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USA: Poliskvinna drog pistol mot tonårsdottern - "Jag skjuter hål i saker om du inte städar"

En amerikansk poliskvinna har arresterats och åtalats efter att hon dragit sin pistol mot tonårsdottern och hotat skjuta hål i "saker"om dottern inte skötte sina sysslor i hemmet...
Cop Threatens Own Daughter With Gun For Not Doing Her Chores
Informationliberation 2015-08-05
A female police officer with the Kahoka, Missouri police reportedly threatened her own daughter with a handgun for failing to do her chores.

WGEM reports:

 Michele D. Miller, 42, of Memphis, Missouri, is charged with misdemeanor domestic assault. She was released from jail after posting a $2,500 cash-only bond.

 Court documents state police were called to Miller's residence at 2:45 p.m. after being notified of a dispute with a gun involved.

 Miller's daughter, who Memphis Police Chief Bill Holland said was a teenager, told police that Miller had returned from a float trip Sunday and was upset that chores were not completed.

She said her mother came out of the home with a pistol and threatened to shoot holes in the swimming pool if her daughter didn't go back into the house.

 - In a written statement later given to police, the daughter said Miller told her "it would only take one bullet and she wouldn't have to be here."

 The court documents go on to say two neighbors told police they saw Miller pointing the handgun at her daughter.

 Kahoka Police Chief Bill Conger said Miller was placed on unpaid leave pending the result of the investigation.

 "I talked to the (Memphis police) chief and he said he had to pursue charges," Conger said. "I told him 'do what you have to do to follow the law.'"

If this is how she treats her own daughter, imagine how she treats the general public.


USA: Poliskvinna drog pistol mot tonårsdottern - "Jag skjuter hål i saker om du inte städar"
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