onsdag 5 november 2014

Anonymous "Million Mask March" - 5:e november i världens storstäder

'Million Mask March' 5:e november. Massor av människor samlas på gatorna i världens städer för att protestera mot övervakningssamhället och sociala orättvisor från den korrupta eliten. Allt sker (som vanligt) utan något större intresse från s.k. journalister & media.. (Live feed, video...)

Anonymous to RT:
'Internet has power to bring down regimes'

Publicerades den 5 nov 2014 RT
Crowds of people wearing masks to hide their faces are set to peacefully march in hundreds of cities all over the world. 
Dubbed the 'Million Mask March', the action's being organised by the hacktivist Anonymous group. The event's held annualy on November the 5th in protest against austerity, mass surveillance and attacks on privacy. RT speaks to Old Holborn, a UK blogger and member of Anonymous. He says they want governments to leave people alone.

“Million Mask March” hacktivists take to the streets of Washington

Publicerades den 5 nov 2014
Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks took to the streets across the world on Wednesday, demanding destruction of the political status quo. 
Although the gatherings fell well short of the one million participants the loosely affiliated hacktivist collective “Anonymous” had called for, thousands still turned out to fight for change. RT’s Manila Chan is at a demonstration in Washington, DC with more.


LIVE FEED: - Riot police on standby for London Million Mask March

Startades den 5 nov 2014 RuptlyTV
Protesters are rallying outside the Houses of Parliament in London to protest global corporations and government corruption. The "Million Mask March" called for by Anonymous is famed for featuring demonstrators wearing Guy Fawkes masks, adopted by the collective from the V for Vendetta novel.

Live from Berlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1TrU...

RAW: Million Mask March on Nov 5th 2014 in London

Anonymous "Million Mask March" - 5:e november i världens storstäder
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. --Police Crash Halloween Party To Ensure No Dancing Without A Permit--

    "Dancing is not a crime," insisted the party promoters.

    ST. GEORGE, UT — A Halloween-themed private event was targeted by police when there was a suspicion of dancing without a permit.

    It happened at the 2014 “Monster Mash” dance party, the third annual event of its kind. It was put on by the event promotion company, Heart of Dixie, and held at the Fiesta Fun Center in St. George, Utah (population 75,000).

    Over 400 guests were enjoying the festivities at the October 31st event, participating in all-night enjoyment of bumper boats, go-karts, mini golf, and music.[...]


  2. ‘Anonymous to wake up US citizens’

    The Anonymous movement guards to protect the people against the government and in US people are beginning to wake up and fight for their rights, Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst told RT, hoping that one day the movement will spur a revolution in the US.

    RT: Maybe it's not quite a million mask march, but it certainly is massive. Does the turnout surprise you?

    Ray McGovern: Well, it did surprise me because I had great difficulty getting here. I've never seen so many policemen and so many police cars in Washington since I don't know when. So I'm lucky to be here on time. It is very interesting, the widespread coordination of this, not only Washington, not only London, but Manila, Brussels, Rome, San Francisco. [...]


  3. Att vara anonym i media är lagligt enligt lagen om yttrandefrihet !
    Men det fria ordet har alltid varit farligt genom tiderna.
    För överheten och makten vill ha kontroll över ordet vilket också resulterar en inskränkning på det fria ordet.
    Vilka ska då få ordet ?
    Vi som är anonyma eller dom som har makten ?
    Makten är utbytbar i alla demokratier och vi som är anonyma får makten inte komma åt på grund av fria ordet.
    Så länge vi är anonyma regerar det fria ordet.
    Vi är en legion !



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