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Polisstatens barn i USA: Polis plågar skrikande liten 8-åring i handbojor (video)

Polisstatens amerikanska kreatur visar hur man plågar en liten skrikande 8-åring i handbojor på en video. Tiotusentals barn i amerikanska skolor plågas på liknande sätt varje år. Barn tejpas ibland fast i stolarna med gaffatejp. Vissa barn begår självmord efter behandlingen...

Polisstaten tipsar: För att få bästa effekt på små barn så gäller det att spänna handbojorna hårt och så högt upp som möjligt på armarna.

Då riskerar barnens axlar att snabbt gå ur led om de rör sig på fel sätt. Barnen lär sig då tryggt att inte ifrågasätta polisstatens vänliga myndighetspersoner som bara vill deras bästa.

Deputy handcuffs 8-year-old student and watches as he sobs in agony

Publicerades den 3 aug. 2015
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COVINGTON, KY — A shocking video shows how a third-grader in public school, who suffered from ADHD and other special needs, was shackled above his elbows by a police officer as he writhed and screamed in agony.

"Now you can either behave the way you know you're supposed to, or you can suffer the consequences," Kenton County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Sumner said as he stared down the sobbing boy.

"Shackling children is not okay. It is traumatizing, and in this case it is also illegal," said Susan Mizner, disability counsel for the ACLU.

"Using law enforcement to discipline students with disabilities only serves to traumatize children. It makes behavioral issues worse and interferes with the school’s role in developing appropriate educational and behavioral plans for them."
RT 2015-08-04
A deputy sheriff is being sued for shackling two Kentucky school children with learning disabilities as punishment for not following directions, according to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The children, an eight-year-old boy, and a nine-year-old girl, barely more than 50 pounds in weight, were so small that the school resource officer, Kenton County Sheriff’s deputy Kevin Sumner, locked adult-sized handcuffs around their biceps and forced their hands behind their backs, the lawsuit charges.

The incidents happened in autumn 2014.

"Shackling children is not okay. It is traumatizing, and in this case it is also illegal," said Susan Mizner, disability counsel for the ACLU, in a statement about Monday’s lawsuit.

A disturbing 0.28-second video taken by a staff member at an elementary school in Covington, Kentucky shows a third-grade Latino boy, identified as SR, being shackled and crying out in pain. Despite having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and a history of trauma, he was handcuffed for 15 minutes.

"You can do what we asked you to, or you can suffer the consequences," the deputy says in the video.

"Ow! That hurts!" the child replies, crying.

"Now sit down in that chair like I asked you to," the deputy says, as the child continues to cry.[...]

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Public School Horror:
Officials and Police are Torturing Tens of Thousands of Children a Year

On Monday, we witnessed the disturbing video of a small 8-year-old student being bicep-cuffed by a cop and screaming in agony for several minutes. 

After watching such a thing we are left to wonder, how could this be possible in a supposed civilized society? What kind of school system believes that doing this to a child will improve their education experience?

The reality is that this video provides a rare glimpse into a frighteningly common practice in US public schools. Restraint and seclusion are used tens of thousands of times every year across the US, and that’s not counting the 15% of school districts that fail to report data.

Some school authorities actually believe this practice has educational or therapeutic benefits to the student, despite there being zero evidence. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that it poses physical and psychological danger, described in more detail below.

70% of children subject to restraint or seclusion have disabilities, just as the boy in the aforementioned video. Only 19 states have meaningful protections against these practices, and only 18 states even require parents to be informed when their children are put in restraint or seclusion. Restraints that impede breathing are forbidden in only 20 states.

To top it off, juvenile detention centers and mental health facilities have a far more defined legal landscape for the use of restraint and seclusion than public schools, where there is no federal law addressing this practice. Attempts were made to enact laws in 2009-2010 after a GAO report found shocking revelations, but nothing materialized.

In a striking bit of irony, we find perhaps the most comprehensive source of information on the issue is provided by the US Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. The 2014 report was put together after several cases of students being traumatized or killed due to being restrained in school.

“This past August, an Arizona teacher used duct tape to restrain a second grader to a chair because she was getting up to sharpen her pencil too frequently.

In December 2011, a Kentucky school district restrained a nine year-old child with autism in a duffel bag as punishment.

The child’s mother witnessed him struggling inside the bag while a teacher’s aide stood by and did nothing. In Indiana, a teen was repeatedly left secluded in an unmonitored room for hours at a time during January 2011.
On one occasion, he was prevented from using the bathroom and urinated on the floor. As punishment for urinating, he was secluded again in the same room the following day, where he screamed and banged on the door to be let out.

When no one came to his aid, he attempted suicide by hanging himself. Thankfully, he survived. A sixteen-year-old boy with disabilities in New York did not.

He died in April 2012, after being restrained face-down by at least four school staff members for allegedly refusing to leave a basketball court.”

Despite the clear emotional and physical trauma that can result from being restrained or secluded, in the few instances where it is discovered, families find no sympathy in the court system.

“- A fourteen-year-old Georgia boy committed suicide after being repeatedly left alone for hours in a room comparable to a prison cell.

School logs document that school personnel were aware that the boy had suicidal tendencies when they locked him in the room, but a court found that the actions of the school and staff involved did not constitute “deliberate indifference” to the child’s well-being.

A Minnesota teacher reportedly secluded an 8-year-old girl with communication, attentional, and hyperactivity disorders 44 times in one school year, despite objections from the mother and an independent behavior consultant.

The mother transferred the girl to private school and then filed suit against the school for failing to provide a free and appropriate education. The court dismissed the claim in part noting that such a challenge becomes irrelevant once a child transfers to a new district, even if he or she was in an “intolerable situation.”
A Florida teen was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and placed in a psychiatric facility as a result of a school’s use of dangerous restraints and repeated seclusions. However, the court did not find the school’s actions to be excessive or egregious.” [...]
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/school-officials-police-torturing-tens-thousands-children-year-cares/
Polisstatens barn i USA: Polis studerar plågad skrikande liten 8-åring i handbojor (video)
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