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USA: Uniformerad dödspatrull i Texas avrättade obeväpnad man med händerna i luften (video)

En uniformerad polisiär dödspatrull i Texas avrättade nyligen en obeväpnad man som hade händerna uppsträckta... (video)

Texas cops shoot, kill man standing still with hands raised

Publicerades den 2 sep. 2015 
Amateur footage shows San Antonio police shooting and killing a man who appeared to have been unarmed with raised hands. Gilbert Flores, 41, died later in the hospital. 

The footage was recorded on a mobile phone by Michael Thomas, a college student who happened to be passing the scene with his car in San Antonio, Texas, when he witnessed the police shooting. Footage Courtesy: Michael Thomas

Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau confirmed that the two officers involved in the shooting attempted to use non-lethal force to subdue the suspect. She said the officers tried to use a Taser, but the probes “did not connect” with Gilbert Flores.

Only one of the deputies used his Taser, Pamerleau confirmed, even though every deputy on the force carries the stun gun.

Video footage of the incident shows 41-year-old Gilbert Flores  running shirtless in the front yard of a house. Moments after he appears to put his hands up, two shots can be heard. Flores doubles over and falls to the ground.

He died later in the hospital.

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USA: Uniformerad dödspatrull i Texas avrättade obeväpnad man händerna i luften (video) 
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