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MH-17: 220 miljoner i belöning & andra historier om flygkatastrofen som inte får berättas i väst

MH-17 och historien om flygkatastrofen som inte får berättas i väst. RT:s 25-minutersdokumentär om flygkatastrofen angående det nedskjutna planet MH-17 i Ukraina. Tyska utredare har utlovat en belöning på 30 miljoner dollar till den som har uppgifter om vem som är ansvarig för flygkatastrofen...

MH-17: The Untold Story

Publicerades den 22 okt 2014 RT Documentary
Three months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was violently brought down from the skies over Ukraine, there are still no definitive answers to what caused the tragedy. 
Civil conflict in the area prevented international experts from conducting a full and thorough investigation. The wreckage should have been collected and scrupulously re-assembled to identify all the damage, but this standard investigative procedure was never carried out. 
Until that’s done, evidence can only be gleaned from pictures of the debris, the flight recorders or black boxes and eye-witnesses’ testimonies. This may be enough to help build a picture of what really happened to the aircraft, whether a rocket fired from the ground or gunfire from a military jet.***
Rysslands röst 2014-09-17
En belöning på 30 miljoner dollar utlovas för information om vem som ansvarar för kraschen av MH17 i Ukraina.

Nio veckor efter att internationella utredare avstått från att ge någon information om flygolyckans orsaker har privatdetektiv Josef Resch från byrån för ekonomiska utredningar Wifka påstått att en beställare som vill vara anonym erbjuder en belöning.

Meddelandet har publicerats på Wifkas webbplats på engelska, tyska och ryska.

Det är historiens största belöningssumman: för informationen om Osama bin Ladin erbjöd USA exempelvis 25 miljoner dollar.


RT 2014-09-17
$30 million will be given to those who help identify the perpetrators of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine that killed all 298 on board, said an independent German fraud investigation company.

Two months have passed since the Malaysia Airlines plane on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot-down in eastern Ukraine on July 17 with 298 crew and passengers on board who all died in the crash.

A preliminary report into the disaster carried out by Dutch investigators and issued on September 9 said that the MH17 crash was a result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that struck the Boeing from the outside.

The investigation company Wifka, based in Schleswig-Holstein, north Germany said that it has been charged with investigating the case of the downing.

“After the terrible assassination or ‘accident’ all political parties, at home and abroad, said they owed it to the victims, their families and the public to clarify the circumstances of the crash and present evidence for what happened. None of this has yet been done,” Wifka said in a statement on its website.

Wifka said that the client who preferred to stay anonymous will pay $30 million dollars to whoever provides evidence that identifies those behind the shoot down.

“- The money is securely deposited in Zurich, Switzerland. It will be paid there or in a different neutral place of the whistle-blower’s choice,” the company said adding that the client also offered to give the whistle-blower a new identity.

The investigation company warned that the “details should not lightly be given away in emails or on the phone.”

“Everyone can be bought. It’s just a question of how much,” finance magazine Capital quoted detective Josef Resch leading the probe as saying.

READ MORE: Lavrov: No haste in MH17 tragedy probe, despite media hype

Possibly the largest bounty in history will be given for the information on who shot down MH17, who gave the order to shoot down the plane and who is covering up their tracks, according to Wifka. The client also wants to know if it was by accident and not out of political, economic or military motivation.

Wifka added that the whistleblower also needs to provide details on the circumstances that led to the shoot down and the information on what happened to the people involved and the weapon used.

Detective Resch was previously involved in the scandalous Florian Homm’s case in 2012 and 2013. He helped expose the hedge fund manager who disappeared in 2007 after being charged with investment fraud in the US.

One of the largest bounties in history – a $30 million reward – was paid by the US Bush administration to an informant for intelligence that led to the deaths of Saddam's sons in July 2003. The two informants received $15 million each for Uday and Qusay Hussein for the tip leading US troops to the villa in Mosul.


You Won't Believe The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG

Publicerades den 26 aug 2014 corbettreport
James Corbetts ambitiösa webbutredning om MH-17 och flygkatastrofen i Ukraina.

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced back to the Kremlin. But what was this rush to judgement based on? 

What have we learned about the crash since then? Why has MH17 completely disappeared from the news cycle?

- And who really stood to benefit from the disaster?

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=11947
Infowars 2014-11-05
The cause of the shooting-down of the Malaysian passenger plane MH-17 on July 17th (while that plane was flying over the conflict-zone during Ukraine’s civil war) is becoming clearer and clearer, despite the rigorous continuing attempts by Western ‘news’ media to cover it up and to hide from the public the evidence that clearly shows what brought down this airliner.***
In the months since I headlined on August 24th the news, “MH-17 ‘Investigation’: Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps Out: Perpetrator of the Downing in Ukraine, of the Malaysian Airliner, Will Stay Hidden,” explaining why the leaders of Western nations want these black-box and other basic data to remain hidden, additional evidence has nonetheless become public, and all of it confirms and adds yet further details to the explanation that was first put forth by the retired German Lufthansa pilot Peter Haisenko, whose independent investigation had concluded that Ukrainian Government fighter-jets intentionally shot down this civilian plane.
Precisely how they did it is gradually becoming clearer, despite this continuation of Western secrecy regarding the contents of the black boxes, and of the U.S. satellite images, and of the Ukrainian air-traffic-control radar recordings, and of other evidence-sources that are held by the West and not made available to their ‘news’ media nor to anyone outside a tight official circle of those Western nations’ intelligence agencies.
"- Western governments, and their ‘news’ media, are treating their citizens, their own publics, not really as citizens, but as suckers. They are treating them as subjects, instead of as citizens. This is not authentic democracy. It is neo-feudal; it is, in fact, a sophisticated form of fascism."[...]


Flight MH17 - Informationen som media "glömde" att berätta för dig

Flight MH17 - Informationen som media "glömde" att berätta. En videosammanfattning från  StormCloudsGathering + en spionsatellit-video där Ukrainas militär utpekas ha avfyrat missilen mot planet MH17 + BBC:s censurerade reportage + mycket annat...
MH-17: 220 miljoner i belöning & andra historier om flygkatastrofen som inte får berättas i väst
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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