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Märkliga dödsfall länkas till elitens pedofilnätverk - Utredare & "Konspirationsteoretiker" lever farligt

Andrew Breitbart avslöjade John Podestas påstådda inblandning inom elitens pedofilverksamhet redan i början av 2011. Detta bl.a. genom ett antal uttömmande inlägg på Twitter, (se exempel i bild ovanför). Breitbart dog mycket hastigt ett år senare 2012, och alla misstankar om att dödsfallet inte var helt naturligt avfärdades på obligatoriskt sätt som s.k. "konspirationsteorier"...
 Andrew Breibarts obduktion uppvisade enligt obducenten, Michael Cormier, absolut inga konstigheter.

Obducenten påträffades dock lägligt död samma år och det verkliga dödsdatumet hemlighölls länge av myndigheterna.

I efterhand så har det avslöjats att obducenten Michael Cormier, 61, dog av arsenikförgiftning och att han dog faktiskt bara några timmar efter att han meddelat världen resultatet av Andrew Breitbats obduktion...

- Allt är naturligtvis bara tillfälligheter. Detta gäller sannolikt även det plötsliga mystiska dödsfallet av Max Spiers, en annan s.k. konspirationsteoretiker i David Ickes klass.

Max Spiers dog när han undersökte ett globalt pedofilnätverk med förgreningar till både höga militärer och den översta eliten.

Max spydde enligt uppgifter upp en svart vätska (i bästa Arkiv X -stil) när han dog strax före han skulle hålla en föreläsning i Polen. Myndigheterna har klassat att dödsfallet inträffade av naturliga orsaker...

- Se även den intressanta videon undertill för mer info:

The #PizzaGate Body Count (#PizzaGateBodyCount: Max Spiers)

Publicerades den 28 nov. 2016 Reality Calls
Andrew James Breitbart - Wikipedia:
Andrew James Breitbart
(/ˈbrtbɑːrt/; February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012) was an American conservative publisher,[1] commentator for The Washington Times, journalist, author,[2] and television and radio personality[3][4][5] on various news programs, who served as an editor for the Drudge Report website.[6] He was a researcher for Arianna Huffington, and he helped create the early version of the The Huffington Post, as he was a close friend of Arianna.[7]
Breitbart owned, a news and opinion website. He played central roles in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the firing of Shirley Sherrod, and the ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy. Commenters such as Nick Gillespie and Conor Friedersdorf have credited Breitbart with changing how people wrote about politics.[8][9]

- What a coincidence!
Breitbart's coroner dead from arsenic poisoning?

RT 2012-05-03
The unexpected death of conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart just got a whole lot more mysterious. Only two months after Breitbart’s passing, the coroner that investigated the cause of death may have succumbed to arsenic poisoning.
Michael Cormier, 61, passed away on April 20, the Los Angeles Times reports this week. Although Cormier’s death is only being publicized now, the timing of actual passing actually came within hours of the release of the preliminary autopsy report of Breitbart.

Commenting to the Times on the latest news, Lt. Alan Hamilton of the Los Angeles Police Department says that investigators have not ruled out foul play in the death of Cormier. Authorities have yet to confirm how they believe arsenic entered his system — or if the coroner was deliberately poisoned — but Cormier passed away after being admitted to a hospital in Burbank, California last month after displaying symptoms typical with the illness.

Now as investigators consider how Cormier’s life came to an end, others are still probing the untimely passing of Breitbart, an event which spawned conspiracy theories within minutes. As some have spent the last several weeks considering the pieces of the puzzle involving the journalist’s death, an unusual twist has been added to the mix.

Hours after the death of Breitbart was confirmed in early March, skeptics were quick to question what role his passing may have had in relation to a public address he delivered earlier in 2012.

- Speaking to the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. only weeks earlier, Breitbart claimed he had videos that would end the political career of US President Barack Obama.

“I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” Breitbart said back in February “We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”

Although investigators would go on to call Breitbart’s March 1 death the result of heart failure, even some of his personal friends put forth the notion that it was an inside job. “He told me RECENTLY he had big dirt on Obama… MANY believe it's murder!” radio host and pal Mancow Muller tweeted after his death, adding in a similar micro message that he had his doubts about the initial reports of natural causes.

Speaking to reporters at Los Angeles’s KABC News, investigators with the LA Police Department say that doctors at the hospital that Cormier died at have raised suspicions over the coroner’s death.[...]

The Internet blames Obama for the death of Andrew Breitbart 

#PizzaGate: - CPS Investigation Ends In Death of Sen. Nancy Schaefer

Publicerades den 2 dec. 2016 Reality Calls
MÖRDAD JOURNALIST, JILL DANDO - En av få som vågade berätta om och avslöja BBC:s PEDOFILRING... 
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Kvinna som utredde Clintons inblandning i globalt pedofilnätverk - hittad död, strax efter USA-valet
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- Vad är egentligen PIZZAGATE och varför är "the spiritcooking" Podestabröderna i bilden ovanför spöklikt identiska med Madeleine McCanns eftersökta kidnappare? (Videos + uppdaterat 27:e nov)
- #Pizzagate censureras aktivt av bl.a. Facebook, Reddit, Twitter och givetvis mainstreammedia...
Märkliga dödsfall länkas till elitens pedofilnätverk - Utredare & "Konspirationsteoretiker" lever farligt
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. BREAKING - #PizzaGate: Only California has more CHILDREN MISSING than VIRGINIA.

  2. Conspiracy Theorist ‘Vomited 2 Liters of Black Fluid Before He Died’ — Death Ruled ‘Natural’

    “I’m very excited to begin this journey and I will be blogging my journey and findings in a way that I’ve never done before. It’s time to disintegrate the last vestiges of the thinning veil for good and I hope this blog will be a tool to do so.

    “We can’t be stopped now and I’m going to go into considerably more detail than I ever would or could on FaceBook.”

    These were some of the last public words that international conspiracy theorist Max Spiers would say before he died under extremely questionable circumstances in July of this year.

    The 39-year-old conspiracy theorist traveled around the world investigating everything from UFOs to zionists. However, he had moved away from the UFOs and began to investigate the lives of politicians, and elite figures in business and entertainment.

    One of the details that add to the suspicious nature of Spiers’ death is the fact that his mother, Vanessa Bates, received a text message from her son days before he died which said ‘If anything happens to me, investigate.‘

    Just before he died, laying on his sofa, Spiers was in good health. When Spiers died in Poland, investigators immediately ruled that he died from natural causes despite no post-mortem examination being carried out.

    Bates recalled, “Max was a very fit man who was in good health and yet he apparently just died suddenly on a sofa.



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