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USA: Poliser Torterade Barnen på Sommarlägret - Bröt deras ben - 4 POLISER ARRESTERADE

4 Poliser i USA har arresterats efter omfattande tortyr och misshandel av barnen på ett sommarläger vilket polisen själv hade arrangerat. Efter att barnen bestraffats av poliserna fick de en handduk och order om att torka av sig blodet efter misshandeln. Våldet pågick under hela veckan som lägret varade. 13 av 37 barn har hittills berättat för utredarna om tortyren de utsattes för. Fler väntas att träda fram...(+Video)
Föräldrar fick till och med köra sina barn till lasarettets akutmottagning när barnen återvände hem från lägret med brutna ben...
"- Min lilla flicka blev slagen i ansiktet och sparkad på revbenen av poliserna när hon inte gjorde armhävningarna rätt."
*Mamman till ett av offren

Poliserna berättade även för barnen att de fick betalt för att slå på dem... 
4 Cops Arrested for Torturing and Beating Young Children at a Youth Camp
2015-08-07 The Free Thought Project
San Luis Obispo, CA — Four Southern California police officers were arrested this week after a two-month investigation into allegations of severe police abuse of numerous young children.

According to officials, officers Carlos Gomez-Marquez, 31, and Edgar Gomez, 35, of the South Gate Police Department , and Detective Marissa Larios, 36, and Officer Patrick Nijland, 47, of the Huntington Park Police Department were served search warrants at their homes. They were then taken into the custody of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department.

The South Gate Police Department issued this statement in response to the arrests and investigation:
“We support the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s and the District Attorney’s Office regarding the need for transparency in this matter and we will continue to cooperate with them as is necessary and appropriate.”
All four suspects were released after quickly posting bond. All face charges including abuse under color of authority, criminal battery, and willful cruelty to a child.

The reported assaults took place May 17-24 during a seven-day camp for at-risk youth called LEAP – Leadership, Empowerment and Discipline Program, sponsored and run by the Huntington Park and South Gate police departments.

Below is the news report, after the children originally came forward.

According to NBC4, When one of the children came home with an injury, his mother took him to the emergency room. When the hospital called children’s services and the police department, the young boy stated that his mother was not responsible, his “camp counselors” were. Six other children from the camp came forward, all of their stories matching.

- Out of the 37 camp participants interviewed by detectives during the investigation, 13 children reported that they were assaulted by the officers.

The mother of a 13-year-old in attendance at the week-long program spoke about her son’s assault, saying  

“They had him by the neck with their forearm and they just beat in his head, stomach, everywhere.”
Araceli Pulido, the mother of two young girls who participated in the program also spoke out about the brutality inflicted on one of her daughters, reporting that her little girl was “slapped in the face…kicked in the ribs if she didn’t do her pushups right.” 

She goes on to say, “One of my oldest daughters said she wanted to become a cop. She’s traumatized. They told her they got paid for her to get hit.”
Mother Veronica Bernal is also upset, stating “They never told me that they were going to beat them, or they were going to put them in a dark room or they were going to fracture him or break his arm.”

Attorney for some of the children involved, Greg Owen, elaborated, saying “…before they came out [of the dark room], they would throw em a towel and say, ‘wipe the blood off.'”
The attorney plans to “detail the abuse further,” and is dedicated to making sure the truth is exposed, and criminals brought to justice.

It’s no secret anymore that cops are bullies. Bullies are cowards. Cowards work best with other cowards by their sides and often choose easy targets – minorities, the physically disabled, mentally challenged, homeless, and in this case – young children. [...]

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/4-cops-arrested-beating-breaking-bones-dozen-children-means-reform/

Polisen Torterade Barnen på Sommarlägret - bröt deras ben...
Publicerades den 4 juni 2015
Seven children claim they were physically and verbally abused by officers during a weeklong boot camp held in Central California that was sponsored by Huntington Park and South Gate police departments, a lawyer for the children’s families said Wednesday.

The Huntington Park Police Department posted this photo on Facebook on May 17, 2015, of the LEAD boot camp held in San Luis Obispo.
Of about three dozen children and teenagers who attended the camp in San Luis Obispo, seven have come forward with accounts of abuse that occurred in May, according to Santa Clarita-based attorney Gregory Owen.

During a portion of five-month intervention program for at-risk youth — called Leadership Empowerment and Discipline, or LEAD — the campers were slapped, punched, beaten and had their hands and backs stepped on while they did push-ups, Owen said.

- One young camper suffered broken fingers when an officer stepped on the child’s hand during the May 17 to May 24 camp, Owen said.

“These officers would pull these kids into ‘the dark room.’… And in the dark room, they would take these children … by the neck, push them up against the wall,” Owen said at a Wednesday afternoon news conference in Commerce. “Then they would strike them. They would beat them in the side, in the stomach, in the ribs, and in the face.”

The children, ages 12 to 16, were participating in a 20-week-long program that aimed to teach discipline and leadership as well as reduce family conflict, according to a news release from Owen’s law firm. The program included the weeklong camp in San Luis Obispo.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday that it was investigating reports of child abuse at the camp, held at a California Army National Guard Base known as Camp San Luis Obispo.

The camp is rented out to the program and is not affiliated with LEAD, the Sheriff’s Office said, in conflict with Owen’s news release, which alleged the state’s National Guard was involved.

Detectives came to Southern California to talk to seven of the identified victims in interviews Monday and Tuesday, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The investigation was ongoing and no charges had been filed Wednesday.

The Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services regarding the allegations, the sheriff’s release stated.

The South Gate Police Department issued a statement about the allegations Monday, saying the chiefs of both the South Gate and Huntington Park police departments met with parents to discuss concerns over the weekend.

“Both agencies believe in complete transparency and take all allegations very seriously,” the statement read. “Any matters of concern will be investigated thoroughly.”

At a news conference Wednesday, parents said they want a fair investigation.

Bridget Salazar said her 13-year-old son was punched, slammed up against a wall and choked.

“He just couldn’t stop crying,” Salazar said. “Right there, I knew something happened.”

USA: Poliser Torterade Barnen på Sommarlägret - Bröt deras ben - 4 POLISER ARRESTERADE
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