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Saudiarabisk prins VÅLDTOG och misshandlade 3 kvinnor i dagar - USA lät honom fly ur landet

Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, en Saudiarabisk prins höll 3 kvinnor inlåsta som fångar och VÅLDTOG dem under flera dagar i sin slottsliknande byggnad i amerikanska Beverly Hills. USA lät prinsen fly landet i sitt privata jetplan och USA lät honom även tömma sitt "slott" på egendomar...
Som medlem i den internationella kriminella überelitmaffian står man oftast över lagen i både USA och den övriga världen.

Trots att USA:s övervakningsapparat får gamla DDR att framstå som amatörer, så är Amerika naturligtvis oftast hjälplöst blint när "rätt människor" behöver försvinna från radarn ett tag...
2015-09-28 The Free Thought Project
Los Angeles, CA — Arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery, a Saudi prince has also recently been accused of attacking at least three women and holding them captive for several days. 

- Immediately upon posting bail, the prince reportedly emptied his $37 million mansion and fled the country on a private jet to avoid civil litigation and criminal charges.

Police officers arrested Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud at his Beverly Glen mansion on Wednesday after his neighbors reported seeing a woman covered in blood screaming for help while attempting to climb over the 8ft wall surrounding the prince’s property.

According to Officer Drake Madison, Al-Saud was booked on suspicion of forcing one of his employees to engage in oral sex. The prince was briefly held on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery before posting $300,000 bail on Thursday afternoon.

Al-Saud’s neighbors reportedly saw numerous cars on Thursday emptying out of the prince’s mansion. One of his neighbors, Eric Stiskin speculated, “I am sure he has taken off on his private jet by now. I don’t think he even needs a passport to get out of here.”

- On Friday, three women filed a civil lawsuit accusing Al-Saud of inflicting emotional distress, assault and battery, sexual discrimination, and retaliation against his domestic employees. 

The women claim Al-Saud attacked them inside his home for several days until his arrest on Wednesday. To avoid paying taxes and fair wages, many affluent residents of Beverly Hills and its surrounding communities often employ illegal immigrants because they are less inclined to report any form of abuse.

Although the prince is a royal member of the House of Saud, the U.S. State Department eventually confirmed that Al-Saud does not have any diplomatic immunity.

After witnesses recorded videos of a Ferrari and a Porsche running Stop signs and recklessly speeding through Beverly Hills earlier this month, police arrived at the house of Sheik Khalid bin Hamad al Thani of Qatar’s ruling family. According to police, Al Thani denied that he was driving either car and invoked diplomatic immunity.

By the time detectives discovered that Al Thani did not have any immunity, the sheik had already fled the country.[...]
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/saudi-prince-sexually-assaults-3-women-u-s-flee/

Saudiarabisk prins VÅLDTOG och misshandlade 3 kvinnor i dagar - USA lät honom fly ur landet 
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  1. Invincible Saudi Prince: Kidnapped, Beat, Raped 3 Women in Beverly Hills Compound, US Lets Him Go. Won't even release his picture.

    On the 23rd of September, a servant employed at a Beverly Hills mansion compound saw a woman screaming for help while desperately trying to climb the tall wall surrounding the $37 million estate.
    She was bleeding and had just been raped by 28 year old Saudi prince; Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud, the Times reported. She was only the latest of his several victims, who have now come forward. The servant who came to the brutalized woman’s rescue lived and worked within the compound. The police were called and the prince, who had been renting the mansion, was arrested.[...]





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