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USA-polisens nya hemliga övning: - Panikslagna skolbarn och lärare trodde de skulle dö

Chockade lärare och sjundeklassare i Florida, USA, trodde att deras liv var på väg att ta slut när  USA-poliser med mord i blicken stormade in i deras klassrum med dragna vapen, i jakt på massmördare och skolskyttar...
Som tur var så tränade polisen bara i hemlighet för att "öka" elevernas trygghet:)

Övningen var en så kallad oannonserad ‘lockdown active shooter drill’ och de panikslagna lärarna och skolbarnen blev ju också "tränade" i att uppleva statens trygga beskydd. (Eftersom de inte informerats i förtid om den s.k. övningen.)

De amerikanska myndigheternas talesmän säger att den typen av oannonserade övningar numera är vanliga och de skall jämföras med brandövningar som också är till för "elevernas egen trygghet."

Videon undertill visar hur de hemliga  övningarna med "aktiva skolskyttar" går till i Massachusetts, USA...

RT 2014-11-16
Teachers and students at a Florida middle school got the shock of their lives as an unannounced ‘lockdown active shooter drill’ sparked panic as police burst into classrooms with weapons drawn, drawing sharp criticism from the community.

Students at Jewett Middle Academy in Winter Haven, Florida, spoke of the terror they experienced as police officers carried out their ‘active shooter drill’ inside classrooms – without informing teachers ahead of time about the exercise.

READ MORE: Massachusetts school installs ‘Shooter Detection System’

- Lauren Marionneaux, a seventh-grader, told WTVT-TV that when the police officers crashed into her classroom with weapons drawn, she immediately imagined the worst.

"A lot of people started getting scared because we thought it was a real drill," Lauren said...  

"- We actually thought that someone was going to come in there and kill us."

Later, school officials sent an email to inform parents about the drill, which was compared to fire drills that schools regularly conduct.

“Parents, students and staff are typically not notified about lockdown drills. For example, we do not give advanced notice of fire drills in order to evaluate how safety procedures work...We regret any concern that parents and students might have experienced in how the drill was conducted," the letter stated.

But for many parents, however, receiving a letter from school officials after the fact was unacceptable.

Stacy Ray, whose daughter texted her during the police exercise, said she believed the school was experiencing a real live shooting.

"I'm panicking because I'm thinking that it's a legitimate shooter coming, that something bad is happening at the school," Ray told Fox 13.

"- It's very scary, especially from a parent's perspective," Ray said.

"- You hear all this horrible stuff on the news and you think it might be happening at your child's school."

Jason Geary, a spokesperson for Polk County Schools, called it “standard procedure” for such drills to occur without informing parents, students or teachers.
Meanwhile, Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird said the unannounced lockdown drill enabled police to “evaluate a school’s response.”

“These types of drills are vital in order to evaluate not only law enforcement response, but more importantly to educate the students and school officials in case an actual event were to occur,” Chief Charlie Bird said in an email to media.

“How you train and how you prepare is how you’re going to react when everything goes bad.”

“It really is to protect the children and at no point in time would we endanger any of the children,”
Bird stated.

Following the outpouring of criticism from teachers and parents, Winter Haven police said they had "evaluated procedures" for such drills and decided to change their tactics.

"Further lock-down drills that occur at schools within the city limits of Winter Haven will be performed by uniformed officers without weapons," the department said in a press release.

The police gave no indication, however, if they would inform students, parents and teachers about the ‘active shooter drills’ in advance.  

Skolbarn i USA övas att dö och undvika dödas av inbillade skolskyttar - Polisstaten har hybris

2014-02-20-informationliberationÖver hela USA får skolbarn numera öva i konsten att vara offer och dö, eller att undvika dödas av inbillade skolskyttar och möjliga terrorister. Utvalda elever sminkas med blod och skotthål som offer i omfattande terrorövningar tillsammans med poliser och säkerhetsfolk. Har Polisstaten fått hybris..?

 USA-polisens nya hemliga övning: - Panikslagna skolbarn och lärare trodde de skulle dö
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  1. Police Terrify Teachers And Students With Surprise, Guns-Drawn 'Active Shooter Drill'

    "We actually thought that someone was going to come in there and kill us."

    Informationliberation 2014-11-17

    WINTER HAVEN, FL — Classrooms full of students and staff members were terrified when gun-wielding police officers unexpectedly charged in and locked down their middle school — an event that was actually part of a realistic drill that no one was allowed to know about.

    The disturbing event happened early in the school day at Jewett Middle Academy on Thursday, November 13th, 2014. Without explanation, the principal announced at 9:00 a.m. that the school was being put into lockdown.

    Moments later, police officers swept through the school, classroom-by-classroom, with weapons drawn. The bewildered children and teachers actually thought they were in real danger.

    “We actually thought that someone was going to come in there and kill us,” said 7th grader Lauren Marionneaux to FOX affiliate WTVT.

    The event was an “active shooter drill,” which are becoming commonplace in America’s public schools, with varying degrees of realism and notification. Ostensibly promoted as a way to thwart school shootings, the controversial and dangerous drills also subtly shape the perspectives of young, impressionable minds.

    Many schools run such drills during the summer or when class is not in session. Many use volunteers rather than unsuspecting students. But not in Polk County, Florida.
    "I thought he was going to shoot me," said student Stacy Ray to FOX 13, after seeing an officer carrying a rifle sweep through her classroom.

    The teams of officers were not carrying prop firearms.

    The weapons were real and they were loaded with real ammunition, police confirmed to the Washington Post.

    Frightened children began to send text messages to their parents, sending them into a panic. No parent had been notified that the dramatic event was going to occur, nor asked permission, nor granted consent. The first official explanation came in an email, on the day after the drill.

    The secrecy was intentional and required, administrators confirmed.

    “We do not give advanced notice of fire drills,” the school rationalized to to parents in an email, “in order to evaluate how safety procedures work.”

    After many criticisms, the only thing that officials agreed to change in Polk County is the presence of actual, loaded weapons during the drills. The drills will continue, without warning or consent, whether parents like it or not.

    “It really is to protect the children,” said Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird.




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