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Kim Dotcom belyste USA:s aktiviteter på den amerikanska ambassaden i Berlin

RT 2013-07-09. Fildelnings-gurun, Kim Dotcom, kastade ljus på USA:s globala fascistövervakning i en projektor-demonstration mot USA:s ambassad i Berlin... (Övrig text på engelska)

The words “United Stasi of America” were projected onto the US embassy in Berlin on Sunday – a comparison made by an artist to draw attention to the extensive spy tactics practiced by the US government.

A light project by German artist Oliver Bienkowski and online activist Kim Dotcom beamed onto the building of the US mission in Germany from Sunday night into Monday. Using a powerful projector, the words lit up the embassy’s walls, making the comparison visible to all in the vicinity. 


Artisten som skapade bildprojektionen på USA:s ambassad i Berlin utreds av polis

RT 2013-07-11
Tysk polis har startat en förundersökning mot bildkonstnären Oliver Bienkowski, som skapade projektionen men orden "United Stasi of Amerika." 

Polisen undersöker ett eventuellt åtal för brottet; förtal mot organisation som representerar utländsk statsmakt" enligt tidningen, Der Tagesspiegel.
RT 2013-07-11
German artist Oliver Bienkowski, who projected the words ‘United Stasi of America’ together with a picture of Kim Dotcom on to the wall of the US embassy in Berlin, may face criminal charges.

Investigation has been launched into whether Bienkowski’s action falls under the category of “slander against the organizations and representatives of a foreign state,” Berlin-based Der Tagesspiegel newspaper reports.


Kim Dotcom belyste USA:s aktiviteter på den amerikanska ambassaden i Berlin

Stasi 2.0 - US Fed workers to spy & snitch on each other

Publicerad den 11 jul 2013
The 'Insider Threat Program' - President Obama's initiative that mandates federal employees to start spying on each other - is coming under increasing scrutiny. Now under that program, millions of government workers must watch their colleagues for whistleblower tendencies - and report any suspicions to their superiors. But, as our Washington correspondent Gayane Chichakyan reports, the government's own experts have grave doubts.

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  1. --Stasi Vs The NSA: Compare And Contrast--

    July 12, 2013

    Source: Zero Hedge

    The German President, Joachim Gauck, concluded in a recent interview, that the NSA was not to be compared with the Stasi, because, [paraphrasing] "it is not like it was with the Stasi, where there exist big filing cabinets in which all our conversations are written down."No, indeed, nothing like that. As OpenDataCity notes, at the NSA, conversation contents are neither written down nor filed - but digitally recorded, saved and can be searched and found within seconds.

    In contrast to the Stasi, the NSA can count on new technologies and can therefore collect information in gigantic quantities.

    To get the picture, OpenDataCity compared the data volume in this little app:


    According to a report by the NPR, the data center of the NSA in Utah will be capable of saving 5 Zettabytes (5 billion Terabyte). Assuming that a filing cabinet with 60 files (30.000 pages of paper) uses up 0,4 m², which would correspond to 120 MB of data, the printed out Utah data center would use up 17 million square kilometers.

    Thereby the NSA can capture 1 billion times more data than the Stasi!

    Source: OpenDataCity




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