fredag 7 augusti 2015

Brittiska specialstyrkor utklädda till ISIS - Krigar mot Assad & fixar mer terrorkaos i Syrien

 Minst 120 man från de Brittiska specialstyrkorna SAS rapporterats vara utklädda till ISIS terrorister i Syrien. "Fredsterroristerna" från England krigar enligt uppgift mot Assad i en superhemlig false flag -operation och skapar givetvis ännu mer terrorkaos i det redan ödelagda landet...

British Special Forces "Dressing Up" As ISIS...
- What Could Go Wrong?

Publicerades den 5 aug. 2015 corbettreport
The “elite” British SAS special forces are dispatching over 120 troops to Syria to dress up as ISIS fighters and attack Syrian targets.

In today’s Thought For The Day, James looks back at a couple of the lowlights of the bumbling SAS forces and examines the 2005 incident where the SAS was caught in Basra dressing up as Arabs and shooting Iraqis in order to fuel ethnic tensions in the country.
British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria
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British SAS Special Forces ‘Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels’ Fighting Assad in Syria:

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  1. Will the US-Created ISIS Attack Americans on US Soil?

    Those of us in alternative news media shoulder a growing responsibility of shedding light on the truth where little to none exists anymore either in government and mainstream media. As such, citizens of the world but especially of America need to know that the so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) like al Qaeda before them are the created, well-paid, well-armed secret mercenary ally of the US Empirein cahoots with Israel, other Western nations, NATO, and US Muslim allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other oil-rich Gulf state puppets.
    Overwhelming evidence has been amassed to expose this basic fundamental fact.

  2. The diabolical symbiotic relationship between the US-Israeli criminal governments and the Islamic State co-depend on each other for sustainable power and influence. Ironically and hypocritically, it was Secretary of State John Kerry who described Syrian President Assad’s relationship with ISIS as “symbiotic.” Between the three globally destructive forces, US Empire, apartheid Israel and ISIS all share the same designed outcomes wherever their killing machines spread, effectively destabilizing and “balkanizing” every violent hotspot in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe leaving in their wake more ravaged, war torn failed states with the list growing yearly. So far the tag team trio’s batting .1000.



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