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Barnvåldtäkter och grova sexbrott i USA - Vad hinner 40 poliser åstadkomma på 30 dagar?

Barnvåldtäkter och grova sexbrott av poliser i USA. Det förekommer ofta s.k. 0-tollerans inom polisen mot många av allmänhetens vanliga s.k. bagatellbrott, exempelvis i trafiken...
Läsningen undertill blir då ännu intressantare och avslöjande angående vad 40 amerikanska poliser kan åstadkomma på 30 dagar i ett parallellt universum, där 0-tolerans mot grov brottslighet inom kåren bara är ännu en sjuk "konspirationsteori."

The Free Thought Project har publicerat en 30 dagars sammanställning angående USA-polisens höga interna brottslighet & löjligt låga straff, inom bl.a. sexbrott...
Bilden: - En full amerikansk polis torterar & misshandlar en ung tjej grovt efter att tjejen inte ville följa med honom hem från en Bar. Se hela videon HÄR.
Isolated Incidents..?
- 40 Cops in 30 Days Racked Up Dozens of Charges of Child Rape and Sexual Abuse

Source: The Free Thought Project 2014-11-28
America’s police departments have a dirty little secret. However, this sick and twisted pattern of abuse is becoming quite the large pile of dirt to keep sweeping under the rug.

Sexual misconduct is the second highest of all complaints nationwide against police officers, representing 9.3 percent in 2010, according to a study by the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project.

In 2010, 354 of the 618 complaints involved nonconsensual sexual acts, and over half of those involved where minors

Last month we reported on an officer in charge of a rape case who is accused of stalking and sexually harassing the victim.

In September, Oklahoma made headlines with two other serial rapists, besides Holtzclaw, in 3 weeks, all officers, as well as one police chief molesting children.

- Also, last month an ‘Officer of the Month’ brutally raped a young woman on the hood of his car, at gunpoint. 

In July, a former New York Police Department officer convicted of planning to kidnap and rape women before killing and eating them was set to go free after a federal judge overturned his conviction.

- Or how about the police officer that was found guilty of raping a girl with a pencil; she was 5!

There is also the problematic issue of spousal abuse. Law Enforcement officers beat their significant other at nearly double the national average.

Several studies, according to Diane Wetendorf, author of Police Domestic Violence: Handbook for Victims, indicate that women suffer domestic abuse in at least 40 percent of police officer families. For American women overall, the figure is 25 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are literally so many cases of sexual and physical abuse allegations that we cannot possibly cover them all. 

However, an unofficial report put out by the website, The OP-NAT EYE, highlights 40 cops who have been convicted or charged with spousal abuse, child rape, or other types of sex crimes just in the past thirty days.

As The Op-NAT EYE points out, NFL players Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice have been crucified ad nauseum by state-run media, allegedly because domestic violence and child abuse are big issues that need to be addressed in this country.

Its now clear said media outlets only wish to improve ratings by tearing down professional athletes, and not address any real issues.[...]

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 Barnvåldtäkter och grova sexbrott i USA - Vad hinner 40 poliser åstadkomma på 30 dagar?
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