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"Sionistsekten" Mainstream Media (MZM) Räddar (inte) Världen!

Sheeple-media i ett nötskal.  - Media gillar oftast olika - döda.  "Stop the War coalition", Glenn Greenwald och Miko Peled, sonen till en sionistisk israelisk general, berättar om några av de många saker som global "sheeplemedia" har som uppgift att mörklägga och desinformera världen om... 


‘Breaking Silence’: IDF soliders speak out on Gaza operation

Publicerades den 5 maj 2015

ISRAEL DELIBERATELY targeted children in Gaza last summer, according to a new report by Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-Palestine). 

Of the 2,220 Palestinians killed during Israel’s 51-day bombing campaign, at least 1,492 were civilians, including at least 547 children.

A total of 535 of those children were killed as a direct result of Israeli attacks. Moreover, 68 percent of children Israel killed in Gaza were under the age of twelve, according to the report.

An additional 3,374 children were injured, including over 1,000 who have been left with lifelong disabilities, many of which require medical care that is inaccessible in Gaza due to a crushing Israeli siege that has yet to be lifted. Another 373,000 children are suffering from deep trauma and require desperately needed psychosocial support that is severely lacking in the Gaza Strip.

Nowhere was safe for children

As a matter of policy, Israel deliberately and indiscriminately targeted the very spaces where children are supposed to feel most secure. Such acts violate international law and amount to war crimes, according to the report.

Children were crushed to death while they sheltered in their homes, dismembered as they slept in their beds and torn to pieces as they played in their yards. At least eighteen children were killed by Israeli attacks targeting schools. For the children of Gaza, nowhere was safe from Israeli violence.

Equally as haunting as where children were killed is the assortment of weapons Israel deployed against them.

At least 225 children were killed in airstrikes “while they were in their own homes or seeking shelter, often as they sat down to eat with their families, played, or slept,” the report states.

An investigation by the Associated Press yielded similar data, finding that 844 Palestinians, over half of the total of civilians killed in Gaza last summer, were killed by Israeli airstrikes on civilian homes, “including nineteen babies and 108 preschoolers between the ages of one and five.”

Israel tried to justify the targeting of Gaza’s civilian population by arguing, without evidence, that Palestinian resistance fighters were using civilians as human shields, giving Israel no choice but to fire at children. DCI-Palestine strongly disputes this claim, arguing:

The rhetoric voiced by Israeli officials regarding “human shields” during the military offensive amounted to nothing more than generalizations that fall short of the precise calculation required by international humanitarian law when determining whether something is actually a military object. Even if evidence existed that Hamas or other Palestinian armed groups did use civilians as human shields, this does not relieve Israel from its obligations under international law nor does it justify an attack on civilians or civilian structures.

In fact, it is Israel which has a long and documented history of using Palestinian children as human shields, and last summer’s attack was no exception, as detailed by DCI-Palestine report.

DCI-Palestine attributes Israel’s indiscriminate and deliberate attacks on civilian homes and schools in Gaza to the Dahiya doctrine. Named after the Dahiya neighborhood in Beirut that Israel purposely devastated in its 2006 assault on Lebanon, the Dahiya doctrine refers to the Israeli army’s stated policy of deploying overwhelming force against civilian infrastructure.

Israel’s baseless “human shields” accusation against Palestinians is an attempt to mask a military policy that systematically violates international law.

“Directly targeted” by drones

Another 164 children were “directly targeted and unlawfully killed” in Israeli drone strikes on their homes and in the street as they attempted to flee to safety, according to DCI-Palestine.

DCI-Palestine was particularly alarmed by the high number of children targeted in drone attacks because Israeli drones deliver well-defined images of the people below in real time. Furthermore, Israeli officials often boast that drone strikes are superior to other methods of warfare due to their surgical precision, says DCI-Palestine, suggesting that Israel deliberately targeted children in drone attacks.

One of the many cases highlighted in the DCI-Palestine report is the death of nine-year-old Rabi Qasem Rabi Abu Ras, who was dismembered by an Israeli drone missile that targeted him as he ran to an ambulance after an Israeli shell landed near him and his mother.

“His arms and legs were cut off. The upper part of his body was separated from his lower body, which was turned into small pieces. I screamed,” recounted his mother, Aisha Abu Ras, in an interview with DCI-Palestine. “I shouted to the ambulance. I rushed to the paramedics and told them about it, but they said they could not approach the location without prior coordination with the Israeli army.”

Aisha and Rabi were traveling back to a UN shelter after collecting extra belongings from the home they fled in Um Nasr, a town in northern Gaza near the boundary with Israel.

An Israeli drone fired the missile that tore through the home of Issam Jouda on 24 August, killing his wife, Rawiya, and four of their five children as they played together in the family’s yard in Gaza’s Tal al-Zaatar neighborhood.

The Joudas were one of an estimated 140 families partially or completely annihilated by Israel last summer.
Another was the El-Farra family, which lost nine members on 1 August, including five children between the ages of four and fifteen, in a drone strike that targeted them as they ran into the street fleeing two prior drone attacks that struck their home in the middle of the night without warning, according to DCI-Palestine.

Over the last decade, Israel’s use of robotic warfare against Palestinians has escalated dramatically, with each new military assault on Gaza relying more heavily on drones than the last. Thirty-seven percent, or 840 people, were killed in drone attacks alone during last summer’s attack.

As the world’s largest exporter of drones, Israel is profiting immensely from the technology used to kill children.

“A man-made humanitarian crisis”

The bombs have stopped falling for now but children continue to suffer due Israel’s eight-year-long siege, imposed in partnership with Egypt.

The circumstances in Gaza are so desperate that 46 international international aid agencies have called for sanctions on Israel over its blockade, which DCI-Palestine has labeled “a man-made humanitarian crisis.”
Since reducing much of the Gaza Strip to rubble, Israel has refused to allow the entry of desperately needed reconstruction material into Gaza, leaving 108,000 people, the majority of them children, homeless.

Consequently, four infants whose homes were destroyed by Israel last year have died of hypothermia due to lack of proper shelter. The youngest was just one-month-old, according to the UN.
Other children have died as a result of unexploded Israeli ordnance littered across the Gaza Strip.

In October last, four-year-old Muhammad Sami Abu Jarad was killed by an unexploded Israeli hand grenade left behind by Israeli soldiers who occupied his house in Beit Hanoun during the ground invasion, according to DCI-Palestine.

Waging war on a ghetto

The ferocity of Israel’s violence against Palestinian children may have reached new heights in 2014, but DCI-Palestine notes that the brutality is part of an ongoing systematic campaign.

“Since 2000, a generation of children living in the [occupied West Bank and Gaza] have been shot at, shelled and bombed,” says the report. “During this time, Israeli forces and settlers have killed more than 1,950 Palestinian children, the vast majority of whom were living in the Gaza Strip,” it continues.

Indeed, since 2006, Gaza has been subjected to six devastating Israeli military assaults that have killed scores of children.

Gaza is home to 1.8 million Palestinians, eighty percent of whom are refugees. Their families were forcibly expelled from present-day Israel and barred from returning because they are not Jewish.

Meanwhile, 43 percent of Gaza’s inhabitants are under the age of fourteen. Israel’s ongoing war against Gaza is essentially a war on a refugee ghetto.

Killing children with impunity

“While Israeli authorities have selectively opened their own investigations into several incidents occurring during the latest military offensive, previous experience has shown that Israeli authorities persistently fail to investigate alleged violations of its armed forces in accordance with international standards,” warns DCI-Palestine.

Indeed, the Israeli army recently absolved itself of wrongdoing for its behavior in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on 1 August, a day referred to by Palestinians as Black Friday.

On that day Israeli forces executed the Hannibal Directive, an Israeli military protocol that calls for massive firepower to prevent a captured Israeli soldier from being taken alive, even if it means killing the soldier and hundreds of civilians in the process.

To prevent the capture alive of a soldier wrongly believed taken by Palestinian fighters, Israeli forces carpet-bombed Rafah, killing 190 Palestinians in under 48 hours, including at least 49 children on 1 August alone, according to DCI-Palestine.

With the morgues full to capacity, medical workers were forced to store corpses in vegetable refrigerators and ice cream coolers to accommodate the high volume of dead bodies.

The Israeli army’s internal investigation ruled this carnage to be “proportionate.”

The DCI-Palestine report ends by calling for international action to lift the siege on Gaza and hold Israel accountable for its crimes.

“The continued failure of the international community to demand justice and accountability has provided tacit approval of the persistent denial of Palestinian rights,” says DCI-Palestine. “Without an end to the current regime of collective punishment, targeted assassinations, and regular military offensives, the situation for Gaza’s children is all but guaranteed to further deteriorate.”

Source: Electronic Intifada


Independent 2015-05-04
The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance during last year’s war against Hamas and was at best indifferent about casualties among the Palestinian population.

Those are the conclusions of a report complied by Breaking the Silence, an Israeli group that has spent the eight months since the end of the war, known as Operation Protective Edge, interviewing more than 60 members of the Israeli army, air force and navy, including soldiers and officers up to the rank of major.[...]

The Intercept - Glenn Greenwald 2015-05-04
The Israeli group Breaking the Silence issued a report this morning containing testimony from Israeli soldiers about the savagery and criminality committed by the Israeli military during the attack on Gaza last summer. 

The Independent has a good article describing the report’s findings: “The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance” and “was at best indifferent about casualties among the Palestinian population.” At best.[...]

ATTACKS in which the Israeli military deliberately targeted Palestinian homes were an "appalling hallmark" of the military offensive this summer and had the backing of top Israeli officials, an Israeli human rights organization charges in a report released Wednesday.

For its report, Black Flag: The legal and moral implications of the policy of attacking residential buildings in the Gaza Strip, summer 2014 (pdf), B’Tselem investigated 70 incidents in which at least three people were killed while inside their home during what Israel called Operation Protective Edge.[...]

After five weeks of Israeli bombing and invasion the United Nations reported that the death toll in Gaza was 1,973, 72% of them civilians, including 459 children and 238 women.

Not included in that figure were the nine unborn children that Israel killed.

Three pregnant mothers were among the 25 members of the Abu Jamaa family who were killed on 20 July, when Israeli forces struck a house near Khan Younis, without warning. The dead included 18 children and five women. The family was eating iftar, the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast.

Just as this family was being slaughtered, by an indisputable Israeli war crime, the US secretary of state John Kerry gave an interview in which he said, Israel's attack on Gaza was an "appropriate and legitimate effort" to defend itself.

A little earlier in the day, Kerry's boss, President Obama, repeated his "strong support for Israel's right to defend itself".[...]

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Publicerades den 2 dec. 2012
Miko Peled was born in Jersusalem into a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family. His father was a famous General in the Israeli Army, of which Miko also served his time. 
When Miko's niece was killed by Palestinian suicide bombers, you may have expected the family to put Palestinians at fault, but surprisingly they blamed the state of Israel, and their violent torturing and persecution for driving people to such sadness that they would take their own lives.

Through his father's deep knowledge of the Israeli war of terror, together with his own research, Miko Peled ruins the myths surrounding the Israel and Palestine situation, and delivers a truth so damning that many Jews and Israel supporters will not be able to bear it. 

He reveals facts such as the original expelled Jews are not the ones returning, and they are not their descendants either, covers the double standards regarding the right of return, which doesn't apply to Palestinians, and dispels the myth that there has been a conflict for ages by producing proof that it was peaceful up until 1947 when Israel launched their illegal attacks.

- Miko is just one of the many modern day Jews against Zionism and the state of Israel, and with the information he delivers in this astounding talk, it is not difficult to see why more and more Jews are rejecting Zionism and calling for the dismantling of Israel. 

It is a true eye-opener for anyone who has for too long been blinded by the fake misinformation given by the mainstream media, and the truths come straight from the heartland where he has spent many years documenting the real story. ***
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. Obama, tell who brought down the Boeing....

    The situation with the Boeing which is brought down by the Israeli Python rocket in the sky over Ukraine twists by the American-Israeli forces to that course which will make the guilty Russia. And this meanness can lead to the beginning of the Third world war...


  2. Obama, tell who brought down the Boeing over Ukraine

    The situation with the Boeing which is brought down by the Israeli Python rocket in the sky over Ukraine twists by the American-Israeli forces to that course which will make the guilty Russia. All this trick with pseudo-tribunal is already habitual for the Israeli and American figures using the presence in the power of many countries to the detriment of these countries and the world in general.

    After Igor Kolomoysky became the chairman of the European Jewish parliament, Israel and the USA started capture of Europe. As a scene for this purpose chose Ukraine in which pitted the European producers and the Russian consumers.

    As a result, Europe and Russia were put on the way of bankruptcy, and Israel and the USA followed a way of enrichment.

    Swindle with the flight MH17 Boeing which is brought down by the Israeli and American criminals in the sky over Ukraine became one of the most terrible episodes on this way of genocide. Everything is terrible here. And that the similar plane of Malaysian airlines skyjacked to MH17 was defended in airfield of Israel, and then it was used for this provocation.

    Terribly and that the USA can't produce not the uniform evidence of fault of Russia. It testifies that in the USA there is no space investigation, and heads of the country simply rob the extremely uneducated people, palming off on it kopipasta from social networks.

    You can look at all plot here – Boeing-777: harvest and victims Death in the sky over Ukraine.

    And here next turn of events. Alexey Pankin publishes the letter of veterans of intelligence of the USA who demand from the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama not to pit people of the world in msk.kp.ru and not to bring the world to total civilization war.

    The open letter of heads of the American public organization "Veterans of Investigation for Common Sense" is directed to the U.S. President. People, cumulative length of service in which investigation makes 360 years, demand from Barack Obama to publish that is known to various prospecting departments of the USA of circumstances of death of 298 people in the sky over Ukraine on July 17, 2014.
    Still it wasn't made. The knowledge of the truth is explosive from the point of view of interests of foreign policy of the USA.

  3. The "Veterans of Investigation for Common Sense" organization was formed in 2003 as reaction of retired scouts to frank lie with which the American authorities accompanied preparation for invasion into Iraq. As soon as the U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell of that time shook in the UN by a test tube where, allegedly, samples of the chemical weapon of Saddam Hussein contained, scouts acted and declared that it is a forgery.

    As a result, they were right, but them didn't hear in the USA and attacked Iraq. Barack Obama also received Nobel Peace Prize for it, and the whole world disentangles consequences of this aggression.

    Then "Veterans of investigation" disproved statements of the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that the president of Syria used the chemical weapon against "freedom-loving insurgents". The situation managed to be settled to Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin.

    To WHOM: The memorandum for the president

    FROM: "Veterans of investigation for common sense"

    SUBJECT: Publication of the report of investigations on death of flight 17 "Malaysian airlines"

    Year passed since over Ukraine flight "Malaysian airlines" of MH17 was brought down. Was lost 298 passengers and crew members. Initial reaction of the U.S. Government was to join statements that "antigovernmental forces in the southeast of Ukraine" were probable malefactors (which in the press "separatists" usually incorrectly call) and that, perhaps, they received in it the help directly from Moscow".

    On July 29, 2014 we, "Veterans of investigation for common sense", offered that the government of the United States made public the prospecting information on this question which is available for it incident didn't degenerate in the next psychosis of causeless attacks to Russia. We didn't wait for such report.

  4. Key moments of the memorandum

    Intensity in the relations between the United States and Russia because of Ukraine quickly comes nearer to dangerous line. The huge role in formation negative the relation of the American public to Moscow was played by last year's death of the flight MH17. Publication of the report with data of investigation of the Netherlands bureau on safety is planned for October, however its draft option, according to some data, is already received by the government of the United States. Talk that this report will coincide with about what wrote mass media and that follows from leaks from the state sources goes. Namely that the main blame will be laid on Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the southeast of Ukraine who oppose the government which came to the power as a result of the revolution directed by the West on February 22, 2014 in Kiev.

    As the relations with Moscow are of critical importance at least because Russia has military opportunity to destroy the USA, careful control of such relations has paramount value. If the USA support the conclusion which accuses Russia, without having thus sufficient confirmation in the form of intelligence information, they will only even more fuel already intense tension, and, most likely, without need.

    From our point of view, the full-fledged crash investigation has to include studying of any possibility of verification of the obtained data. Today the American public and audiences around the world authentically knows only one: the plane was shot down. But it could be casual action of any of several parties. Or it could be the conscious action of antigovernmental forces undertaken or at partnership of Moscow, or without it. There is an opportunity that responsibility is born by the government in Kiev, or some powerful Ukrainian oligarch who intended to compromise the anti-Kiev forces or Moscow.

    And, at last (though it is the least probable scenario) that the available intelligence information doesn't allow to define the guilty at all.

    Rates are very high as for development of the further extremely important relations with Russia, and from the point of view of the proof of ability of the White house to cause trust to the words. In this light refusal of administration to present the coordinated prospecting assessment in which all available data allowing to define guilty will be consolidated together, cause bewilderment. If the government of the United States knows who shot down the plane, it has to bring evidence. If doesn't know – that let and will tell.

    In the subsequent statement we, the former professional scouts with the general length of service in various departments numbering 360 years, share our vision of a situation and repeatedly we demand that the real intelligence information, but not shaky and slippery data which were presented to public for a year – sometimes with reference to "social media" was made public.

  5. Historical digression

    Scouts-authors of the memorandum remember history with the South Korean flight 007 which is brought down over the territory of the Soviet Far East on September 1, 1983. Then 269 people were lost. From first minutes Ronald Reagan's administration knew that the Soviet pilots brought down "Boeing" in the Soviet air space, having taken it for the scout plane which flew deep into strategically important territory. That didn't prevent it to untie massive anti-Soviet promotional campaign with charges that "Councils consciously destroyed innocent people". (See about it in exclusive interview of "KP" of one of authors of the memorandum of Ray Makgovern).

    They remind and that when the American ship shot down on July 3, 1988 the Iranian civil plane over the Persian Gulf, having ruined 290 people, the president Ronald Reagan spoke of the tragedy, as of "explainable incident".

    Someone lies

    Both Russia, and Ukraine deny the participation in destruction of MH-17, ex-scouts write. Also also opponents of revolution in the southeast of Ukraine arrive. Someone obviously knows the truth, but lies to rehabilitate itself. From the point of view of the USA, incident it has to be cleared up, and all known has to become property of the public. No other country has such opportunities as the USA to give the answers which are based on the facts. It is necessary to involve all instruments of collecting and the analysis of intelligence information. Everything that was issued still, doesn't maintain any criticism and doesn't allow to make impression about the one who lies concerning the Flight 17 cause of death.

  6. Exactly a year ago the director of the National intelligence James Clapper authorized carrying out the closed briefing for the elected group of journalists of the leading mass media. The briefing was based on several separate provisions from very short document under the name "Government Assessment". There was it in only five days after the plane was shot down and in two days after the state secretary John Kerry pointed a finger at the risen Ukrainians. It is clear that some justification was required. But as well as Kerri's performances in Sunday talk-shows on July 20, 2014, the most part of "A government assessment" got data from records in "social media".

    The mentioned briefing of July 22, 2014 treated (unconvincingly) key question: who shot from the Beech installation which how then everywhere was considered, and shot down the plane on July 17, 2014? Any additions to this hasty to "A government assessment" for the whole year it wasn't made. Really we are suggested to be believed what for the whole year the prospecting community didn't have any new information which would supplement data on the version with "Beech"? At a briefing on July 22, 2014 it was also assumed that Ukrainian "deserter" could launch the missile. And what, unless on this subject there was no clarity? Frankly speaking, it is difficult for us to believe that for the whole year the U.S. intelligence community appeared incapable to expand the understanding of this key problem.

    What here to speak, it is already old tendency – "to adjust intelligence information to political requirements", quoting "the memorandum of the Downing street" (the residence of the prime minister of Great Britain. – An edition) concerning circumstances of the beginning of shameful war in Iraq. We remember and later statements of the Secretary of State John Kerry concerning that "we know" what exactly Bashar Assad's regime bears responsibility for use of the chemical weapon near Damascus. Then Kerri also referred to "A government assessment". We became witnesses of emergence of a new unique genre of "estimates" instead of habitual "a prospecting assessment" because honest reconnaissance analysts refused to correspond to political expediency. Actually it became clear that Kerri's charges were based on false and even fabricated information from opponents of the Syrian government.

  7. It is time to publish the truth

    If the White house has concrete, demonstrable data on destiny of MH-17, we recommend strongly that they were published right now while the subject "Russia is guilty of everything" didn't become all-consuming. The American people are quite capable to understand that occurred, but it needs the full information provided without prejudices and without aspiration to take away from unpleasant conclusions. And it is necessary to make it, without being afraid to disclose "sources and methods" because business concerns much more important question of war or peace with Russia.

    It is necessary to let out interdepartmental "A prospecting assessment", the mechanism which was used in the past for submission of really important data. Especially as from our former colleagues we are reached by information that the draft report of Dutches disperses from collected real intelligence information. Once again to use "Governmental (but not prospecting) an assessment" to bypass a question of responsibility, it is unworthy also in itself offends honesty and professionalism of prospecting community.

  8. Mr. president! We are sure that you need to address immediately to honest scouts-analysts and to listen to them, especially, if they challenge or even contradict the conventional opinions. It is quite possible that they will convince you more fixedly to be engaged in a subject of death of MH-17 and to minimize risk of that the relations with Russia will roll down to the return level of "cold war" with probability of escalation before the thermonuclear conflict. We will tell with all frankness, we suspect that, at least, some of your advisers aren't capable to realize reality of this terrible threat.

    With hope for the answer, on behalf of coordination group of the "Veterans of Investigation for Common Sense" organization:

    William Binni, former technical director of division of the World Geopolitical and military analysis of the National Security Agency (NSA)

    Thomas Drake, ex-employee of the NSA

    Filip Dzhiraldi, the officer-field investigator of CIA (in resignation)

    Mathew Huo, former captain of marines, Iraq, diplomat.

    Larry Johnson, CIA and State department (in resignation)

    John Kiriaku, the former officer of CIA in the field of counterterrorism

    Karen Kvyatkovski, former lieutenant colonel of the U.S. Air Force. (In the Ministry of Defence I witnessed how in 2001-2003 the lie for the sake of a justification of invasion into Iraq was fabricated.)

  9. Edward Loomis, NSA, scientific, computer cryptographer

    David McMichael, Council for the national intelligence (in resignation)

    Ray Makgovern, former officer of investigation of Ground forces of the USA, analyst of CIA

    Elisabeth Murray, the deputy chief of Middle Eastern service of the National intelligence of the USA (in resignation)

    Todd E. Pearce, the major, the lawyer, Ground forces (in resignation)

    Colin Rowley, the consultant and the special agent, Federal bureau of investigations (counterintelligence and criminal police) (in resignation)

    Peter Van Buren, State department

    Cyrus Uibi, ex-Sr. analyst, Service of interception, NSA

    Ann Wright, the colonel, Ground forces (in resignation)


    The MH17 Boeing – "Year of silence"

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