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USA: 10-åring avstängd från skolan - avfyrade inbillad rymdpistol med bubblande ljudeffekter

En amerikansk 10-åring i Milford blev avstängd från skolan efter att pojken fantiserat om att avfyra sin inbillade rymdpistol (även känt som pekfingret) och samtidigt gjort roliga bubblande ljudeffekter med munnen. Men skolans rektor reagerade snabbt mot hotet från 10-åringen...
10-årige Nickolas Taylor säger själv i en intervju med tidningen Daily News att han bara stod bakom några små skolflickor och att han inte avfyrade sin inbillade rymdpistol i någon speciell riktning...

Men enligt skolans biträdande rektor så var pojkens beteende med den inbillade rymdpistolen inklusive de bubblande ljudeffekterna med munnen, mycket hotfullt för omgivningen.

Efter att en speciell rapport upprättats så har pojken avstängts från skolan i två dagar...

Student Suspended For Making Ray Gun Noises During Lunch

Publicerades den 20 nov. 2014 TheAlexJonesChannel
Student Suspended For Making Ray Gun Noises During Lunch***
Milford 5th-grader suspended for pointing imaginary gun
Daily News Nov 18, 2014 at 10:20 PM

MILFORD – A Milford parent is questioning the two-day suspension of his 10-year-old son from Stacy Middle School.
Nickolas Taylor, a fifth-grader, was suspended after pointing an imaginary ray gun - his finger - and mouthing laser sounds in the school’s cafeteria last Friday, said Brian Taylor, Nickolas' father.
“I think this is very slanderous toward Nickolas and his character,” said Taylor. “It was non-threatening. He’s just a typical boy with an imagination.”
A conduct slip, written by Assistant Principal Noah Collins, lists the offense as a threat.
Collins could not be reached for comment despite numerous phone calls and emails seeking comment - nor could Stacy Principal Nancy Angelini. Superintendent Robert Tremblay also did not return phone calls and emails.
In the school’s 88-page handbook, threats are listed as an offense punishable by detention, suspension, or even expulsion based on the severity.
The level of severity is often at the discretion of the administrator tasked to reprimand the student, said School Committee Chairperson Scott Harrison.
Policies against threats and guns have been implemented in the district for decades, he said. The School Committee has made no recent revisions to the policy.
Though the handbook explicitly lists toy weapons as items banned from school grounds, there is no clause that specifically addresses imaginary weapons.
- In the report provided by Brian Taylor, Collins writes two girls came to him saying that Nickolas cut the lunch line and, when confronted, pointed the imaginary gun at them while mouthing the shooting sounds.
In an interview with the Daily News, Nickolas said he was standing behind the girls and was shooting his imaginary gun in no particular direction.
Nickolas has no history of discipline outside detentions for incomplete school work, said Brian Taylor.
Nickolas has been diagnosed with ADHD and sometimes is disciplined because he is hyperactive and fails to focus, Brian Taylor said.
“He's confused as to why he got suspended,” said Brian Taylor. “He doesn’t realize he did something wrong.”
On Monday, Taylor said he had a half-hour conversation with Collins but the assistant principal did not lift the suspension.
“There’s a complete disconnect between policy and reality,” said Taylor.


...Vuxna med ett mycket hotfullt beteende*** 

USA: 10-åring avstängd från skolan - avfyrade inbillad rymdpistol och gjorde ljudeffekter
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