetically modified corn, which had been in place since March 2012, leaving the door open for Monsanto’s GMO seed to be introduced into the country’s farmland.

    The decision by the top administrative court on Thursday argued that the moratorium on the GMO MON810 corn, one of two types of genetically altered crops approved by the European Union, lacked legal basis, reports AFP.

    According to the Council of State court, a ban "can only be taken by a member state in case of an emergency or if a situation poses a major risk" to the health of people or animals, or to the environment.

    The EU, which arguably has the most restrictive GMO regulations in the world, requires extensive testing and evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority before authorizing any genetically modified products.

    The EU approved Monsanto’s MON810 corn in 1998 for a period of 10 years, and the biotech giant applied in 2007 for that period to be extended, although Brussels has yet to make a final decision on the matter. In the meantime, MON810 is currently being cultivated in small scale within countries such as Spain and Portugal that are more receptive to GMOs, which are widely rejected within the Eurozone.

    France’s Agriculture Minister Stephane LE Foll has said that his government opposes genetically modified crops, and suggested that they will seek other legal routes to halt their use.

    The court’s overturn of the MON810 corn ban is only the latest phase in a long-running dispute between the agriculture sector and French public opinion, which is highly critical of GMOs in general.


  3. http://rt.com/news/gmo-giants-anti-biotech-790/











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