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- Ett samhälle som distanserar sig från sanning - Kommer att hata sanningssägarna: Orwell

Clawfinger - The Truth [Live @ Woodstock Festival Poland 2009]

 - Ett samhälle som distanserar sig från sanning - Kommer att hata sanningssägarna: Orwell
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. Social and Financial Engineering Projects of the New World Order


  2. --KLM bans Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa from in-flight playlist after complaint over her political activism--

    Dutch airline KLM has removed tracks by a Ukrainian musician from its in-flight entertainment system after complaints from a passenger involved in a group dedicated to ostracizing her.

    Valentina Lisitsa, a Ukrainian-born American classical pianist, rose to worldwide prominence through a YouTube following and has performed with the Rotterdam Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


  3. http://www.online-translator.com/siteTranslation/autolink/?direction=re&template=General&sourceURL=http://новости-мира.ru-an.info/новости/наплыв-беженцев-в-европу-направляет-и-оплачивает-сша/

    Flow of refugees sends to Europe and pays the USA
    The Zionist top of the USA brings down Europe in all possible ways, including by means of millions of refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Calculation that these people will simply cut Europeans in time specified by benefactors...

    Europe imports civil war

    While the most advanced part of the Russian society hypnotizes the look market indexes and ruble exchange rate waiting for fast and inevitable crash of the Russian economy, I suggest to distract for some minutes from this fascinating occupation, and to talk about events which will render as it seems to me where greater and long-term influence on our continent – process of mass and uncontrollable migration to Europe.

    Today it is possible to say with confidence that the migratory processes caused by attempt of creation of democracy in the Middle East and in Africa, called in due time "in the Arab Spring", has no precedents in the contemporary history neither on scope, nor on those effects which they will render in the nearest future. And, as it seems to me, would be reasonable to deal with that occurs and who stands behind it.
    I suggest to look at development of a situation in the so-called engine of the European economy – Germany.
    According to official figures only for the first half of the 2015th year in Germany 195 thousand applications for granting a shelter were submitted. The number of statements increases monthly approximately by 35 thousand with the increasing tendency. Thus it is only about those refugees who, having got to Germany, addressed to law enforcement agencies and rose on the migratory account. This statistics doesn't consider refugees who for various reasons avoid such account....
    Since 2000, the EU directed about 13 billion euros for protection against flows of illegal migrants, this money was spent for deportations, strengthening of borders and their protection. As a result of application of these measures not less than 29 thousand people were lost, trying to get to treasured Europe, the main part from them simply drowned in the Mediterranean Sea...


    1. De flyr – och detta är vad Europa erbjuder

      Detta kallas organiserad slakt.... som just nu så slaktas Mellanösterns/Afrikas befolkning men detta är bara första stadiet av NWO -CIA/Mossad globala slakten.... nu pumpar de in framtida "bödlar" av hela Europa.... vänta och se.
      zombifierad/degraderad Europa och Norden med glädje hjälper bomba och skända deras länder med den sionist False flag krig förd som "demokrati" spridning och ISIS CIA befriare samman med f.d. Al-Qaida terroriserar hela Mellanöstern med CIA ledning och i princip eliminerar dessa länders ledare, statsskick - utför massmord och slakt. Dessa flykting transporter organiserade också av CIA / Mossad - USA / NWO då målet är i nästa steg destruktion av Europa och slakten av Europa befolkningen med andras händer som vanligt....

    2. Senaste Info från politolog från Skopje, Milenco Nedelkovski:
      Rothschilds finansierar militanta smugglare och flyktings transporter.... dessutom 90% av de som kommer fram är unga (muslimska) män. Just nu många misstänker att detta massiva finansiering av människosmuggling har långgående strategiska och kortsiktiga mål: kortsiktiga är att skapa kaos och destruktion av Europa ... långsiktiga skapa dessa krafter som med nöje och tillfredställelse bli Europas slaktare....

    3. några militära ledningar redan fattade misstanke att det är himla konstig att sådan massa unga (krigsdugliga) välmående starka unga män kommer fram som 90% .... mördade och gasade under transporten finns mest gamla och familjer med barn....

  4. CNN: ISIS fighter was trained by State Department


    NATO befriar Afghanska städer från afghaner, Libyska städer från libyer, Syriska städer från Syrier och inför nya "internationella" bosättare = ISIS ....


  5. införande av demokrati:


  6. http://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/EpicIMages/hillaryandvincefoster.jpg




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