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Oskyldig utvecklingsstörd amerikan fängslad i 525 dagar - våldtogs & misshandlades frekvent

Randy Wiggins, en utvecklingsstörd amerikan, hade av en händelse ett namn som påminde om en misstänkt pedofil. När Randy inte kunde visa upp legitimation efter att polis varit på Randys gruppboende under juni 2012, så arresterades plötsligt Randy Wiggins...
Den utvecklingsstörde och fullständigt  oskyldige Randy Wiggins, låstes därefter in och hölls fängslad i över 1,5 år i ett amerikanskt fängelse.

I fängelset blev Randy regelbundet våldtagen och misshandlad av de andra fångarna, eftersom de trodde att han var en dömd pedofil som de ville straffa lite extra.

Man wrongly jailed for 525 days under sex offender's name

Ben Swann 2014-11-25
When Randy Wiggins could not show identification during a police encounter at his group home in June of 2012, officers confused him for Randy Williams, a convicted child molester wanted for failing to register as a sex offender. 

Randy Wiggins, who collects disability benefits for mental health issues, spent the next 525 days in jail suffering abuse at the hands of inmates who believed him to be guilty of Randy Williams' crimes.

A case of mistaken identity led a Georgia man to be wrongfully arrested and jailed for 525 days where he suffered unrelenting abuse at the hands of inmates. According to WSB-TV 2, Randy Wiggins, who is mentally disabled, was arrested in June of 2012 when he could not produce identification during a police encounter at the group home at which he was staying.

Officers confused him for Randy Williams, a convicted child molester wanted by authorities for his failure to sign up for the sex offender registry. Wiggins was arrested and taken to Fulton County Jail, where, despite his complaints that officers had mixed up his name, he remained for around a year and a half.

- Wiggins’ attorney David Paul Scott told WSB-TV 2, “My guy didn’t have his driver’s license on him, so I guess out of convenience as much as anything, (police decided) we’ve got the right guy.

- It wasn’t the right guy, it was Randy Wiggins, not Randy Williams.”

For the next 525 days, Wiggins remained in Fulton County Jail with no recourse, suffering abuses at the hands of inmates who believed him to be guilty of Williams’ crimes against children.

“- If you want to be blunt about it, he was raped and he was beat,” said Wiggins’ brother-in-law Stephen Strong.[...]
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 Oskyldig utvecklingsstörd amerikan fängslad i 525 dagar - våldtogs & misshandlades frekvent
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