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David Icke: - Din röst ger nuvarande korrupta och riggade politiska system trovärdighet

David Icke: Genom att rösta i dagens fullkomligt riggade politiska höger-vänster-teater så ger man ett korrupt och krigshetsande system en trovärdighet det inte förtjänar...
Tecknade bilder: Mike Mish Shedlock

Den politiska klassen styrs av helt andra motiv än att tjäna väljarna, mer än på valdagen... 

The David Icke Videocast:
- Parliament protests, McCain the warmonger

Publicerades den 7 nov 2014
Full title: The David Icke Videocast: Parliament protests, McCain the warmonger and politicians don't run the world...

Tecknade bilder: Mike Mish Shedlock

Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose

Publicerades den 31 jul 2012
"What you hear in this video is from the audiobook of "The Iron Web," a novel I wrote years ago. (The printed book and audiobook are at LarkenRose.com). These are the words of a fictional character in the book, and he says quite a bit more. And yes, the character is rather harsh in his condemnation of state-worship, but for a reason. If you have the story context of who is saying it, where, when, and why, some of it makes more sense. Many thanks to FreiwilligFrei for making this video."
Larken Rose

This video is a US-version of the video "Nachricht an das Stimmvieh", produced by FreiwilligFrei.de, a german group of bloggers and activists. http://www.freiwilligfrei.info/ focuses on voluntarism and the philosophy of freedom.

The „rulers" actually don't matter. They are vastly outnumbered by the people like you and me. The problem is those who legitimate the "rulers" with their votes, remaining silent when the "rulers" commit evils in their names.

Most of them do not feel bad about that. Many of them even cheer and applaude to their "rulers" and they defend the crimes they commit.

Larken Rose is looking for answers to this absurd behavior and blames the concept of authority. From early childhood most people are conditioned to listen to authority when they try to figure out what is right and what is wrong instead of listening to their own hearts, their own conscience and their own moral values.

As adults they see everyone as a „good person" who blindly obeys any random authority. And in their pursuit of becoming such a „good person" they will use every means. In particular they love to oppose violently against those who stand up for true freedom.

Larken Rose sums it up in one sentence:
"- The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears."

Grant's speech from the novel „The Iron Web" by Larken Rose

David Icke: - Din röst ger nuvarande korrupta och riggade politiska system trovärdighet
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. --'Most Decorated Police Chief In Maine History' Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 4-Yr-Old Relative--

    2014-11-09 Chris | InformationLiberation

    A highly decorated police chief accused in the past of covering for a child molester just plead guilty to child molestation himself and received a meager 4 year sentence, despite admitting to repeatedly molesting a 4-year-old relative.
    From Portland Press Herald:
    One of the mostly highly decorated police officers in Maine’s history was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old child.
    Andrew Demers Jr., the former chief of the Maine State Police, broke down sobbing at one point during his sentencing hearing at the Cumberland County Courthouse, wiping tears from his eyes many times after he entered a guilty plea to a felony charge of unlawful sexual contact.
    Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren sentenced Demers to five years, with the final year to be suspended while Demers serves a three-year probation term. The judge also ordered Demers to pay $5,000 restitution to pay for past and future counseling for the child.
    Demers’ arrest on March 17 shocked the state’s law enforcement community, many of whom had considered him a model officer. Demers is the only officer in Maine history to be twice named the state police Trooper of the Year and was named Legendary Trooper in 2003. He served 26 years with the state police and held the department’s top position from 1987 to 1993, when he retired.[...]


  2. --Evidence 'Disappears' After Mesa Police Chief Crashes Porsche--

    Nov 07 2014 InformationLiberation

    Documents and expert opinion show there may be more to a single-vehicle wreck involving Mesa's police chief than he's ever disclosed. The dispatch log from the incident is missing nearly 40 pages and the official report includes no photographs, nor any record of any eyewitness account despite evidence of at least one witness coming forward.
    Now some are asking whether information may have been deliberately omitted.[...]



  3. -Lew Rockwell On The Great News From the 2014 Elections-

    "Two-thirds of the people eligible to vote didn’t.

    Since only 1/3 of the people voted for the regime, shouldn't it be democratically dissolved?

    And notice that we have to go to Al Jazeera to get the truth.

    The cheerleading State media of the US are silent."


  4. 2014 Election Saw Lowest Voter Participation Rate in 72 Years

    All Gov 2014-11-11

    Last week’s election was largely decided by one of the smallest turnouts of eligible voters in modern U.S. history, which gave more weight to conservatives who were energized to vote.

    Only 37% of those eligible to vote did on November 4, according to the Associated Press.

    That was the lowest mark since 1942, when only 34% went to the polls. In 2010, the last midterm election, 41% of eligible voters cast ballots.

    The low turnout 72 years ago was understandable: the nation was at war with Germany and Japan.

    The dearth of voters this time was an indication of how unmotivated Democrats were to go out and support their party, despite frantic efforts by the party to convince them otherwise. [...]




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