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100 000-tals i massiva protester i Ungern - dödade myndigheternas nya internetskatt

Myndigheterna i Ungern har tills vidare dragit tillbaka sin storslagna plan på en mycket omfattande internetskatt - efter att 100 000-tals människor gått ut på gatorna och protesterat...
Givetvis var det bara en tidsfråga innan myndigheter i något EU-land (Ungern medlem i EU 2004) skulle komma på att beskatta varje megabyte som undersåtar laddar hem till sina datorer...

Minst 4:50 i svensk valuta hade myndigheterna i Ungern tänkta att medborgarna i landet skulle betala extra för varje gigabyte av överförd data.

- Frågan är när svenska myndigheter tänker gör sitt första försök att kräva in en ordentlig internetskatt på ett liknande sätt?

...Sannolikt behöver våra myndigheter i alla fall inte ligga sömnlösa och oroa sig för några större protester på gatorna..:)

Source: The Verge 2014-10-31
Hungary has decided to suspend a controversial plan to tax internet data transfers, after the proposed policy sparked large protests earlier this week. ***
AsReuters reports, Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced told Hungarian media today that the so-called internet tax will be withdrawn from the country’s draft budget, and that a tax on money earned online will be revisited next year.

“This tax in its current form cannot be introduced because the government wanted to extend a telecommunications tax, but the people see an internet tax,” Orban told Radio Kossuth Friday.

“If the people not only dislike something but also consider it unreasonable then it should not be done… The tax code should be modified.

- This must be withdrawn, and we do not have to deal with this now.”

The proposed tax would have seen internet service providers pay around $0.62 per gigabyte of transferred data.

Officials estimated that the policy would bring in about $8 million in additional revenue, though others pegged the total as high as $720 million. Around 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Budapest on Tuesday to protest the plan as well as the broader policies of Orban’s central-right government, which many see as increasingly authoritarian.[...]

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100 000-tals i massiva protester i Ungern - dödade myndigheternas nya internetskatt
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  1. The BBC: A Biased Propaganda Arm of Anglo-American Power

    Steven MacMillan Global Research,
    November 02, 2014 New Eastern Outlook

    “Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there”
    These are the words of the former economics editor of the BBC’s Newsnight show, Paul Mason, relating to the BBC’s coverage of the Scottish independence referendum. The London broadcaster’s biased reporting on Scottish independence is not an isolated incident however, as the BBC has been blatantly warping, misrepresenting and omitting pertinent facts and narratives on numerous issues, from its coverage on Israel to its distortion on Ukraine.[...]



  2. Fight for the Future

    Did you hear about the massive protests in Hungary? The government there proposed an Internet Tax, that would have charged ordinary internet users exorbitant prices *per gigabite.*

    Thousands of people took to the streets in protest, holding their shining cell phones aloft as a symbol of resistance to the unfair Internet Tax. In response, the government announced they would lower the tax.

    Instead of accepting the compromise, even more people took to the streets demanding unfettered, affordable access to the free and open web. And they won. The government backed down and took the controversial tax off the table.

    Join the vigil for net neutrality.

    Urgent: the FCC's plan just leaked. It would give cable companies the power to slow & break the sites you love. We have to stop them.

    Fight for the Future




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