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Västpartnern Saudiarabien HALSHUGGER dubbelt så många som ISIS - i Medietystnad

Sveriges högt ärade broderkungadöme och vapenexportfavorit Saudiarabien, har hitintills halshuggit dubbelt så många människor som ISIS under 2015...
Ett antal trollkarlar, häxor, homosexuella och hädare finns givetvis med bland de utvalda som ofta först torteras för att bekänna sina synder. Naturligtvis sker detta i svensk- och västlig medietystnad, eftersom medias ägare har ekonomiska intressen som inte gynnas av att rapportera om hur den verkliga världen fungerar...
Saudi Arabia has Beheaded Twice as Many People as ISIS in 2015 and the MSM is Silent
2015-08-26 The Free Thought Project
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – While American mainstream media propagandizes the general population with Islamic State (ISIS) decapitations, close U.S. strategic ally, Saudi Arabia, has amassed a beheading body count far outpacing that of ISIS.

While the crimes committed by ISIS are horrific in nature, the fact that the US not only condones but supports a state that is far more violent than ISIS should be pointed out.

The constant drumbeat from pundits and politicians alike is that America must stop the menace known as the Islamic State. The impetus given is that we must stop the brazen public beheadings, as it is an affront to the civilized world and a blatant violation of human rights.

This of course begs the question; if ISIS is considered terrorist human rights violators by the U.S. for their barbaric actions, why is the government of Saudi Arabia not held to the same standard?

Over the past 12-months, Saudi Arabia has beheaded at least 175 people, including mentally disabled individuals and children that were under 18, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

The House of Saud, under King Salman, currently executed 110 people convicted of crimes thus far in 2015, putting it on a pace to surpass its 1995 record number of 192 executions for the calendar year.

To highlight the Saudi’s unbridled brutality, by comparison, ISIS is reported to have beheaded 65 people since the beginning of this year. That number is slightly over half the number of individuals executed by Saudi Arabia in the same period.

- Many of those executed by Saudi Arabia signed “confessions,” often after being subjected to outright torture. The list of offenses that warrant death in the Kingdom range from the serious to the ridiculous

“Saudi Arabia’s faulty justice system facilitates judicial executions on a mass scale. In many cases defendants are denied access to a lawyer and in some cases they are convicted on the basis of ‘confessions’ obtained under torture or other ill-treatment in flagrant miscarriages of justice,” Boumedouha said.
Some of the offenses, which can result in death, include murder, non-violent drug offenses, adultery, sorcery, apostasy, witchcraft and “consensual sexual relations between adults of the same sex.”  

- Saudi Arabia imposes amputation of limbs and body parts for lesser crimes such as theft.

Therefore, “what constitutes a crime, the proof required to prove it, and the sentence it carries are entirely up to a judge to decide,” according to Human Rights Watch.

The lack of an established penal code, or sentence guidelines for  specific crimes, leaves those judging the accused extremely broad latitude for imposing wanton brutality and death.

A scathing 44-page report, released by Amnesty International on Tuesday, calculates that since January 1985 there have been at least 2,208 people executed by the Kingdom.[...]

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Saudiarabien ordförande för FN:s mänskliga rättigheter? - "Passande inramning av världen"

Saudiarabien lobbar just nu för fullt med sina oljemiljarder för att bli ny ordförande i FN:s råd för mänskliga rättigheter. Den yrkeskriminella eliten i USA, Israel, Broderkungadömet Sverige och övriga EU-anpassade amerikanska lydstater, brukar nästan aldrig neka de nöjesamputerande terror-sionist-shejkerna något alls, så vem vet? ...Det skulle i alla fall bli en perfekt inramning av hur världen ser ut idag 1984. ...ooops menade förstås 2015...
Västpartnern Saudiarabien HALSHUGGER dubbelt så många som ISIS - i Medietystnad
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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    BlackListed News

    With almost a whimper, the Western media reported that the US-backed regimes of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and their auxiliary fighters drawn from Al Qaeda have begun carrying out what is the ground invasion of Yemen.

    Along with an ongoing naval blockade and months of bombing raids, the ground invasion adds a lethal new dimension to the conflict – for both sides. Landing at the port city of Aden on Yemen’s southern tip, it is reported that an “armor brigade” consisting of between 1,000 – 3,000 troops primarily from the UAE are now moving north, their ultimate dest...



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