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- Den nya Världsordningen av KAOS förklarad - KRIG & Demokrati åt ALLA ignoranta undersåtar!

Varför hyllas egentligen krigens ledande psykopater och massmördare från väst obligatoriskt som hjältar av media? - Den nya världsordningen av kaos och krig står för dörren och konsumenterna gör naturligtvis sitt bästa för att öppna dörren på vid gavel, precis som de alltid gjort. Professor Michel Chossudovsky förklarar den globala NWO-krigföringens ABC på en garanterat döende planet...


Global Warfare in the New World Order
- Michel Chossudovsky

Publicerades den 6 juni 2015 corbettreport
Cyberwar. Economic war. Covert war. Theatre war. Proxy war. Nuclear war. Today we talk to Michel Chossudovsky about the development of the global multi-front long war against humanity in the emerging New World Order and the propagandists who make it possible.

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=15009

- Den nya Världsordningen av KAOS förklarad - KRIG & Demokrati åt ALLA ignoranta undersåtar!
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. Section 13. Parasitic System

    Subsection 13.7. Wild West
    Small mean Europe
    Sergey Vasilyev, on August 23, 2015



    Small mean Europe was always engaged only in robberies
    One of the most famous Latvian bloggers Sergey Vasilyev writing to "LJ" under the name of seva_riga became famous for the exact and witty description of life in Europe. His story explains the true reasons of the European expansion...

    After all of us together dismissed the Soviet Union, I enjoyed traveling across Europe and understood, what it small. To subdue this "stamp" pasted on the globe, as easy as shelling pears, if you are Russia and you got. Figuratively speaking to crush hoofs of horses or to reel up on caterpillars of tanks. But didn't crush and didn't reel up because felt sorry for her, mean.

    But Europe seldom for whom felt sorry. Just because it small. And, so the angry! Small Europe for the first time settled the natural resources more than one and a half thousand years ago when the Roman Empire broke up. We are admired by the Roman roads and aqueducts which remained across all Europe. But for the sake of them present Italy and France had to fell trees. Construction demanded a huge number of the fixing wood. Heated too firewood
    Crowd of the Roman citizens it was necessary to feed and entertain. Once all this came to an end. Both the woods, and gladiators on arenas, and the Romans capable to catch them. After all the citizens capable of acts died in numerous wars, and in Rome there were only cowards and perverts who are very reminding our city alcoholics and addicts.

    Barbarians from the North and the East – Germans and Huns – inherited fairly used continent. Here to you and the answer why the ordinary German in the X century built the house from a fakhverka. Not from a stone, not from a brick, not from a tree, as our Slavic ancestors at whom the woods was much, and on the first an ersatz technology. "Fakhverk" in a literal translation – "lodge cage".

  2. Forts.:
    The framework cage was built of a tree which was already in deficiency. And intervals filled with anything – clay, straw, cobble-stones, bricks and even, sorry, dried cow shit. All this was painted beautifully, florets under a window – and come, the godmother to admire.
    The earth in Europe pathologically wasn't enough. Everywhere – the baron on the baron. Everything is divided, measured, considered, put and repawned. From here – thirst for distant wanderings with a self-interest. To Japanese to Europe was to spit. To Chinese – too. Blacks lived in Africa as children in paradise, – the friend to the friend of a fir-tree and from that were full. And it is interesting to the European where that badly lies. Where the Black runs without supervision or the Chinese got surplus of rice which can be withdrawn from it in exchange for opium.

    Incurred Columbus to India with hunger which stood in Spain as in Buchenwald, but not from thirst of distant wanderings. All three ships in its expedition are leased. One was financed by the Spanish Jews. Two others – the king and greedy grandees, in a present way – oligarchs.

    The highest increase in population in the XIX century was shown by Britain. Therefore on her conscience and the first artificially organized Famine-Genocide – in Ireland. It happened in 1845-1849. In Russia still there was a serfdom, and each landowner was obliged to distribute bread to peasants in lean years. And in Ireland peasants were "personally free". Only without the earth. They rented it at the British noblemen who seized this country in the XVII century.

    The basis of a diet of the simple Irish was made by potatoes. But because of a crop failure there was nothing to eat. And respectable British all the same demanded a rent – after all we have a constitutional state where each party has to fulfill the obligations! As language pinched a quarter of the population of Ireland. By different calculations – from a half to one and a half million people at once.
    Consequences were even more terrible. Irish from such agrarian policy began to run in large quantities to America. There are exact figures. If in 1841 Ireland was occupied by slightly more than 8 million people, in the 1901st – only 4,5 million! How to you such pleasure from life under the administration of the state with first-ever parliament moreover and in Europe?

  3. Forts2:
    Blood and love

    Europe – paradise for women. There invented stockings and the knights singing verses on the Great lady. As if not so! You remember the tale of the Blue Beard? About that noble gentleman who very strictly forbade the wife to come into a treasured room. And she came and found bodies of the seven predecessors swimming in blood. And so, it at all not the fairy tale! The Blue Beard had a real historical prototype. No, not the associate of Joan of Arc marshal Giles de Re. That was simply the maniac enticing and dismembering children in the lock after I raped them.

    Prototype of the Blue Beard – one of kings of Brittany Konomon Proklyaty living in the beginning of the V century AD. Its nickname suits the serial murderer more. His wife Trifina found corpses of three predecessors in the cellar. Of course, it not seven, as in Charles Perrault's fairy tale. But, you see, too it is terrible. Konomon had a strange mental deviation. As soon as his next spouse became pregnant, it not only lost to her sexual interest, but also like such disgust that right there finished off the unfortunate. The maniac Konomon too beheaded curious Trifina though that and tried to run away from him.

    If it and a legend, the perfect truth that the king of England Henry VIII (1491-1547) executed two of the six wives! And even – Anglicanism – I entered new religion only because the Pope refused to give it the next divorce that he entered "legal marriage" with the next victim. British still profess this kind of Christianity generated by sick imagination of the king-misogynist.

    Ivan the Terrible in comparison with this Heinrich – lovely herbivorous creature. At least, any of seven "spouses" this tsar didn't settle, as his contemporary operating Britain in which three hundred years as there was a two-chamber parliament approving acts of the king. You can present that for the mad sat then at these "chambers".

  4. forts3:
    The French public opinion during the same era approved murder by husbands of the changed wives. For example, Ludovic X's wife – the 25-year-old beauty Margarita Burgundskaya who changed to him with the royal equerry – was crushed, by order of the loving spouse, a mattress as the apostate was also the thorough pighead and I didn't want to agree to divorce the king. You think, someone from citizens was against and branded the monarch-murderer? On the contrary – all approved. As in the same way arrived with own spouses – variegated French ladies of the second, third and fourth grade.

    In the collection "Hundred New Short Stories" written in 1456-1467 at court of the duke Burgundian Philip Dobry there is a story about a certain lady whom the husband enticed together with her lover priest and the servant procuress into a wolf hole and, having brought straw there, burned. The author of this work finishes the story with the following morals: "Also all society burned down there: wife, priest, servant and wolf. After that he left the country and sent to the king with an appeal for pardon, kakovy received without effort. And nowadays transferred as if the king told that it is a pity only for the burned wolf who in a sin of the others was innocent".

    It is thought, comments are excessive.

    You ask why Lev Tolstoy's hero the wild Cossack speaks, having learned about betrayal of the wife: "If I learn that I didn't reserve hay for the winter, I will beat. And if reserved, I will forgive", and noble French noblemen and honest petty bourgeoises killed blessed without mercy and a remorse?

    And all therefore! Russia mother – is great and plentiful. Only to an order in it isn't present. And the western person with legal consciousness already then loved strict legality. The companion of life – the head from shoulders changed down with! Not to feed the baby begot from other man. Resources in Europe always was just barely enough – around one extra mouths to feed!

  5. forts4:
    Swindlers and thieves

    Our people are sure that we are by nature inclined to theft and corruption, and in Europe – all on the contrary. Naive children's mistake. Such thieves and robbers as in Europe, wasn't anywhere and aren't present. The poacher Robin Hood – a symbol old dobra of England. The strapper known as Iron Tooth – the favourite hero of medieval Flemish legends. There is still such easy rider – Til Ulenshpigel. In Soviet period showed the movie "Legend of Thiele" where this character efforts of talented directors Alov and Naumov, the scenario – them, was made a symbol of nobility and popular wisdom. But they are intellectual nonsense.

    In translation from old German Til Ulenshpigel is Til Zhopochist. Such typical refined European humour. The first book about it appeared in Strasbourg in 1515 – at the beginning of publishing. I enjoyed wide popularity of public. It was repeatedly republished. Why – you can guess. Heads tell it for themselves:

    "As Ulenshpigel in the city of Shtrasfurt deceived the baker on the whole bag with bread",

    "As Ulenshpigel got into a beehive, and two came at night and wanted to steal this beehive",

    "As Ulenshpigel was employed to the priest and ate at it fried hens from a spit",

    "As Ulenshpigel gave out himself for the doctor",

    "As Ulenshpigel carried with himself a skull to fool people, and collected thus many donations",

    "As Ulenshpigel in Erfurt deceived the butcher on a piece of meat",

    "As Ulenshpigel in Frankfurt am Main deceived on one thousand guldens of Jews and sold them the shit under the guise of prophetic berries",

    "As Ulenshpigel sold to one shoemaker instead of fat frozen manure",

    "As Ulenshpigel in Hanover наср … l in a ban, considering that it "the house of clarification"

    and, at last, wit top:

    "As Ulenshpigel in Bremen cooked for the guests roast which nobody began to eat because it sprinkled with oil from a bum".

    It is easy to draw a conclusion that the original hero of the national German book – the swindler, the villain and simply unscrpulous pig. This is the typical European of that era. To disaccustom him to natural tendency to cheating, it was necessary to adopt the most severe laws.

    In those days, when there was a book about "Zhopochiste-Ulenshpigel", counterfeiters in Germany were executed, filling in with it in a throat the heated lead from which they forged money, or alive cooked in the boiling oil, slowly lowering in a copper. And simple Germans were on the square and admired this show, like its pedagogical effect.

  6. forts5:
    Pay attention. One of Ulenshpigel's feats – history how he sold to Jews the shit. In the Middle Ages of Jews often accused of dishonest trade and usury, from time to time expelling them that of one, of other country. As in Europe of both food, and money was always not enough, and Jews had no the armed force, they were convenient to be hated. The centuries-old conflict became a push for surprising Jewish survivability and for uncountable anti-Semitic ideologies, up to the last attempt "finally" to resolve "Jewish problem" already in the XX century. Til Ulenshpigel – Hitler's predecessor. With it there's nothing to be done.

    But a concentration camp, we will be fair, not Germans, but British thought up. In 1899 they went to win South Africa. There were then two republics occupied by descendants of the Dutch colonists – drills. Drills were same white, as well as British. But the black earth wasn't wanted to be given them. Mass guerrilla fight began. Then Queen Victoria's citizens guessed to drive civilians together with women and children to the shelters surrounded with a barbed wire. There they also sdykhat – for hunger and diseases.

    The measure was extremely wise and effective. Male drills, seeing as their wives and kids die, lost will to resistance and laid down arms. The exact figure of the dead in these camps is unknown still.

    Future prime minister Winston Churchill was the war correspondent in those places. But this knowing fellow didn't even notice a concentration camp in the reportings – ignored. But the Germans always envying British and everything pinching at them – from fleet to tanks, paid attention to the new invention of the British genius and brought it to perfection in Buchenwald.

    The black ancestor of Pushkin became the Russian landowner and the general. In the American colonies of Great Britain during the same era he would be only a slave. And only Europe guessed racism.

    At first she believed that descendants of Blacks and white are infertile, as mules. From here the term – the mulatto. Then, already in the XIX century, I domarazmirovat to classical racism. It needed to justify the aspiration to colonial conquests. Selecting the earth and everything that in it, at others, it is important to trust, what are you doing a noble cause – you bear burden of the highest race on an upclassing of the lowest. But the truth consists only in the European narrowness, constant deficiency and thirst to catch others resources.

    The same they want today and from us. The purpose of Europe – not to bear a civilization. This purpose at it never was. The purpose of Europe – to plunder. To do in what Ulenshpigel traded, – to sell shit.



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