fredag 7 augusti 2015

Radikal Judisk Sionist uppmanar till Terrordåd mot Kristna - "BRÄNN NER KRISTNA KYRKOR"
Partiledaren och radikale judiske sionist-terroristen Benzi Gopstein uppmanar till nya terrordåd mot Kristna i Israel. - "BRÄNN NER ALLA KRISTNA KYRKOR..."
Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says
Telegraph 2015-08-06
The leader of a far-Right Israeli group has risked arrest by apparently voicing support for arson attacks on Christian churches amid an official crackdown on Jewish extremism.
Benzi Gopstein, the outspoken head of Lehava - which has drawn notoriety for its violent assaults on Jewish-Arab assimilation - made the remarks at a panel discussion for Jewish yeshiva students when asked by a fellow panelist if he believed burning down churches in Israel was justified.[...]
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Palestinskt Spädbarn Bränt Levande till Döds i Barbarisk Judisk Terrorattack

Ett palestinskt spädbarn brändes till döds i en barbarisk terrorattack från högerextremistiska judiska bosättare. Ett annat 4-årigt barn och familjemedlemmar skadades också svårt med upp emot 75-procentiga brännskador vid terrorattacken som utfördes på natten när babyn och barnfamiljen sov. Terroristerna skrev "Leve Messias Hämnd" på offrens husvägg...
Radikal Judisk Sionist uppmanar till Terrordåd mot Kristna - "BRÄNN NER KRISTNA KYRKOR"
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. Bombing the city with the largest Christian population in Japan - #Nagasaki

  2. --Israel Murders Father of Immolated Palestinian Baby--

    Saad Dawabsha died early Saturday morning from severe third-degree burns covering 80% of his body – caused by arson committed by racist Israeli settlers.

    Authorities let them rampage freely against Palestinian civilians. Official expressions of outrage against the murder belie Israel’s longstanding genocidal policy.

    Saad’s 18-month-old son Ali was burned alive in the vicious attack. It wasn’t the first time extremist settlers set a Palestinian home ablaze. For sure not the last.

    Saad’s wife Riham and four-year-old son Ahmad remain in critical condition – suffering from third-degree burns covering most of their bodies. They’re clinging to life precariously.

    Longstanding Israeli high crimes against defenseless Palestinians continue unaccountably. Settlers are protected by Israeli soldiers and police. They commit violence and vandalism repeatedly.

    Rarely is anyone held accountable.

  3. Zionists finally admitting “Wave of hatred” consuming Israel

    Israeli President Rivlin said that Israel could no longer afford to downplay violent attacks carried out by Jews

  4. Go home or go to jail: Israel pressures African migrants to leave

    Israel is offering illegal immigrants $3,500 and a one-way ticket home as it begins to crack down on refugees, who face prison if they don’t take up the deal. Rights groups are appalled at the move, saying Israel should be doing more to protect them.



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